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"If You Had To Choose?" Group Game
Bible Card Game

Great ice breaker game with a Christian theme.


Church Picnic Scavanger Hunt

Bible Scavanger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is designed for outdoors and is great for church picnics. People of all ages will enjoy figuring out the clues and scavenging for the objects needed to win.

Names of Jesus Charades

Players act out names for Jesus - Free Printable Game


Bean Bag Bash Get-together

Bean Bag Games, Contests, Crafts and Food





The Seven Days of Creation Get-Togethercards

Fun Crafts and Activities that go along with each day of creation.



Bible Story Themes for a Harvest Festival Themes

David and Goliath Ball Toss GameChildren move from station to station playing games or making crafts relating to a popular Bible Story.




Pickle Night

Pickle NightEverything pickles - Games, entertainment, decorations. Make pickle persons, have a pickle spitting contest, pickle eating contest, relay race, play hot "cucumber", pickle plunge and pickle drop.


Winter Party Ideas

Winter Bingo GameHave a winter party any time of the year! Did you know you can have a snowman making contest, ice skate, have a snowball fight and a sled race without any snow.


Glow in the Dark Day Halloween Alternative

glowwormThis is a great party theme to use as a Halloween alternative. It includes object lessons, games and activities, craft ideas, decorations, prize ideas, stories and songs.


F.R.O.G. Party

Fully Rely on God Party


Birthday Party for Jesus

Birthday Present for JesusCelebrate Jesus' Birthday with games, prizes, stories, crafts, and snacks.



Wet N Wild Kid's Picnic

Slip N Slide Kickball, Big Ball Volleyball, Water Wars, and Water Balloon Toss


Halloween Alternative

Chair to Chair Trick-or-Treat


Survivor, Jesus Rescued Me! Party

Preschool Pajama Party

Christmas Party Ideas

Exploring the Christmas Story Party

Church Scavenger Hunt

Kite Day!

Bible Kite CraftPlan a get together at your local park to fly kites and have a picnic. You can give out prizes to the highest flying kite, the most unusual, the prettiest, etc.


Print Resources to Help Your Church Reach Your Community
from Memory Cross Inc.


Memory Cross


"If You Had To Choose?" Printable Bible Card
Game for Groups

Bible Card GameObject of the game: Is to collect the most cards by guessing correctly if players picked the option you picked or didn't pick.

Preparation: Print out the card patterns onto card stock and cut them apart - Numbered Cards (PDF Pattern), Option Cards (PDF Pattern), Option Cards 2 (PDF Pattern), Option Cards 3 (PDF Pattern), Option Cards 4 (PDF Pattern), and Blank Cards (PDF Pattern) (You can make up your own cards or have your children add cards).

Have your children sit in a circle and place the Option Cards in the middle of the circle face down. Give each child a Number 1 Card and a Number 2 Card.

How to Play:

1. Children take turns reading an Option Card and picking an option.

2. The first child reads an Option Card and lets the other players decide which option they would pick without discussing their choice. If a child picks option one, he places a Number 1 Card on the table in front of him face down. If he picks option two, he places a Number 2 Card face down in front of him on the table.

3. After all the children have placed a card on the table the reader tells which option he picks and explains why he picked the option. Then he guesses if more children in the game picked the option he picked, or more picked the other option. The other players turn over the cards on the table. If the child is correct, he gets to keep the option card. If he is wrong, the card is discarded. The player to his right then takes his turn. The child who acquires the most cards at the end of the game wins.


Church Picnic Bible Scavenger Hunt

Bible Scavanger HuntThis scavenger hunt is designed for outdoors and is great for church picnics. People of all ages will enjoy figuring out the clues and scavenging for the objects needed to win.

Before the activity print out the scavenger hunt clues and make copies. Print out the answers to the clues and store them out of sight.

Break your players into teams with an even amount of younger and older people together. Have the team pick a team captain. Explain the rules of the game and then give each team a KJV Bible, a paper grocery bag to store the objects it finds, and several plastic Ziploc bags to keep small objects.

Rules and Instructions:

1. Read the Bible verses and fill in the missing words to find out what object you will be looking for. If you don't know the answer, you can look it up in your Bible.

2. The object you are looking for may be only part of the missing word. For example, the missing word may be boxes. If the "es" on boxes is filled in and not part of the blank line ( _____es), you should only look for the missing part of the word, which would be only one box.

3. The object you are looking for may be a combination of two missing words from two different Bible verses.

4. Also, the missing word or object to be found in the verse does not have to be taken literally (exactly how it is used in the verse). For example, the word could be frog, which is referring to a real live frog, but you could use a picture of a frog. However, you may not draw the picture yourself. You cannot create the objects. You must find them already created.

5. Do not pick any plants that are alive.

6. You do not have to find the objects in order.

The team that finds the most objects at the end of the allotted time wins.

Bible Scavenger Hunt Page 1 (PDF Pattern), Bible Scavenger Hunt Page 2 (PDF Pattern), and Bible Scavenger Hunt Answers (PDF Pattern)


Names of Jesus Charades

Print out the list of "Names for Jesus" Page 1 (PDF Pattern), Page 2 (PDF Pattern), Page 3 (PDF Pattern).

Write each name for Jesus on an index card with its corresponding number. Break your group up into teams. Divide the cards evenly between the groups. Each group should pick one person to be the person who acts out the words for his team. Each team gets three minutes to guess as many words as they can. The team member who is acting out the words may pick the words he wants to act out for his team. He can pass on certain words if the other members of his team are not able to guess the word or he thinks it is too hard to guess. After each team has had three minutes to guess as many words as they can. Count up the number of words that have been guessed by each team. The team that has guessed the most words wins.


Birthday Party Ideas

1. Bug Birthday Party

2. Veggie Tale Party

3. Blues Clues Party

4. Ocean/Water Theme Party

5. Dinosaur Party


Outreach and Money Making Ideas

1. Seeds of Faith Outreach

2. Pantry Scavenger Hunt

3. The Birds are Coming

4. "Calf-eine"


Activity Sheets for Sunday School - Puzzles, Dot-to-Dot, Find the Word, Mazes, etc.


Mystery Messages

Bible Verse Mystery worksheet

Dot-to-Dot Bible Verse
Activity Sheet

Dot-to-dot Fall Activity Sheet

Search and Find
Activity Sheets

Searh and Find Sheet


Go to the Printable Activity Sheets for Sunday School Page to find a list of all games, mazes, puzzles, crosswords, dot-to-dots etc.


Printable Bible Games for Sunday School

Printable Board Games for
Sunday School

sunday school Fruit of the Spirit bible Game

Printable Card Games
for Sunday School

sunday school Fruit of The Spirit Match bible Game

Printable Dice Games for Sunday School

sunday school creation die bible craft


Go to the Printable Games for Sunday School Page


Folder Games

Folder Games! - Fun and educational at the same time. Use these inexpensive games when you've completed your lesson early and just don't know what to do, or use them when you just want a change of pace. They are also great to use at the beginning of class to keep the children who arrive early busy and out of trouble.

Just print out the patterns, glue them to the inside of manila folders, and you're ready to play.

1. Name Two Things (PDF Pattern) (easier)

2. Name Two Things 2 (PDF Pattern) (harder)

You will find more file folder games like these at DR Crafting a crafting site for kids and adults including crafts relating to Bible verses, file folder games, and printable coloring pages.


Links to Other Game Sites

The Idea Box - Database of games for younger children.  There were 22 at last count.

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Youth Ministries Resources - You'll find over 700 inside, outside and object lesson games for youth.

Fun-Attic Activity Guide - Unique games, physical education lesson plans and  activities for all levels of play, including the disabled. Fund raiser ideas for your next money making event. 

TOOBEEZ® are a WOW invention! They can be use for so many things by children of all ages: Build an ark, use them to create games, build a playhouse, puppet theater, spaceships and so much more. They're like the beautiful GIANT Tinkertoys® of the 1970's. More importantly, they're developing the creative thinkers of tomorrow. They're great to use in games for icebreakers and team building activities! Check out this video to see just a small selection of things you can use Toobeez!


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