Tame the Tongue Questions


1. What does it mean to tame something? - Control it.

2. Name one animal that has been tamed by man.

3. What did James say couldn't be controlled? - The tongue

4. What did James compare the tongue to? - A deadly poison

5. How are our words like poison?

6. What was the one word that the people said that made Pontius Pilate have to put Jesus on the Cross? - Barabbas

7. Say the Watchdog Prayer Bible Verse - "Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips." Amen. (KJV Psalm 141:3)

8. Say the Watchdog Motto: I will watch my ways and control what I say.

9. Say the Watchdog Promise:

By God's mercy and hiding His word in my heart
I will watch my ways and the words I say
So that, through me, others will be blessed today.

10. Becky got mad at her little brother and called him a bad name. How can she tame your tongue? Ask God to help her not call her brother bad names when she gets mad.

11. Randy's mom asked him if he had cleaned his room. He said yes even though he knew he hadn't cleaned it very well. How can Randy tame his tongue?

12. Mike's best friend just told him that his dog knows how to sit, speak, and roll over. Mike wants his best friend to think that his dog is also that smart so he tells him that his dog can go fetch the paper, walk on two legs, and dance, even though his dog doesn't know how to do any of those things. What can Mike do to tame his tongue?

13. Jacob just won first place in his spelling bee at school. When his friend comes over he tells him all about it and then spells every word that his friend says to prove how smart he is. What can Jacob do to tame his tongue?

14. Amanda has a new neighbor that she only met once for a few minutes. She tells her best friend that she doesn't think her new neighbor is very nice because she didn't even stop to talk to her for very long. What can Amanda do to tame her tongue?

15. Patty's best friend at school asked her what she thought of her drawing. Patty didn't really know what it was so she asked. When her friend told her, Patty said, "That is the worst drawing I have ever seen. I know how to draw a cat. Let me show you." What can Patty do to tame her tongue?

16. Bradley loves to go to Sunday school and learn about Jesus. Sometimes he gets so exited he has a hard time being quiet when the teacher is talking. He wants to answer all the questions even though there are lots of children in the class. What can Bradley do to keep his tongue in control?