Teacher: "Everyone say hi to Fred."

Fred: "Hi, everybody."

Teacher: "Fred, how are you doing today?"

Fred: "Fine."

Teacher: "I'm glad you came to visit us today and I'm sure the children are too."

Fred: (Yawning) "Thanks. I'm glad to be here."

Teacher: "What's the matter Fred? You're yawning. Are you tired?"

Fred: "Yes, I didn't sleep very well last night. Something kept waking me up. I must have gotten up about 100 times last night trying to figure out what the noise was."

Teacher: "Really? You know our story today is about a little boy who kept getting waking up."

Fred: "Oh, I would love to hear about that, but I'm so tired. I'm sorry, but I really need to go get some sleep or I will be really cranky today."

Teacher: "Okay, Fred. I hope you can come back again soon. Bye, Bye."

Fred: "Bye, everybody. (Put Fred away.)