Yackety Yak Yacks
Written by Carolyn Warvel

Yackety Yak hurried down the steep path. Clackety, clack, clack went his hooves on the rocky winding path. He was in a big hurry to get down the mountain to meet his friends who lived down in the valley below. He was excited because he had something very important to show them. He had packed it up carefully and placed it in his black backpack. He would be very sad if it got cracked. And now he was on his way to show his friends what he was so proud of.

When he finally got to the bottom of the mountain he saw his friend Quackety Jack. Quackety Jack said, "Quackety, quack, quack," to Yackety Yak. Which meant, "Hello, how are you today?" Yackety Yak was too excited to say hello or even ask Quackety Jack how he was doing that day. At first he didn't even notice that Quackety Jack had a big Band-Aid smack dab in the middle of his forehead.

Yackety Yak quickly pulled out a huge plaque from his black, backpack. It was very shiny and had words engraved in shiny gold letters.

"That is beautiful," said Quackety Jack. "What does it say?" Yackety Yak read proudly, "It says, "Champion backpacker".

"Wow!" said Quackety Jack. "What do you have to do to be a champion backpacker? Yackety Yak told Quackety Jack how he carried the heaviest backpack on the steepest trial without even tripping once. Quackety Jack was very impressed and said, "Yackety Yak, I'm glad you won such a beautiful plaque. That is when Yackety Yak noticed the big Band-Aid smack dab in the middle of Quackety Jack's head. Yackety Yak asked him if he had gotten whacked in the head with something.

Quackety Jack was about to explain what happened when Yackety Yak saw his friend Chatty Patty run by. Yackety Yak ran after Chatty Patty. Chatty Patty was always running because she was a rat. Yackety Yak yelled out to Chatty Patty, "Chatty Patty, look what I have!" Chatty Patty slowed down and looked around. She saw the plaque and said, "Oh, I have one of those, but it is much bigger. I got it because I am the fastest runner in track. I can run the 50-yard dash in less than two minutes. You should have seen me run. I was so far ahead of every one I didn't even have to look back. Well, I have to go now and eat my snack." And with that Chatty Patty took off and didn't even look back.

Chatty Patty hadn't even asked him how he won the plaque. She didn't even seem impressed. Yackety Yak decided he didn't like Chatty Patty very much. All she did was talk about herself all the time.

Yackety Yak looked back but Quackety Jack was gone, and he didn't even find out why he had a Band-Aid smack dab in the middle of his head. "Oh well," thought Yackety Yak, "now who am I going to show my plaque too?"

Discussion questions:

Have you have won something that you were very proud of?

Did you want to show everyone your award?

How do you think Yackety Yak felt when he showed Quackety Jack his plaque?

Was Quackety Jack being a good listener?

How do you think Yackety Yak felt when he showed Chatty Patty his plaque?

Was Chatty Patty being a good listener?

Was Yackety Yak being a good listener? Who did he forget to listen to?

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