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Educational crafts with how-to craft videos, DIY kids' crafts, games and STEM and STEAM activities designed to make teaching and learning fun. Bible-based crafts, and great resources for Sunday school teachers, children's ministry, preschool teachers, library programs, home school teachers, and special occasions.

DIY, Cheap and Easy Crafts for Your Children and Students!

Arctic Animals Hat Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

Arctic Animals Hat Craft

Eight different Arctic animal hats for children.

Use the hats in your Arctic thematic unit.

Printable patterns are available to members and as an instant download on the Arctic Animals Craft Page.

Hippo Paper Plate Craft and Learning Activity for Children from www.daniellesplace.com

Hippopotamus Paper Plate Craft and Learing Activity

Children make a hippo, research, and then write fun facts about hippos on a mini book that can be stored in their hippo's mouth.

Printable patterns are available to members and as an instant download on the Hippo Craft Page.

My Nature Journal Printable Book for Children to go along with "The Looking Book" for Children

My Nature Journal Printable

After reading "The Looking Book" about children who learn how amazing nature can be if you take the time to really look at it, have your children go outside and observe nature, and then draw pictures and write about their observations in their "Nature Journals".

Seed Packet  Craft

Collecting Seeds and Seed Packet Science Activity

Children learn how to collect seeds from seed pods and then design their own seed packets.

They can also start their own seed company and learn about business.

Go to Garden Crafts Page for patterns.

Sugar Glider Craft and Writing Activity

Sugar Glider Craft and Writing Activity

This craft is a great science writing activity for young children.

Children learn about sugar gliders and then write facts about them on their sugar gliders to display in class. Hang the sugar gliders from the ceiling to make them look like they are gliding around the room.

Go to the Australia Crafts Page for patterns.

Bowerbird Coloring and Activity Sheet

Bowerbird Coloring and Activity Sheet

After learning about bowerbirds children color the picture, build a bower using cardboard sticks, and search for objects a bowerbird might use to attract a female bird.

Go to Bird Crafts Page 2 for printable patterns and more STEAM activities for bowerbirds.

New Bible Crafts for Your Children's Ministry and Sunday School


Phil 4:19 - Bible Verse Squirrel and Acron Coloring Sheet

For a printable pattern to this coloring sheet go to the Bible Verse Coloring Sheet.

Cardboard and Yarn Cross Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Cardboard and Yarn Cross Craft

Children make yarn crosses and then write their Bible verse around the edge of the frame. Costing less than ten cents each this craft can be used for just about any Bible lesson. It would also be great for VBS or as a gift for outreach programs!

Go to the Cross Crafts for Sunday School for directions.

Naaman Popup Craft for Sunday School

Naaman Washes in the Water Seven Times Popup Craft

Children will love acting out the Bible story of Naaman by making him wash seven times in the Jordan River by simply moving the Popup craft from left to right. A fish pop ups every time Naaman dips into the water to wash.

Go to the Naaman Bible Crafts Page for directions and more information about this craft.