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Elements of Design
And the Great Designer Lessons

creativity lessons

Each lesson is designed to introduce your children to an element of design and biblical concept that relate to that element.

There are activity ideas for all age levels and experiences.

Each lesson has enough activities to be spread out over five days or more. Adapt the lessons to your child's or children's level.

The biblical concepts and the Bible verse should be reviewed each day so that children memorize each.

Extra verses are given in the lessons and at the bottom of the lessons. Help your children look up at least one verse, read it, and discuss it each day. Ask them how that verse relates to the lesson.

Remember God gave us our creative abilitiies to honor and glorify him. If your children want to spend more time on a certain project or technique, let them. Let their interests guide them. Encourage them to experiment with different artistic media and techniques. If they don't want to do things exactly like an example, that is okay. The examples are only there to give them inspiration. Most artists that become well known didn't follow the crowd, but listened to their hearts and expressed themselves in their own unique way. They started off learning and studying the masters and basic concepts, but eventually developed their own style and techniques.

You will find links in the lessons to many of the artist's works. Unfortuntely the Internet is constantly changing and links don't always stay the same. If a link doesn't work, type in the artist's name and the name of the artistic piece to find another link to that work. You can also type in the artist's name under the images search to see a whole collection of the artist's work.


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