Pinning Images to Pinterest
from Danielle's Place


Danielle's Place allows pinning from this web site with the following restrictions.

*Do not include the directions and/or supplies needed with the pinned image, however, you may include comments about the crafts.

*Do not use the images to promote another web site, business, etc. Do not include your url, web address, in the description of the pin.

*Pin only images that have the url on the image.

*Do not use the images on Pinterest from Danielle's Place on your blog or web site. You must have permission to use them on a blog or web site.

If you would like to pin some of the images from Danielle's Place, you can also go to our Pinterest Boards, and repin them from the boards.

When repinning images from Pinterest please check the source of all pins. Click on the source link under the image before you repin it and try to find the image on the page that pops up. If you can't find the image on that page, don't repin it. Try to find another image that does have the correct source link. When you repin images with the wrong source, you are helping copyright infringers.




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