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Goodness and Mercy - Psalm 23:6

Free Sunday School Sample Lesson



Bible Reference:

Psalm 23:6

Printable Bible Verse Cards:

Print out Cards onto card stock, write the Bible verse on the cards and make copies.

Stickers for Psalm 23:4-6.

Teaching Concept:

Children learn that when they follow the Good Shepherd they will enjoy a life of goodness and mercy.



Early Arrivals Activity


1. Color a Picture

Print out the Picture and have your children color it. If you want your children to do more than just coloring, cut a frame to cover the heart frame. Have your children glue fun foam hearts to the frame.


Rice Krispie Treat Sheep Craft

2. Make a Rice Krispie Treat Sheep

Give each child a large plastic plate, two pretzel sticks, a Malted Milk Ball, and a wet paper towel.

1. Make Rice Krispie Treats according to the directions on the box.

2. Place 40 large marshmallows in a large bowl with 3 tablespoons of butter.

3. Melt in the microwave. Keep an eye on the marshmallows, if they start puffing up to high, stop the microwave and stir down the marshmallows.

4. Poor the marshmallow mixture over 6 cups of Rice Krispies and mix well. (I only make half of this recipe at a time.) Spoon some of the mixture onto each child's plate. Show your children how to dampen their hands with the paper towel (This will keep the mixture from sticking to their hands.) before you start. Or, instead of water, you can spray butter on their hands before starting.

5. Mold the Krispies into two balls and two ears. Break the pretzels in half and stick in the sheep. Stick a Malted Milk Ball on the face for a muzzle. To finish, use black icing to draw on the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Note: Some children do not like to get their hands sticky. Don't force them to make the sheep if they don't want to. You can provide play dough instead for the children who do not want to make the Rice Krispies treat sheep.

Here a Snack Idea That is a Lot Less Messy - Full sized marshmallows are a hazard for children so when a snack calls for that item try substituting donut holes for the marshmallows. Cute sheep can be made with a donut hole body, pretzel stick legs, and mini-marshmallow head attached with a broken pretzel stick. Sent in by Dian Dodson, Missoula, MT.

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The Lesson

Preparation: You will need two other puppets for this lesson preferably sheep. If you don't have puppets, you can just use stuffed animals.

Woolie has Good Friends

Teacher: I have invited our special friend back today. Woolie where are you?

Sheep: (Woolie comes out followed by two other sheep puppets.)

Teacher: Woolie it is good to see you this morning. Did you bring some friends with you today?

Sheep: (Woolie shakes her head yes.)

Teacher: Oh, I know these little sheep. Children, I would like you to meet Woolie's friends, Goodness (pointing to Goodness) and Mercy (pointing to Mercy). Goodness is a very good friend. She always tells the truths, and is loving and kind. And Mercy, she is also a very good friend. Mercy is the kind of friend everyone would love to have. She will be your friend no matter what. Even if you do something that isn't very friendly, she will always forgive you, even if you don't deserve it. No matter how bad you treat her, she is always ready to forgive and forget.

Woolie, you are very lucky to have such good friends.

Sheep: (Woolie shakes her head yes. Woolie starts pacing back and forth followed by the other two sheep puppets.)

Teacher: Woolie, what are you doing? Goodness and Mercy seem to be following you every where you are going.

Sheep: (Woolie shakes her head yes -- stilling moving back and forth.)

Teacher: Woolie are you trying to tell us something about the Good Shepherd?

Sheep: (Woolie shakes her head yes.)

Teacher: Well, let's look at our Bible verse today. Maybe we can figure out what Woolie is trying to tell us. Who remembers what book of the Bible and chapter we are studying? Have a child come up and find the 23rd Psalm or try to open the Bible to the middle.

Today we are looking at the sixth and last verse of this wonderful Psalm that tells us a little bit about what God is like. We have learned that God is a lot like a Good Shepherd who cares for his sheep, who protects them, and gives them everything they need. Let's see what the last verse says, "Surely goodness and mercy . . ." (Open your Bible and read the verse.)

This verse is telling us that if we make God our Shepherd and follow him, goodness and mercy will follow us. God will guide and protect us and show us how to live a good life. He will show us mercy, or loving kindness, and forgiveness when we mess up. He will give us another chance. He will always love us no matter what.

Woolie, thank you for coming and telling us about the Good Shepherd. We are very glad you came. Bye, bye Woolie. We hope you can come back and visit us again soon.

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Father, we praise you and thank you for caring for us. Help us to always remember to follow you. And thank for your loving kindness and forgiveness when we take a wrong turn. We know that you will always be there for us when we return. Amen.




1. Play "Goodness and Mercy Will Follow Me" Game

Before class cut out six large foot prints about three times as large as a child's foot. On two of the prints glue a picture of "Goodness" and on two others glue a picture of "Mercy". (Use the picture for the Bible Verse Review Game below and just reduce their size.) Divide the children up into two teams give each team a set of footprints, one with Goodness, one with Mercy, and one blank. On the word go, the two children at the beginning of the line should place two of their footprints out in front of them in a row toward the other end of the room and place one of their feet on each foot print. They should then place the third footprint in front of them and place their back foot on the footprint in front, reach behind them and get the footprint that is behind again and placing it in front, stepping on it with the back foot. They should keep walking like this until they get to the end of the room. When they get to the end of the room, they should pick up all three footprints, race back to the other end of the room and give the footprints to the next child in line. The team that has all their players reach the other end of the room first wins.

If you have very little children, just give each child as set of footprints, have them all line up in a row and demonstrate how to walk across the room with "Goodness" and "Mercy" following them. They should all do it at the same time if you have room.

2. Play a Bible Verse Review Game

Set up ten sheep (stuffed animals or Pictures) in the front of your room. Place a name tag around the neck of each sheep using the Bible verse to name them. Name one "Surely", one "Goodness", one "And", one "Mercy", one "Shall", one "Follow" and one "Me". Make up some other names for the rest of the sheep. Turn the name tags around so the children can not see the names. Write the verse on the board so all the children can see it. (It really doesn't matter if the children can read or not.) Read the verse to the children and have them repeat it to you several times. Ask a child to come up and pick a sheep that he thinks might be named "Surely". Turn over the name tag of the sheep he has picked and read the name. If it is the right sheep, place it to the side. If it isn't the correct sheep, they next child should pick a sheep. Next have the children look for the sheep named "Goodness" and keep going until all the sheep have been placed in order to spell out the verse.

(Note: If you have very young children, you can just look for "Goodness" and "Mercy". Just place a bunch of sheep in the front of the room (or pictures of sheep) and have the children take turns picking a sheep to see if it is "Goodness" or "Mercy".

3. Play a Cube Bible Verse Review Game

Before class print out the cube, cut it out, and tape it together. Have your children sit in a circle and take turns throwing the cube into the center of the circle. The children should say the verse corresponding to the picture on the cube. Give them a small treat like Teddy Grahams each time they say the verse. If they don't know the verse, tell them the verse and have them repeat it, and then give them a snack.

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