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Assembling the File Folder

Creativity File Folder

file folder 1 file folder 2
The two fold-outs can be folded in to hold the art in place. Photographs of 3-D artwork can also be attached to the outside of the fold-outs and to the back of the easel. The back of a second folder is attached to the inside of the main folder creating a easel where art work can be displayed.
file folder 1Creativity file folder cover File folder 2


file folder 3

1. Cut the tab or tabs off the file folder to make a straight edge.

2. Glue the Cover Picture onto the front of the folder (the shorter side).

3. To make the tabs and easel stand and fold outs cut the front cover off another file folder 3/4" from the fold on the top scored line.

4. Fold the top part of the folder in half and cut it in half. Fold one side of each fold-out 1/2".

5. Fold the back part of the folder (easel stand) 1/2' on one long side and glue the folded edge it to the inside of the main folder.

6. Glue the fold-outs to the sides of the folder.





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