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I - Crafts

Insect and Bug Crafts for Kids

How to Make Bug and Insect Crafts Including:

A Styrofoam Ant Craft, Bee Crafts, Beetle Bug Pencil Toppers, Dragon Fly Craft, Dung Beetle Refrigerator Magnet, Walking Stick, Bug Buddies Studies, Praying Mantis Insect Craft, Ladybug Crafts, 3D Paper Goliath Beetle Craft, Changing Colors Tortoise Beetle Paper Craft, Mosquito Craft and more.


Bug and Insect Crafts for Kids



J - Crafts

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Crafts

cow jigsaw puzzle craft



K - Crafts


Kangaroo Crafts

Kangaroo Crafts and Learning Activities from www.daniellesplace.comHow to Make Kangaroo Crafts Including:

A Kangaroo iPod Pouch Craft

Kangaroo Planter Craft

3D Paper Kangaroo Messenger Craft

Kangaroo Stuffed Toy Craft

Paper Plate Joey Craft




L - Crafts


Ladybug Crafts and Activities

homeschool and sunday school Ladybug games crafts and activitiesHow to Make Ladybug Crafts Including:

A Ladybug Rock Creature, Ladybug with Movable Wings Paper Craft, Ladybug Printable Book, The Grouchy Ladybug Learning Activities, Ladybug Salad, Ladybug Cards or Invitations, Ladybug Games, and Ladybug Pencil Topper.




Labor Day DIY Crafts and Activities for Children

homeschool and sunday school Labor Day Card Craft diy crafts and activities for kidsHow to Make Crafts Relating to Labor Day Including:

An Important Jobs Color Sheets

Parade of Animals Card Craft

Occupation Charades Game.


Lighthouse Crafts DIY Crafts for Kids

homeschool and sunday school Lighthouse DIY Craft for KidsHow to Make Lighthouses from Things Around Your Home Including:

Perch Rock Lighthouse made from Styrofoam and plastic cups lit by a battery-operated Flameless tealight.

Lighthouse made from poster board, plastic cups and a paper plate.

Lighthouse made from recycled water bottles.



Lion Crafts for Kids

Lion Crafts and Learning Activities

homeschool and sunday school lion craft for kidsHow to Make Lion Crafts Including:

A Paper plate lion craft

Yarn lion craft, Stuffed lion craft, lion face with noodle mane,

Lion visor craft

Daniel in the Lion's Den Craft

Lion paper hand puppet.


M - Crafts


Maine Crafts and Learning Activities

Crafts and Learning Activities Relating to the State of Maine

Moose Headband, Moose Puppet Craft, Toothpick Pictures, Lighthouse Craft, Maine Poster, and Kid's Books About Maine


Martin Luther King Jr. Crafts for Kids

homeschool and sunday school Martin Luther King, Jr. "I have a dream" color sheetHow to Make Crafts for Martin Luther King Jr. Day Including:

A "I Have a Dream" Holding Hands Picture, Rosa Parks Standup Bus Craft, Montgomery Bus Boycott Coloring Sheet, "I Have a Dream" Coloring Sheet, Crafts, Children Holding Hands Picture, The Crayon Box that Talked Craft and Bulletin Board Display.



Material - Sewing Crafts for Kids

See Fabric Crafts.


Math Crafts and Learning Activities

Printable Math Games and Activities to review math: Addition, substraction, multiples, etc.

Pick-up Sticks Math,"Slip the Chip" Printable Math Review Game - Multiples of 9 and 6, Cookie Jar Math Facts Review Game, "Don't Get Skunked" Spinner Math Game, "What Can It Be?" Math Review Game, "Searching for Treasure" Math Game, Acorn Search File Folder Game, Reversing Roles Math Review, Building Blocks Review Game, Puzzle Math, Battleship Review Game, Rainy Day Math Fun, and Balancing Math Game, Dice Math Games


Meerkat Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids

homeschool and sunday school meerkat 3D folded paper craft for kids, meercat craft www.daniellesplace.comHow to make meerkat crafts and use them in learning activities for children including:

Recommended books about meerkats, and learning activity ideas to go along with the books.



Milk Jug Crafts for Kids

How to Make Crafts from Milk Jugs Including:

Milk Jug Totem Pole Craft, Milk Jug Duck, Milk Jug Monster, Milk Jug Pumpkin, Spider, Toad, Frog, Milk Jug Monster Trash Can, Milk Jug Bat, Whale, Pteranodon, and Milk Jug Dinosaur Skull

Milk jug and water Bottle Crafts for Kids



Monkey Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids

How to make Monkey Crafts Including: "Monkey See, Monkey Do, Signs", Monkey Paper Plate Craft, Monkey Door Hanger, Monkey in a Cup Craft, Monkey Coloring Sheets, Monkey Stick Puppet, Monkey Lunch Bag Craft, and a Banana Book Craft.

You will also find: Leaning Activities related to monkeys, Monkey Bulletin Board Ideas, Books about Monkeys, and Monkey Idioms.

Monkey Crafts and Activities for Kids


Monster and Wild Things Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids


homeschool and sunday school Wild Things Cup CraftHow to Make Crafts Relating to "Where the Wild Things Are and Monsters Including:

Wild Things - Little Monster Cup Craft

Wild Things Treat Cup

"Where the Wild Things Are" Movie Discussion Questions

Monster Reader Bookmark Craft

New Words Monster Game



Moose Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids

How to Make Moose Crafts Including:

A Moose Pencil Holder, Moose Bookmark, Standup Moose Craft for Kids, Grocery Bag Moose, Moose Muffin Math Game, Moose Coloring Sheet, and Moose Puppet.

Moose Crafts for Kids


Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

How to make Mother's Day Crafts Including:

Mother's Day Window Clings, Mother's Day Cupcake Activity Sheet, Mother's Day Card Craft, Mother's Day Poem Craft, Check Book Holder Craft, Decorated Soap, Spoonful of Love Craft for Mom, Potholder Craft, Flower Ribbon Pin, Refrigerator Magnets, Card Fan Craft, and more.

Mother's Day Craft for Kids


Musical Instruments Kids Can Make

Musical shaker, Gideon's Trumpet.


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