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How to Make Crafts with Craft Foam


Winnie the Pooh Party Favor Jars

Winne the Pooh Party Favor Jars

What you will need:

Empty baby food jars, red and yellow/orange fun foam or construction paper, glue, tan, brown and a golden yellow acrylic paint, and a marker, candy


How to make the Winnie the Pooh Jar:

1. Paint the bottom 2/3 of the jar with a tan or light brown paint and the top 1/3 with a darker brown paint and let it dry. Use a golden yellow paint to paint on the honey. Let the paint sit out a little bit if it is runny until it gets thicker. Put a lot of paint on your brush and then run it across the rim of the jar like you are trying to clean the paint off the brush. Do this all the way around so that the paint starts to drip a little. Make sure your paint is thick enough so that it doesn’t run all the way down the jar. When the paint is dry print “Hunny“ on the front of the jar.

2. Print out the pattern for Winnie the Pooh.

3. Trace the pattern onto fun foam and cut out. Use a black Sharpie to draw in the face and outline the body. Cut out a shirt from red fun foam or felt and glue onto Winnie. Glue Winnie’s belly and legs onto the jar. Fill the jar with candy.

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Sewing with Fun Foam

Sewing with Fun Foam

Fun Foam is a great medium to use to learn to sew. Young children can use plastic children's needles to sew shapes onto fun foam with a little help from parents and teachers.

What you will need:

Fun Foam or Flexi-Foam (not Foamies, they are too thick), Children's plastic needles, scissors, yarn or embroidery floss.

How to make:

1. Cut a shirt shape from Fun Foam. Cut out circles for buttons, pocket shapes, or other decorative shapes.

2. Mark dots on the fun foam around the edge of the coat about a half an inch apart with a black sharpie. Punch tiny holes through the fun foam at the dots using a sharp needle. Turn the coat over and mark dots on the other side of the coat where you can see the holes. Mark the dots farther apart for younger children.

3. Have the children sew from dot to dot using plastic needles and embroidery floss or yarn.

* My 3 1/2 year old child can do this project with some help. I would not recommend doing this project with children under 5 if you have a large group because they will need a lot of help with it. If you want to do this with younger children, cut out a simple shape like a small heart. Put about 10 dots around the edge of the shape and let them practice on that.

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Mouse Foam Mask

Easy to make and inexpensive. Fun foam is really easy to work with. You can glue it, staple it, and it keeps it shape very well.

Fun foam mouse mask

What you will need: 1 1/2 tan sheets of 12" x 18" (11 1/2" x 17 1/2" will do) fun foam or flexi-foam, pink fun foam for tongue and ears, black permanent marker, glue gun with low temp. glue, stapler, scissors, 1" black pom pom, 3 black pipe cleaners, and two other pipe cleaners any color.

How to make:

1. Print out the Patterns and enlarge the face pattern 200%. (It should be twice as big.)

2. Trace the face and ear Pattern onto tan fun foam. Draw in the eyes, mouth and whisker dots with a black permanent marker.

3. Cut along the long lines of the mouth but not the short ones. Cut slits where indicated for the ears. Cut out the eyes.

4. Cut out the inside ears and a tongue from pink fun foam.

5. Cut a piece of foam 1 1/2" by 1/2" and glue each one end, one at a time, to the X's in between the eyes. This should draw the eyes together a little bit.

6. Using a glue gun glue line A to line A with right sides together and then turn the mask right side out.

7. Overlap line B over line C and glue.

8. Glue on a black pom pom at the end of the nose.

9. Punch holes through the fun foam where the whisker dots are marked. Push pipe cleaners through the holes across the face to the matching hole on the other side and back out the matching hole. Use glue to keep the pipe cleaners in place.

10. Staple the darts where indicated on the ears. Glue the pink inside ear to the outside ear. Or use a pink marker to color in the ear. Attach the ears where indicated with glue.
10. Staple darts where indicated on the pattern. Fold at solid lines and fold under to meet the dotted lines.

11. If your child has a small head, you can make a dart at the bottom where the mouse's chin is. Make it the same as the one at the top.

12. Glue or staple two pipe cleaners on the side of the mask for straps to attach to your child's head.

13. Optional: Cut a triangle shape from a yellow sponge for a piece of cheese. Add a fun hat to complete the costume.

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Smiley Face Refrigerator Magnets

fun foam smiley face refrigerato magnets

These little guys are easy to make and very cheap.

What you will need:

Sheets of craft foam (any color), Magnets, scissors, hot melt glue, marker

How to make:

1. Print out the arms and legs patterns, cut out and use to trace on to foamie sheets. Trace a 3" circle onto the foamie sheet, cut out, and draw on a face. Glue the legs, arms, and magnet to the back.

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Funny Foam Hat

Funny Fun Foam hat

What you will need:

12" X 18" Foam Sheets


Pen to trace pattern

Sharpie Fine-Tip Permanent Markers or Paint Marker Pen


How to make:

1. Print out the Pattern.

2. Trace it on to the foam sheet. Use markers to color in the nose eyes and ears.

3. Cut it out. (You may have to cut it a little bigger or smaller depending on the size of your child's head.)

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