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How to Make Educational Crafts for Kids Including: Folded Paper Easter Bunny, Train Craft, Animal Tracks Match Up Color Sheet, Animal Tracks Plaster Casts


Folded Paper Easter Bunny

All you need is paper, scissors, tape, and cotton ball. Just print out the patterns, color, cut out and fold. To finish glue a cotton ball to the back for a tail.

Easter Bunny Learning Activities

1. Make five or more bunnies and hide a piece of candy underneath one of the bunnies. Let your children take turns picking up a bunny to see if they can find a piece of candy. Make the game educational by writing letters, numbers, words, math problems etc. on each bunny. Have your children read the letters, numbers, words, or do the math problem before they can turn it over to see if there is candy underneath.

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pattern for folded paper easter bunny2. You can also have your children practice placing the bunnies in alphabetical order or in numerical order.

3. Have your children name their bunnies and write a story about them.

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Train Craft

train craft pictureYou can use this train to help your children learn many things. Overtime they learn something new they can add another car to their train. For instance, if your children are learning words, each time they learn a new word, they can write the word on a train car and add it to their train.

What you will need: Different colors of paper, scissors and markers.

How to Make Train Craft:

1. Print out the patterns for the Engine (PDF Pattern) , Cars (PDF Pattern), and Caboose (PDF Pattern)onto colored paper.
2. Cut out the patterns. Use the wheel patterns and window patterns to cut shapes from black and yellow paper.

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Animal Tracks Match Up Color Sheet

Here's a great craft activity and work sheet for animal and nature lovers of all ages.

animal track match up color sheetAnimal Track Match Up Color Sheet (PDF Pattern)- Print out the sheet, color the animals and draw a line from the animal to the kind of track it would leave. If you need help with this sheet you can use the links below to find the answers.

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Animal Tracks Plaster Casts

Animal Tracks plaster castWhat you will need: Plaster of Paris (found at crafts stores), a bottle of water, plastic spoons, paper towels, a plastic container or paper cups to mix the plaster, a small trowel or something to dig with, paint, and a backpack to carry everything in.

How to Make Animal Tracks Plaster Casts:

1. Find a good animal track in soft mud that has dried enough to keep it's shape when you press on it lightly.
2. Lay out all your supplies. Depending on how big your track is, pour about 3/4 cup of plaster into the plastic container, quickly stir in water until the plaster is thin enough to pour yet not too runny. Tap on the edge of the container to get out most of the air bubbles. Do this quickly because the plaster begins to set with in a few seconds.
3. Carefully pour the plaster mixture into the track. Let the plaster set for at least 1/2 an hour.
4. When the plaster in firm, carefully dig under the cast and lift it up. Take it home and let it dry overnight.
5. When the plaster cast is completely dry clean it off with a brush. You may want to paint the cast to make the tracks stand out better.

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Links to Animal Track Sites:

Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den - This is a great site with lots of close up pictures and information.
EHow to Track an Animal - Eleven steps to help you track an animal plus other links.


Great Books:

"Tom Brown's Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking" by Tom Brown, Jr.- You can probably find this book in the Library.


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