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Games, Activities, Outreach Ideas, and Money Makers


Games, Activities, Outreach Ideas, and Money Makers


Pickle Night

Pickle Night

Everything pickles - Games, entertainment, decorations. Make pickle persons, have a pickle spitting contest, pickle eating contest, relay race, play hot "cucumber", pickle plunge and pickle drop.

Winter Bingo Game

Winter Party Ideas

Have a winter party any time of the year! Did you know you can have a snowman making contest, ice skate, have a snowball fight and a sled race without any snow.


Glow in the Dark Party

Glow in the Dark Day Halloween Alternative

This is a great party theme to use as a Halloween alternative. It includes object lessons, games and activities, craft ideas, decorations, prize ideas, stories and songs.

Birthday Present for Jesus

Birthday Party for Jesus

Celebrate Jesus' Birthday with games, prizes, stories, crafts, and snacks.



Wet N Wild Kid's Picnic

Slip N Slide Kickball, Big Ball Volleyball, Water Wars, and Water Balloon Toss


Halloween Alternative

Chair to Chair Trick-or-Treat


Survivor, Jesus Rescued Me! Party


Preschool Pajama Party


Christmas Party Ideas


Church Scavenger Hunt



Outreach and Money Making Ideas


1. Seeds of Faith Outreach

2. Pantry Scavenger Hunt

3. The Birds are Coming

4. "Calf-eine"