Material Crafts

Anklet Sock Dogs

sock puppy

What you will need:

  1. One pair of anklet socks with the heel and toe a different color from the rest of the anklet - small adult size
  2. Hot melt glue gun - low temp.
  3. Poly-fil and/or rice
  4. Jumbo Loopy Chenille White about 6"
  5. Pink Fun Foam
  6. Eyes and Nose (See note at below)
  7. 3/8" Ribbon for the collar
  8. Thread and needle.
sock puppy head pattern

How to make:

  1. sock puppy cutting diagramTo make the head and front legs of the dog, cut the heel off one of the anklets leaving about 1/4" of the sock color surrounding the heel and then fold the sock so that the toe is flat.
  2. Cut away the middle part of the toe to form ear shapes as shown in the picture to the left.
  3. Cut a slit in the middle of the cut end of the anklet about one inch deep for the legs.
  4. Turn the anklet inside out and sew the ears closed leaving a 1/2" opened in the middle of the ears. Sew the legs and feet closed. Turn the sock right side out through the hole between the ears.
  5. Stuff the feet, head, and ears with poly-fil. You can also use some rice in the feet to give the dog weight.
sock puppy face
  1. Cut about 2" of the Jumbo Loopy Chenille and fold it in half. Stick the cut ends inside the dogs head between the ears and glue the head closed. You can also use fake fur. Glue the head closed and then glue the fake fur over the glued area.
  2. To make the muzzle cut the heel out leaving about 1/4" material around the edge. Glue it to the head starting about 1/2" down from the ears. Glue the top part and side on and then stick a little stuffing in the muzzle and then glue the bottom closed.
  3. To make the indent between the nose and mouth, insert a threaded needle into the muzzle where you want the mouth to be. Bring the needle back out where the nose should be. Then bring the thread back down to the mouth on the outside of the sock and insert the needle at the mouth again and bring it back up right next to where you inserted. Cut off the needle and pull the two ends of the thread tight enough to form the indent and tie the ends together to hold the shape. Glue on the eyes, nose, and a tongue cut from fun foam.
sock puppy body diagram
  1. To make the rest of the body, cut the heel off the other anklet just like you did the first anklet. Fold the toe of the sock so it is flat and cut a slit about 2" in the middle of the toe to make the legs.
  2. Turn the sock inside out and sew the inside of the legs closed.
  1. Stuff the legs with Poly-fil and the body with rice (Optional) and then end with Poly-fil.
  2. sock puppy assemblyTo close up the body fold the sides in and the front over the back side so they over lap. Glue them closed.
  3. Glue the back of the dog onto the front of the dog as shown in the picture.
sock puppy hair
  1. sock puppy finishTo finish make a collar from ribbon and glue it around the dog's neck. Pull it tight to cinch up the neck a little.
  2. Add decorative items to the collar such as bows and or buttons.

Note: I bought eyes and noses from CR's Crafts. My supplies arrived within days of ordering them. Before gluing the eyes on I cut off the shanks with a pair of pliers. If you have small children in your house, you should not cut them off. Use the washers that come with the eyes to secure them to the sock. If you use this method, the eyes have to be installed before closing up the animal, which can be difficult.

I used a 10 mm black, domed eye and a 15 mm black, domed eye for the noses of these dogs.

I used 6.5 mm brown animal eyes for one and 10 mm oval eyes for the other.

Sock Love Bugs  
Sock Bug

What you will need:

Stretchy baby socksock love bug

Tiny rubber bands (You can find this in the hair accessories section of your department store.)

Poly-fil - for stuffing the socks,

8 mm eyes, bead for the nose, pink foam for the tongue, and other decorative items

Scissors, and a Hot melt glue gun - One that uses low temp. glue sticks.

love bug diagram


pink sock

How to make:

1. Stuff the toe and all the way up past the heel.

2. Use a rubber band at the end of the heel to close off the sock.

3. To make the feet roll a wad of poly-fil into a ball about 3/4 of in diameter. Put one hand inside the end of the sock. Use the pointer finger on your other hand to press the poly-fil ball into the sock at one of the yellow dots on the diagram to the left. Grab the ball of Poly-fil from the inside of the sock and wrap a rubber band around the ball to form a foot. The foot will be inside the sock. Do the same thing to make the other three feet. When you have made all four feet, turn the top of the sock inside out and down over the heel of the sock. The feet will then be sticking out on the outside. Glue the folded down cuff to the body of the bug.

4. Add eyes, nose, antennae and a tongue to finish.

5. If you would like the mouth and eyes to be indented a little, use the directions to the Cat Sock Doll Face. (Printing Problems?)

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