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Psalm 23 - The Lord is My Shepherd
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The Bible Lesson ideas on this page come from The Resource Room which is a "Members Only" section of this site. The complete lessons with craft patterns included are available on The Resource Room.

Bible Verse Memorization

Bible Verse Pictures with space to write out the Bible verse. Each picture relates to part of the Psalm 23 Bible Lessons Series.

Psalm 23 psalm1 Bible Verse
Printing Sheets
psalm2 psalm2b Psalm23:3
Pslam 23:4 sheep sheet5 sheep writing 6


Bible Verse Memorization ChartEach lesson contains a printable Bible verse card to send home with your children. You can also use the Bible verse memorization chart (Available to Members Only.) to keep track of each child's progress in memorizing the verses. Printable stickers relating to each story are available to place next to each verse as the children memorize them. These stickers are available in color or in black and white. If your printer can use them, you can print them out on sticker paper. Or cut the stickers apart and use an inexpensive sticker making machine to make the stickers. sunday school sticker maker Or you can just glue the stickers on to the chart. (I bought the Xyron 150 "X" Dispenser Sticker Maker at Wal-Mart for less than $10.00.) Click on the links below to print out the files you need:

Psalms 23 Sticker Chart (Available to Members Only.)
Color Stickers (Psalms 23:1-3) (Available to Members Only.)
Stickers for Psalm 23:4-6 - (Available to Members Only.)

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Lesson 1 - The Lord is My Shepherd

sunday school The Lord is My Shepherd Coloring Sheep for Psalm 23 bible craftIn this first Lesson children learn that God loves us and gives us everything we need. He is like a good shepherd who takes care of his sheep. Woolie the Puppet teaches this lesson by showing the children a picture he drew of the Good Shepherd, the green pastures, still waters and his friends.

Crafts Include:

1. A framed color sheet.
2. A bookmark.
3. A paper bag sheep puppet.
4. "The Lord is My Shepherd" display.


sunday school The Lord is my Shepherd Display bible craft for the 23rd PsalmActivities Include:

1. Make an edible sheep from pancakes or toast.
2. "Draw a Sheep" Game.
3. "Pin the Tail on the Sheep" Game.
4. "Dress the Sheep" Game.

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Lesson 2 - He Makes Me Lie Down

In this Lesson children learn from Woolie that God knows what is good for us even if we don't. Sometimes it seems like God isn't listening to us or answering our prayers like we want him to, but God knows what is best for us. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it.

Crafts Include:

Sheep Paper Plate Craft from Green Pastures Craft from

sunday school Still Waters and Gree Pastures Crackers bible activity

Still Waters and Green Pastures

Paper Plate Sheep Craft "He Makes me Lie Down in Green Pastures"

Crackers made from Graham Crackers, green and blue icing, and miniature marshmallows.

2. "Lay Down the Sheep"

Game using balloon sheep, newspaper shepherd's rods. Bible Verse Review Game using a printable picture cube.

"He Maketh me Lie Down in Green Pastures" Bible Cup Craft for Sunday School www.daniellesplace.com3. "He Maketh Me Lie Down in Green Pastures" Sheep Cup Craft


What you will need:

9-oz. White Party Cups

Pink Pompoms

Cotton Balls

Green Paper (Optional)

White Colored Pencils

White Glue, Card Stock, and tape

What to do:

1. Before class print out the Sheep Head Pattern (PDF Pattern) onto cardstock (Heavy Paper) and cut it out.

2. Tape the pattern onto the paper cup matching the edge of the pattern to the bottom edge of the paper cup.

3. Cut out around the pattern, and then fold down the ears.

4. Print out the Background Pattern (PDF Pattern) onto green paper.

5. Cut the cotton balls in half so they are thinner and go farther.

6. In class have your children glue cotton balls onto the sheep pattern, draw a face on the cup, color the legs with white crayon or colored pencils, and glue a pink pompom on for the nose. Then have them glue the cup head to the pattern page.

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Lesson 3 - He Leads Me

sunday school He Leads me in the Paths of Righteousness bible Color SheetIn this Lesson Woolie learns that the Good Shepherd leads us on the right paths. Children also learn that God leads us through his word, through prayer, and the Holy Spirit. He tells us how to live so that we will be happy and successful.

Crafts Include:

1. "He Leads Me" Coloring Sheet.
2. "Sheep Following a Shepherd" Display.
3. Make a "Jesus is the Way" Craft.
4. Paper Bag Sheep Holding a Sign.
5. "Jesus is the Way" Plastic Bag Sheep.

sunday school Jesus is the Way Plastic Bag Sheep bible Craft for Psalm 23

Activities Include:

1. "He Leads Me" balancing game.
2. Follow the Leader.
3. Bible Verse Review Cube Game.

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Lesson 4 - I Will Fear No Evil


sunday school sheep dressed as shepherd bible craftIn this Lesson children learn that we don't have to be afraid because God is watching over us. He protects and and comforts us when we are afraid.

Crafts Include:

1. "He Comforts Me" Coloring Sheet.
2. Make a Shepherd's Rod.

Activities Include:

1. Shepherd's Relay Race.
2. Make Edible Shepherd's Staffs.
3. Bible Verse Review Cube Game.

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Lesson 5 - I Am Special

In this Lesson children learn that we we are special to God. He shows us we are special by providing for our needs and giving us even more than we need.

Crafts Include:

The Lord is My Shepherd sheep Bible Color Sheet1. I Am Special Color Sheet

2. Make a Bulletin Board Display

handprint sheepBefore class print out a sign that says "God is Our Shepherd and We are His Lambs" Title Page (PDF Pattern) and staple it in the middle of your bulletin board.

In class have your children place the palm of their hands in black paint and press them on the paper so that the fingertips are facing towards the bottom of the page. The fingers are the sheep's legs and the thumb is the sheep's head. After the paint dries, let your children glue cotton balls or fiberfill onto the sheep. Staple the pictures onto the bulletin board around the title page.

3. Make "My Cup Runneth Over" Craft

Sheep Bible Craft for Psalm 23 www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need: Five-ounce Dixie cups, paper, tape, card stock, and some kind of candy.

What to do:

1. Before class print out the Sheep Patterns onto white card stock and cut them out. (Pattern available to members.)

2. Print out the Cup Cover Pattern onto bright colors of computer paper and cut them out. (Pattern available to members.)

3. In class have your children color the sheep and tape the cup cover over the Dixie cup. Tape the sheep inside the cup as shown and then let your children fill up their cups with goodies. Explain to them that the treats represent all the many things God has done for us and has given us. Each time they take out a piece of candy they should think of something that they can thank God for.

If you use this craft for the Bible Verse Review Game below, don't have your children fill them up during the opening activity.

Play "My Cup Runneth Over" Relay

Divide your children up into two teams. Give each team a large spoon. Place a bowl of marbles, packing peanuts, or anything else you might have in the front of the line in between both teams. Place a cup for each team at the opposite end of the room. On the word "go" the first two children in line should scoop up some marbles onto their spoon, race down to the other end of the room and drop the marbles into their team's cup. The team who fills up their cup first and it overflows wins.

4. "My Cup Runneth Over" Relay Bible Verse Review Cube Game

cotton ball sheep craft for Sunday schoolA printable pattern for the picture cube is available to members. For this game you will need one of the following for each child: A Pompom Lamb (Available to members), a 1/4" piece of green felt or paper, a right way sign (Printable Pattern available to members), a staff made from a pipe cleaner, a bow, and a small paper cup (Use the cups from "My Cup Runneth Over" craft above. You will also need a treat such as Teddy Grahams to put in the cup.

dice game www.daniellesplace.comTo play have the children sit in a circle. The children take turns throwing the cube. If the "Lord is my Shepherd" picture is facing up, the child receives a little lamb. If they get the sheep lying in green pastures, they receive a piece of green felt, if they get the "right way" picture they receive a sign. If they get the "rod and staff" they receive a staff. If they get the picture of the sheep with the bow, they receive a bow. If they get the picture with the cup, they get a treat in their cup. The children should say the verse relating to the picture each time they roll the cube. If a child rolls the same picture he has already rolled, he doesn't get another object, but gets another cookie in his cup. The child who gets all the objects first wins.

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Lesson 6 - Goodness and Mercy

In this Lesson children learn that when they follow the Good Shepherd they will enjoy a life of goodness and mercy.

Crafts Include:

1. "Goodness and Mercy" Coloring Sheet.
2. Rice Krispie Treat Sheep.

Activities Include:

dice game 2 www.daniellesplace.com1. "Goodness and Mercy Will Follow Me" Game.
2. Bible Verse Review Game.

3. Play a Cube Bible Verse Review Game

Before class print out the cube Pattern, (Available to Members) cut it out, and tape it together. Have your children sit in a circle and take turns throwing the cube into the center of the circle. The children should say the verse corresponding to the picture on the cube. Give them a small treat like Teddy Grahams each time they say the verse. If they don't know the verse, tell them the verse and have them repeat it, and then give them a snack.


You can find even more sheep crafts for this lesson on the Sheep Crafts for Kids Page.

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Comments About This Series of Lessons:

sunday school cotton ball sheep bible craftWe did the first lesson of the 23rd Psalm. I am in the process of teaching children from 10 - 12 how to be "junior teachers". Each week, I give them a project. They have to make a bulletin board to match the lesson, open in prayer, learn the story (without reading it), prepare a craft and a snack, organize a game, etc. We are having great fun and this lesson series is really good for them to start with. It's easy to do and there is such a great variety of ideas. I think they will enjoy the whole series, and some day I hope they will be able to teach an entire lesson from start to finish. Thanks for providing such great material for them. Terri

sunday school lamb bible craft I used your first lesson with my Team Kids group. My children are ages 6 to almost 8. They were so excited! They loved the interaction with the puppet. I used the one made from a paper bag as you described. They immediately wanted to make their own. I was surprised and pleased, as I didn't know if they would think it was "too young" for them. They didn't! They also had a blast making the little sheep from pompom balls and pipe cleaners, which they put on the displays. One of my usual hardest critics (Girl almost 8) who usually doesn't want to do craft,s or does them and forgets them, was very excited about this craft. She often will forget to take crafts home with her, but not this one! She made sure she had it, and showed it to her mother who is a leader in another group. Finally, I am excited about teaching my Team Kids the 23rd Psalm. I taught them the Lord's Prayer about a year ago. Now these are scripture my parents taught me. But we can't count on parents to take the time for scripture learning in today's world. (Just being realistic). I firmly believe that these should be memorized along with others.

These lessons are fab, very clearly laid out, and fun packed. Thank you. Best wishes, Judie

I am so glad that you have started these lesson. Our kids in S.S. (Ages 4 - 7) have been learning the entire Ps. 23, and this makes it easy and fun for them to learn. They REALLY like Woolie and look forward to seeing him!! We also ordered "The Lord is my Shepherd" craft from Oriental that we will do at the end of the series as a reminder for them. Stacy

I started the 23rd Psalm lesson series this week in Sunday school. The series is great! As an extra to go along with the lesson and crafts, I took the game from the lesson The Good Shepherd and changed it a little. I enlarged the game board to fit on the floor of my room (using three sheets of brown wrapping paper glued together and green fabric as the grass). Instead of using sheep as movers, the children were their own moving piece. The game went over very well with the children. I look forward to using more of this series. Thanks, Theresa

I really enjoyed teaching on 23 Psalms. I made Woolie the Sheep puppet and my preschool and first grade classes loved her. I have a small class so the pre-school teacher and I put our classes together and I teach the lesson and she does the craft. We have really enjoyed the crafts that went along with the lessons also. Our kids really have enjoyed these lessons and they have memorized the scripture.



sunday school sheet puppet bible craftsunday school sheep puppet bible craftThis series of lessons contains six lessons, one for each verse of the chapter. These lessons are designed for children, preschool through first grade. Each lesson is introduced by a sheep puppet. The puppet doesn't actually say anything so the puppet skits are very easy to perform. The puppet shakes its head yes and no and also brings things to class that help explain the concept to be learned for each verse.

sunday school Shepherd and sheep puppet bible craftsunday school sheet puppet bible craft The sheep puppet you use should be able to open and close it's mouth so that it can hold things or use it's hands. You can make your own sheep puppet from a white sock. Go to the Materials Crafts Page for directions. Or you can buy a talking Sheep Puppet Pattern from Puppet for for $5.00. This puppet has four legs so it looks like it is standing up.

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sunday school Memory Cross bible crafat


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