Walrus Crafts and Learning Activities

Walrus Theme Crafts and Learning Activities


Peek-a-boo Walrus Cup Craft for Kids

Peek-a-boo Walrus Cup Craft for KidsWhat you will need: Large cup, paint, jumbo craft stick, Styrofoam, and glue.

How to Make the Walrus Cup Craft:

1. Make a sock walrus that will fit inside your cup. (See directions below.) Glue the back of the sock walrus to a jumbo craft stick to make a puppet.

2. Paint a cup blue to look like water.

3. Break up a Styrofoam ball or other Sryrofoam and glue it to the rim of the cup. Add some white paint to make it look like ice.

4. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cup just big enough for the craft stick to fit through. Stick the puppet into the cut so that the stick goes down through the hole in the bottom of the cup.

5. Push the craft stick up to make the walrus pop up out of the "water" and onto the "ice"! Pull the craft stick down and the little walrus goes back into the water!

Created by Corrin Burner

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Walrus Paper Plate Craft for Kids

walrus paper plate craft for kids www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need: Two-10 1/4" paper plates, four-6 inch paper plates, two plastic spoons or straws, yarn, paint, scissors, hot melt glue and gun, black permanent marker.

How to make:

1. Glue two big plates together, top-to-top, for the body and two small plates together, top-to-top, for the head. Glue the head to the body.

walrus diagram2. To make the muzzle fold a small paper plate in half and then fold back the sides as shown in the diagram to the right. Glue the folded sides to the back of the plate. Push up the top, bottom part of the paper plate and glue it in place as shown in the diagram. Cut the scoop ends off two spoons and glue the spoons inside the muzzle for the tusks.

3. Glue the muzzle to the head.

Walrus head4. Cut a small paper plate in half and glue the halves to the body to make fins as shown in the picture.

5. Paint the paper plates and let them dry. Add eyes and yarn to make the whiskers. Use a black marker to draw the nose.

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Rock Walrus Craft for Kids

rock walrus craft for kids walrus no-sew rock craft for kids

Walrus Rock Craft

Find smooth river rocks that mimic the shape of a walrus. Glue them together using super glue. Cut whiskers from craft foam or use yarn. Use pipe cleaners for the tusks and glue on googly eyes.

If you want to use your creature outside in your garden, paint on the eyes instead of using the googly eyes because the googly eyes will turn yellow in the sun.

Created by Corrin Burner

Walrus Sock Craft

See the general directions on how to make no- sew sock creatures. To make this walrus fill the toe of a sock with poly-fil and then tie it off using a tiny rubber band. Place small wads inside the sock to make the walrus' flippers and tie them off with rubber bands. Fill the rest of the sock with poly-fil leaving enough of the sock unstuffed to form a tail. Tie off the body part with a rubber band. To make the tail, flatten the sock and glue it closed with a low temp. glue gun or sew it closed.

Created by Corrin Burner


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