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After you submit your subscription you will get a page confirming that your subscription has been processed. There will be a button that will take you directly to the Paypal site for online payment, as well as information on where to send a check or money order if you prefer that method. You will also automatically receive the same information at the email address you provided when filling out the form.

Subscription price is $23.95/year for a single subscription and $47.95/year for a group subscription (such as a church that has a number of people teaching K-3rd grade that want to use the lessons and wish to share the user name and password).

Special Pricing for online schools.

Online schools:

Online schools are not included in the group membership because the members are not all in the same building. Special online school prices apply as follows.

Number of Members
Price Per Year
20 - 99
100 - 150
151 - 200
201 - 250
250 - 300
301 - 350
351 - 400


Individuals using the online school membership may only use the membership for school purposes. They may not use the membership for their church related activities. They must buy a separate membership for that purpose.

Your subscription will be activated when we receive your check, money order, or Pay Pal notification of payment. You will receive an email notice when it is activated.

Note: Your subscription is not automatically activated when you pay with Pay Pal. It may take a few hours before your subscription is activated. You will receive an email notification when it is activated. We activate subscriptions between 8 am and 11 pm Pacific time. If after 12 hours your subscription has not been activated, please contact us at 702 449-4853 or email us at care@daniellesplace.com.

**We will not sell or distribute your name or email address to anyone. It is used strictly to keep track of your subscription.

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