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Coupon Organizer

Coupon Organize Craft

What you will need: 12" x 12" scrapbook paper (heavy paper) , ruler, scissors, old greeting cards, tape, glue, button, thread, string, strong needle and thread.

How to make a Coupon Organizer:

1. Print out the Pattern Dimensions Sheet. Measure out the pattern onto a piece of scrapbook paper and cut it out.

coupon organizer craft

2. Use a blunt object to score the fold lines so that they will fold easily. Fold all the lines in. Glue the top flap down.

3. To make the sides of the organizer cut two other sheets of matching paper 8.5" x 3.5". Fan fold each sheet using 1/2" folds (pattern sheet). Draw the lines with a pencil and score with a blunt object such as a letter opener. This will make the lines easier to fold.

4. Glue the folded sheets to the sides of the organizer so that the first and last folds are facing out. See picture to the right.

coupon organizer 3

5. Print out the divider cards onto different colors of card stock and cut them out. Place them in the organizer between each fold. (Pattern 1, Pattern 2, Pattern 3

6. Cut a recycled greeting card to fit the front of the organizer. Glue the card closed to make it stronger and then glue it to the front of the organizer. Tape around the edges of the organizer with clear tape to make it stronger.

7. Sew a button to the front of the organizer and punch two small holes in the flap. Thread a string through the holes and tie it. Cover the holes with decorative items such as Rickrack or lace. Wind the string around the button to keep the organizer closed.

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