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Lesson 6 - My Guarded Mouth


Staying Connected


1. Sing a New Song

Read Psalm 98 and then make up new song with joyful noises unto the Lord.


Connecting With Others


1. Don't Talk Too Much

Read Proverbs 10:19 and James 1:19. Discuss the verses and then play this practice game. Find a partner for each child. Tell each team which child will speak first. Tell them that only that child can speak for one minute. The other children should listen carefully to what the child is saying. After one minute the listening children should try to tell the speaking child everything that he remembers that was said. When all the children have had a chance to listen and speak, ask them if it was hard to be "swift to hear and slow to speak".


God's Wonderful Creation - Science


1. Experiment with Triboluminescence

Did you know that you can generate light in your mouth by chewing wintergreen Lifesaver candies.


2. Learn About Teeth

Mouth Puppet

Make a Talking Teeth Puppet and learn all about teeth and nutrition.




1. Drawing

After talking about idioms (See the "Fun With Letters and Words" section) have your children pick one of the idioms and draw a picture using the literal meaning and the implied meaning of the idiom. For example, if the child picks "broken hearted", he may draw a picture of a heart broken into many pieces and a picture of someone very sad.


Fun With Numbers


1. Number and Math Fact Review

See Review Fun with Mr. Mouth for directions in the Fun With Letters and Words section below.


Fun With Letters and Words


1. Review Fun with Mr. Mouth

Before class gather pictures or objects that you can use to review letter sounds. Use the puppet you used for the lesson. Tell your child that Mr. Mouth is very hungry, but he only likes to eat things that start with the letter "A". Spread out the pictures in front of your children and let them take turns feeding Mr. Mouth by placing the pictures or objects in his mouth. If a child picks a picture that starts with the letter "A" sound, make the puppet sound like he is eating it and really enjoying it. If the picture or object doesn't start with the letter "A" sound, have the puppet spit it out and make yucky sounds.

You can also play this same game with spelling words. Give your child a spelling word and tell him to write it on the piece of paper and then try to feed it to the puppet. If the word is spelled correctly, make the puppet eat it up and make happy sounds. If the word is spelled incorrectly, make the puppet start to chew on it but then spit it out and choke on it. Tell your child that the puppet didn't like it because the word wasn't spelled correctly. Let him try again until he spells it right.

You can also use this same method to review math facts, numbers, and vocabulary words.


2. Talk about Idioms and what They Mean

An idiom is a word or phrase that means something other than what the it actually says.

"Mouth-watering" - delicious

"Born with a Silver Spoon in One's Mouth" - born into a wealthy family

"Put Your Foot in Your Mouth" - saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

"Smart Mouth" - sassy or talking back


Physical Fitness


1. Give Your Mouth a Workout with These Tongue Twisters

Your children may have fun trying to say these tongue twisters.

1. Red blood, blue blood.

2. Three free throws.

3. Fat frogs flying past fast.

4. We surely shall see the sun shine soon.


Cooking Up Something Good


smiling biscuits

1. Make Smiling Biscuits

These buttermilk biscuits are great for breakfast. Open the mouth and add a little red jelly for the tongue. Print out the Recipe and follow the directions. (Printing Problems?)


2. Make Apple Marshmallow Mouths

This recipe makes a great snack for any time of the day. Print out the Recipe and follow the directions. (Printing Problems?)




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