Noah's Ark Animal Match up Sheet

In Genesis 7:2 God told Noah to bring into the Ark two of every kind of animal and seven pairs of each kind of animal that he had choosen for eating and sacrifice, and seven pairs of every kind of bird.

Can you match up the name of the male or female animal on the left to the one on the right?

A. sow
B. jenny
C. queen
D. drone
E. hob
F. bull
G. drake
H. vixen
I. tiercel
J. gander
___ male ferret
___ male bee
___ female fox
___ male alligator
___ male duck
___ female ant
___ female pig
___ female donkey
___ male goose
___ male hawk
God told Noah to release all the animals, birds, and reptiles, so that they would breed abundantly and reproduce in great numbers. Genesis 8:15-16

Can you match the baby animal on the left to its mother on the right?
A. grub
B. kit
C. pup
D. infant
E. nestling
F. eaglet
G. crocklet
H. kitten
___ bird
___ eagle
___ crocodile
___ dolphin
___ beaver
___ ape
___ beetle
___ fox
Answers: E. male ferret, D. male bee, H. female fox, F. male alligator, G. male duck, C. female ant, A. female pig, B. female donkey, J. male goose, I. male hawk

Baby Animals: E. bird, F. eagle, G. crocodile, C. dolphin, H. beaver, D. ape, A. beetle, B. fox