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Bubble Wrap Print Paper Snake Craft for Kids

Bubble Wrap Print Paper Snake Craft for Children www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Card stock (Heavy Paper)

Bubble Wrap with small bubbles

Acrylic Paint

Red Paper

Black Marker


One-inch Paint Brush




How to make the Bubble Wrap Snake Craft:

Spiral Snake Pattern Diagram

1. Cut the biggest circle you can from the card stock. Cut a piece of bubble wrap the same size as the circle. You may want to experiment with different color combinations so make more than one circle. You can use the spiral snake Pattern if you prefer. Just print it out on card stock (Heavy Paper) and then cut bubble wrap to match the size of the pattern.

2. Squirt paint into a container and fill your brush or paint roller with paint.

3. Spread the paint over the bumpy side of the bubble wrap. Cover only the top of the bubbles with the paint. Add a lighter color for accents.

4. Place the painted side of the bubble wrap on the pattern paper and press down on the bubble wrap to press the paint onto the paper.

5. Slowly peel the bubble wrap off the pattern paper and let the paint dry.

6. You can add another accent color over the first color after the first colored has dried. Paint the accent color lightly and randomly over the bubble wrap, and then press it over the first bubble wrap print. You can also try just using both colors of paint on the bubble wrap.

7. When the paint is dry cut out the snake out, and add a red snake tongue and eyes.

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Tie Snake Craft for Kids

neck tie snake craft for kids

These snakes are easy and inexpensive to make.  And best of all they are fun to play with.

What you will need: Old ties, polyfil stuffing, wiggly eyes, glue, wire (from a hanger)

How to make:
1. If you would like your snake to be bendable, straighten out a wire hanger or use some other type of wire. Make sure you fold down the ends of the wire with some needle nose pliers so that the edges are very smooth. Insert the hanger into the tie.
2.   Stuff the tie with polyfil from each end of the snake.
3. Glue or sew the tail end of the snake closed.
4. Push some stuffing up into the point of the snake's head (the wider end of the tie).  Glue the end closed and glue on some wiggly eyes to finish.

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Comments About this Craft:

We made the "Tie Snake Craft" with our kids during VBS a couple of years ago.  Everyone loved the Tie Snakes, but it's definitely a craft that you'll need extra helpers for.  Many of the kids had a difficult time stuffing the ties, and the adults ended up even stitching/gluing places on the tie later on to keep them together.  We bought our ties and a local thrift store where they let you stuff a paper bag full of clothes for $2, and the wire coat hangers were easy to come by too!  Along with the googly eyes, the kids added felt tongues.  This is a really cool craft, just be prepared to give your snakes extra time and patience!  They make great decorations too!  ;)

We made the "Paper Spiral Snakes" too, but let the kids cut their circles out of craft foam and then decorated them with gems, paint and markers.  They were pretty neat, and also made cool decorations hanging down around our foyer and fellowship hall! ~Randi

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Snake Bracelet Craft for Kids

snake bracelet

What you will need: Card stock, crayons or markers, and tape.

How to make: Print out the Pattern onto card stock, color the snakes, cut them out and tape them around your wrist.

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Snake Pattern Color Sheet

pattern snake worksheet

Learn about patterns. Have your child color the snake using a certain pattern. Snake Pattern. This worksheet comes from the ABC, I Believe lessons. You can find even more animal worksheets and Bible lessons to go along with them on the ABC, I Believe lessons.

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Snake Puzzle

snake puzzle

This pattern can be used to review just about anything you happen to be studying. Children will love this activity because they can get down on the floor and move around while making a great big snake. By writing the problem on one piece and the answer on another piece, your child will have fun matching up the correct pieces and making a long snake. You can use addition, subtraction or multiplication facts, or a Bible verse. You can reduce the pattern and practice spelling words by writing one letter on each piece. Your child puts the pieces together to spell out a word.

You can also laminate the pieces so that you can use a dry erase marker and change the letters to spell new words, instead of making all new pieces.

You can also work on reading skills. Make up sentences with words your child is studying. Write one word on each snake puzzle piece. Read the sentence to your child and have him put the snake together according to the sentence you just read.

You can also use this snake for anything that your child is studying that has an order such as numbers, letters, books of the Bible, counting by certain numbers, alphabetizing, etc.

How to make:
Before class print out the Snake Pattern (Available to members only.) and cut the snakes body shapes from different colors of construction paper. Line up the body parts as shown in the picture. If you are reviewing math facts write the problem on one end of a snake pattern and then the answer on the corresponding end of the next snake pattern. On the same piece that you wrote the first answer, write the next problem on the other end. So you will have a problem and an answer on each puzzle piece, like Dominoes.

Great, Big, Sidewalk, Snake Review - If you have a child who has a hard time sitting still, this is a great way to review facts and get a little exercise at the same time. Go outside and draw a giant snake on your drive way or sidewalk with chalk. Make the snake wide enough to walk on.

Tell your child that the snake wants to eat him up. Have him stand at the head of the snake. If he answers a question correctly, he gets to move into the snake. You can make up the amount of steps he can take into the snake each time he answers correctly. The snake only likes correct answers. If he answers wrong, the snake will spit him out and he has to start all over again. When your child answers correctly, make a slurping sound like the snake is eating him. If he answers wrong make a sound like the snake is spitting him out or he tastes bad so he knows that his answer is wrong and he has to start all over again.

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Snake Shapes Activity Worksheet for Preschool Children

snake shape worksheet

Make a pipe cleaner snake out of two different colors of pipe cleaners. Print out the Snake Shape Worksheet and help your child form the different shapes on the work sheet. This worksheet comes from the ABC, I Believe lessons. You can find even more animal worksheets and Bible lessons to go along with them on the ABC, I Believe Lessons.

abc i believe




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Free Snake Shapes Printable Book

Snake Shapes


Print out the pages and staple them together. (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3) Have your children trace the snake shapes with their fingers and then trace them with highlighter markers. Read the story to your children and have them repeat what you say pointing to each word as you speak until they can read the book by themselves.

Make pipe cleaner snakes by twisting two different colors of pipe cleaners together. Have your children twist their snakes into the shapes to match the book.

You can find more snake crafts and activities on the Snake Crafts Page.

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This book was created by Monica Saunders using resources from this web site.

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Scrunchie Snakes and Lizards Craft for Kids with Video Instructions

scrunchie snakes and lizard crafts

What you will need: material, 12" pipe cleaner, hot melt glue  gun, eyes, pink and red fun foam, felt for legs (optional), 30" string

How to make:

1. Cut a piece of material 27" x 3" for the snake  or 27" x 4" for the lizard.

2. Cut out a rectangle shape for the mouth 2 1/4" x 1 1/4" from pink fun foam. If you are making the lizard, cut 4 legs from a  piece of felt.

3. Tie a knot at the end of one end of the string and attach it to one end of the material either by sewing it on or pinning it on. The string will help you turn the material right side out once you have finished sewing it.

4. Fold the material long ways right sides together. Place the string so it runs down the inside of the material. It should be long enough to stick out the other end. Show Me How.

5. Sew up the long end of the material leaving the ends open.

6. To turn the material inside out push the pin into the tube you just sewed while pulling on the string from the other end. You will be pulling the p9in through the tube turning the material right side out. When you have the material completely turn inside out, unpin the string. Show Me How.

7. Fold down one end of a pipe cleaner about 1/4' (This will help it slide better into the snake body.) Insert it into the snake body all the way to the opposite end, scrunching up the material as you go. Glue the end of the pipe cleaner to the end of the material. Fold over the material and glue again. This will be the tail end.

8. Pull the pipe cleaner out the opposite end about 1" by scrunching up the material. Fold the material on this end in about 1".

9. Now you are ready to insert the mouth. Poke a small hole in the center of the rectangle mouth piece just so the pipe cleaner will fit  through. Fold the mouth in half and insert it into the mouth end of the snake, making sure the pipe cleaner goes through  the tiny hole. Pull the pipe cleaner through. Fold the end of the pipe cleaner over twice so that it cannot pull back through the hole. Glue the mouth piece  in place by putting some glue between the mouth and the material.  Show Me How.

10. Cut out a tongue from red fun foam and glue inside the mouth. Glue on the eyes. Show Me How .

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Paper Chain Pattern Snake Craft for Kids

Cut strips from different colors of construction paper. In class have the children make paper chain snakes.

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Pipe Cleaner Snake Craft for Kids

pipe cleaner snake craft

Provide different colors of pipe cleaners. Let the children use their imagination to make a snake. You can also glue on wiggly eyes using a hot melt glue gun for them when they are done.

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Braided Snake Craft for Kids

braided snake craft

Older children will enjoy making this craft. Cut pieces of material into strips of about one yard by three inches. Cut the strips so that they are tapered at one end. Place three strips together and tie them together at the tapered end. This will be the tail end. To make it easier to braid, secure the knotted end to a table or chair with tape. Or pair up the children and have them take turns holding the tail of their partner's snake and braiding. Show your children how to braid the three strips together. When they are finished tie two of the strips together at the end. Wrap the end of the third piece around the knot and tuck in the edges to make a face. Use a tiny rubber band to secure the head. Use another small rubber band to secure the tail end. Glue on wiggly eyes and a tongue.

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Paper Spiral Snake Craft for Kids

spiral snake craftPrint out the Pattern or cut out a circle shape from a piece of paper. Color the snake pattern or the circle which ever you are using. Cut out the pattern or cut the circle shape. Start cutting around the edge of the circle in a spiral fashion making your cut smaller and smaller towards the middle of the circle. These snakes look great hanging from the ceiling. The skinnier you make the snake the longer it will be. These are fun to make and use as decorations for any age.

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Practice Printing and Writing the Letter "K" for King Snake

Leter K kingsnake worksheet

This worksheet comes from the ABC, I Believe lessons. Children practice writing the letter K in print or cursive, or write the complete Bible verse in cursive or print, or print the word "king snake". If you would like more information about these lessons, go to the ABC, I Believe Introduction Page. You can even print out a free sample lesson. These lessons are great for home school use.

Bible Lessons for Home School
ABC, I Believe



Paul Bitten by a Snake Craft

bottle cap snake craftMake a snake with plastic bottle caps from soft drink products and two corks for the head and tail. Drill a hole in the center of each cap and the corks. String red plastic cord through one small cork then 25 plastic caps per snake and end with the other small cork. Tie off at the tail end. Leave some of the cord hanging out for the tongue on the other end. I spray painted the caps green. When it dried I put wiggly eyes on the tongue at the head end. Also, if you want to, you can assemble the first two caps open side to open side and put a couple of beans in it, then hot glue them together. This way the snake rattles. We used this craft for VBS when Paul was bitten by the viper. The 5th and 6th graders enjoyed making their snakes and painting them. Connie

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