Noah Obeys Questions

1. Why was God sad? There were wicked and mean people in the world.

2. There was one man left in the whole world who loved God. What was his name? Noah.

3. How old was Noah when God told him to build the ark? 480 years old.

4. Why did God want Noah to build the ark? He was going to destroy the world and he wanted to save Noah and his family and the animals.

5. How long did it take Noah and his family to build the ark? A very, very long time.

6. When did God tell him to stop? When the ark was finished.

7. Did Noah obey God? Did he do exactly what God told him to do? Yes.

8. Give an example of a time you obeyed your parents and did exactly what they told you to do?

9. Give an example of a time you didn't do exactly what your parents told you to do.

10. Give an example of when you obeyed God.

11. Tell about a time when it was hard to obey, when you had something hard you had to do.

12. Where in the Bible is the story of Noah found? Genesis



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