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Scripture Reference: Jonah 1 - 4 Concepts - God knows where we are at all times.
You can't hide from God.


Whale Puppet Bible Craft for Jonah and the Whale

Whale Puppet Bible Craft

Open the whale's mouth and insert Jonah, and close the mouth to have the big fish swallow him. Children will love playing with this whale puppet.

Not only does the mouth open and close, but the tail moves up and down to make the fish look like it is swimming.

A pattern for this craft is available to members on The Resource Room.

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Jonah and the Whale Bible Puppet Craft for Sunday School Jonah and the Whale Bible Puppet Craft for Sunday School



"Pin Jonah in the Whale" Bible Craft and Game for Sunday School

Pin Jonah in the Whale Bible Game for Sunday School

What you willl need:

Card stock, crayons or markers, scissors, tape, and a bandana.

What to do:

1. Before class tape two pieces of cardstock together and draw a large whale shape covering the entire sheet. (See diagram to the left.) Also draw a picture of Jonah that will fit inside the shape of the whale and make copies or use clipart. (A pattern for this craft is available to members.)

2. In class have your children color the pictures of Jonah.

3. Tape the whale picture on a wall so that your children can reach it easily.

4. Blindfold the children and have them take turns trying to tape Jonah inside the whale. Once each child has taped up his or her Jonah, take off the blindfold and show that child where his or her Jonah picture ended up on the whale.

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"What Did the Big Fish Eat?" Jonah and the Whale Review Game

Paper Plate Whale Craft for Jonah and the Whale from


This activity comes from the lessons "Hide and Seek, The Story of Jonah and the Whale" on The Resource Room. A free sample lesson is available.

sunday school Jonah Fish Game bible craftThis big fish has swallowed many things including Jonah.

In this Bible lesson review game children answer review questions and then reach into the fishes mouth and pull out a piece of paper with a picture of something the fish has swallowed. They will be amazed and entertained by all the different things he has eaten. The child who pulls out the picture of Jonah wins.

What you will need: Dinner-sized paper plates, paint, googly eyes, hot melt glue or stapler, googly eyes, and scissors.

How to make:

whale diagram1. Paint the top side of two paper plates pink (This will be the inside of the fish.).

2. Print out the fish fin patterns (PDF Pattern), and cut them out.

3. Place the tail fin patterns on a paper plate as shown in the diagram, trace the patterns, and cut them out.

4Jonah and the Whale Bible Review Game for Sunday School from Glue the tail to the top of one of the paper plates so that the fins are curving downwards. (This paper plate will be the top of the fish.)

5. Glue the two side fins to the same paper plate on the sides of the plates as shown in the diagram.

6. Cut a slit at the edge of the paper plate just behind both fins as shown in the diagram and then cut out a wedge shape.

7. Glue the paper plate with the fins on it to the other paper plate starting at the back of one whale diagram 2side fin and ending at the back of the other side fin.

8. Bring the top paper plate over top of the bottom paper plate at the fins. Glue it together at the overlapping area. This will make the mouth open.

9. Fold the bottom part of the top fin over about a 1/4" from the bottom. Glue it to the top of the fish.

10. Stuff the fish with some crinkled up scrap paper and paint the outside. Let dry.
11. Glue on some googly eyes.

12. Print out the pattern for the things that go in the whales mouth. Cut them apart, and fold them up, and stick them in the mouth of the whale.

Color Pattern 1 (PDF Pattern), Color Pattern 2 (PDF Pattern), Black and White Pattern 1 (PDF Pattern) and Black and White Pattern 2 (PDF Pattern) - (Printing Problems?)

Jonah and the Whale Paper Plate Craft from

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Play a Bean Bag Toss Game

sunday school Jonah beanbag bible craftJonah in the Whale milk jug craft and gameChildren of all ages will enjoy tossing Jonah back and forth trying to catch him with a milk jug whale.

This game takes a little preparation, but it is well worth the time. The whales and Jonah bean bags can be reused over and over.

Before class make several whales from plastic milk jugs found on the Trash to Treasure Craft Page, and bean bags that look like Jonah. Use the pattern and directions provided on the Material Crafts Page to make the Jonah Bean Bag Dolls.

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"Hide and Seek" Bible Lesson for Older Children

In this lesson children learn about Jonah and how he tried to hide from God. They learn that they can't hide anything from God. When they do something wrong, instead of trying to forget about it, or hiding from it, God wants them to tell him about it, and to ask him for forgiveness. This lesson is available on The Resource Room a subscription site.

Free "Hide and Seek" Bible Lesson for Younger Children


"Find Jonah" Card Game

Play "Find Jonah" Card Game by turning over Jonah cards and seeing if Jonah is hiding behind the card. If he isn't, they act out part of the story defined on the card. Card pattern available on The Resource Room.


Sing a Song and Act It Out

Younger children will enjoy singing a song about Jonah while they act out the story. Prepare a large appliance box to look like a whale. Have a child enter the box while the other students sing the song. At the end of the song when it says Jonah was spit out, the child in the box should come out of the box pretending to be spit out. Keep singing the song until all the children have had a chance to act it out. This song is available on The Resource Room.


More Jonah and the Whale Bible Crafts


sunday school Jonah and the Whale face puppets bible craft sunday school Jonah and the Whale bible craft sunday school Jonah Whale bible Craft
Older children make face puppets on which different emotions are depicted. They use the puppets during the lessons by raising their puppet to indicate when they think Jonah may have experienced the emotion their puppet depicts.


Younger children make a booklet with pictures of the different emotions Jonah may have experienced. They practice making the same faces during the lesson.

Envelope Fish and Jonah Paper Doll

Small children will love playing with the envelope fish puppet. The put their hand inside and make his mouth open and close.

sunday school Jonah and the whale bible craft Jonah and the Whale Color Sheet and Bible verse card.  


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