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Treasures Sunday School Lesson Ideas

Scripture References: Colossians 2:3 (treasure of wisdom and knowledge) Matthew 6:19-20, Proverbs 24:3-4, Matthew 6:21 (search for it -knowledge- as hidden treasure)



Make a Treasure Box

Paper Treasure Chest Bible Craft for Sunday School www.daniellesplace.com

Make a treasure box and instead of filling it with jewels or money, fill it with Bible memory verses that bring wisdom and knowledge.

The patterns for this treasure box fit on two pieces of card stock. The finished box measures 3.5" x 4".

The pattern for this box is available on The Resource Room and go with the Sunday School lesson "Finding Treasure".

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Lessons About Treasure on The Resource Room

The following lessons and crafts are available on The Resource Room, a subscription site.

Finding Treasure Sunday School Lesson - In this lesson children think about what they treasure most. They learn what the Bible tells us to treasure and that Christ is our real treasure.

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Treasure Hunt Through the Bible

Treasure Map Craft and Activity for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

Children have a treasure hunt through the Bible to see what God tells us to treasure. Children are given a map in which they are directed through the Bible to find treasure hidden within. (Pattern available on The Resource Room)

Children will enjoy making paper look old that they can use to make a treasure map at home.

1. Before class soak tea bags in warm water.

2. In class give each child a sheet of white construction paper or typing paper. Show them how to tear the sides and make little rips to make the paper look worn.

3. Have them wrinkle up the paper and then straighten it out.

4. Show them how to use the tea bags to paint over the paper by squeezing the bags and rubbing them over the paper. Set the papers aside to dry.

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What Do You Treasure? Survey Printable

What do You Tresasure Survey for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

Do you treasure these things: fear of the Lord, wisdom, knowledge, God's commandments, His word? Let's take a "test" and see what it reveals about what we treasure.

Provide students with a copy of "What Do You Treasure?" Students may need help in adding up their score. (Printable Pattern available to members.)

Students may feel they have failed to make Jesus their treasure. This is an opportune moment to ask students if they want to make Jesus their Number One Treasure. Be prepared to follow through with each child who wants to make a commitment to the Lord.

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Treasure Chest and Gems Activity Sheet

Treasure Chest and Gem Bible Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

Give each student a copy of Treasure Map and the Treasure Chest with Gems worksheet. (Available to members.)

You can make these maps look really old by following the directions in the craft section below. You will have to make photocopies of the pattern if you are using an ink jet printer. The ink from an ink jet printer will run and smear if you get it wet. Or you can buy paper at your local office supply store with a pattern printed on it that makes it look old.

If you have children who are just beginning to read, help them find the verses and the treasures found in each verse. You can group older students into groups of two or three. One child can look up the verses while another cuts out the gem shapes, and another writes down the treasures on the gem shapes to place in the treasure chest. You can prepare the treasure chests before class by cutting a slit in the top of the chest. Glue the chest picture to another sheet of paper and glue around the chest. Don't glue where the treasure should be inserted.



Memory Cross

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