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Oatmeal Box Train Craft

Train Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need: Oatmeal box, and two other boxes about the same width or a little wider than the oatmeal box. A small shoe box and a large cereal box work well. You will need more boxes for the boxcars. You will also need fun foam or colored masking tape to cover the boxes, heavy paper, decorative items such as buttons, shiny ribbon, scissors, and glue.

oatmeal box train

What to do:

1. Look at pictures of steam engines online and decide how you want your train to look. Glue the boxes closed and glue them together. I used a glue gun with low temp. glue.

2. Cover the boxes with colored masking tape, or fun foam. Cover the bottom four inches of the box with black fun foam or black masking tape.

3. Print out the Wheel Patterns and glue them to the bottom of the box. (Problems Printing?)

4. Print out the Cow Catcher Pattern onto card stock (Heavy paper) fold it in half and then fold back the tabs on the side. Glue it to the front of the train.

5. To finish you can cut out windows or just glue black squares on the box to look like windows. You can also blue a piece of fun foam across the top of the tall box for a roof.

Paper Engineer's hat craft for kids

6. To make the box cars glue the lid of the shoe box to the bottom of the show box to make it higher. Glue 2 1/2" of black fun foam or tape all the way around the bottom of the box. Then print out the Wheel Patterns and glue them over the tape.

7. To connect the box cars and the engine glue or tie a piece of rope to the back of each car. Tie a knot at the end of the rope, and make a notch at the front of each box car so that the rope and knot and be slipped into the notch to connect the cars and slipped out of the notch to disconnect them.

8. To make the paper engineer's hat go to the Hat Crafts and Learning Activities Page for a printable pattern.

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Train Craft

train craft picture

You can use this train to help your children learn many things. Overtime they learn something new they can add another car to their train. For instance, if your children are learning words, each time they learn a new word, they can write the word on a train car and add it to their train.

What you will need: Different colors of paper, scissors and markers.

How to Make Train Craft:

1. Print out the patterns for the Engine, Cars, and Caboose onto colored paper.
2. Cut out the patterns. Use the wheel patterns and window patterns to cut shapes from black and yellow paper.

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Milk Jug Airplane Craft for Kids

Milk Jug Air Plane Craft for Kids www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need: Plastic gallon milk jug, five milk jug lids, cardboard, spray paint made for plastic, or plastic primer spray paint and any spray paint for the main color, scissors with a sharp point, acrylic paint, stickers, low temp. glue gun, hole punch, craft sticks, and a brass brad.

How to make:

1. Wash and dry the milk jug.

2. Spray paint the jug with spray paint made for plastic. Or use a plastic primer spray paint before using regular spray paint. To get rid of the ink numbers on the top of the jug spray a little bit of paint on the numbers. The spray paint will dissolve the ink. When you see the ink start to run, wipe off the paint.

3. Cut wings, tail, elevator, propeller, and landing gear shapes from heavy cardboard. (Patterns for this craft are available to members only.)

4. Paint the plane parts and let them dry. Paint the five lids - four for the wheels and one to attach the propeller.

5. When everything is dry use the airplane parts to mark where you want to cut slits in the milk jug. Hold the wings, elevators, and tail parts up to the sides of the milk jug and mark with a pen where they should be inserted. Cut slits where you have marked. To attach the parts use a glue gun to spread glue along the slits and insert the parts.

Milk Jug Airplane Craft for Kids www.daniellesplace.com

6. Punch a hole in the middle of one cap with sharp scissors and punch a hole in the middle of the propeller. Use a brass brad to attach the propeller to the cap. Screw the cap onto the jug.

7. Fold the landing gear where indicated on the pattern and glue it to the milk jug. Reinforce the cardboard piece with pieces of craft sticks. Glue the pieces of craft sticks to the underside of the cardboard piece. Cut notches out of two of the caps so that they fit over the cardboard piece. Place a notched cap at the end of one side of the cardboard piece and match up another uncut lid with the first one and glue them together. Do the same thing for the other side of the landing gear.

8. Paint designs on the plane and add stickers to finish.

9. You can cut holes out of the jug to make seats to place stuffed animals in the plane.

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Tractor Made from Plastic Water Jug

Tractor Craft Made from a Plastic Water Jug, Oatmeal Canister, and a Paper Cup Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Two Squarish Plastic Water Jug

2 lb. Oatmeal Canister

Two Paper Party Cups

Red Spray Paint or Red Acrylic Paint

Black and Silver Acrylic Paint

Low Temperature Glue Gun

Buttons for the tractor lights

Sharp Scissors

Card Stock


How to Make the Plastic Jug Tractor Craft:

tractor diagram 1tractor diagram 3


1. Draw lines from the top of the jug along the sides as shown in the picture to the right. Cut along the lines and then fold in the part of the jug opposite the handle between the cut lines. Cut slits along the line and fold in the tabs you made by cutting the slits.

2. Spray paint the jug with red spray paint that is made for plastic.

tractor diagram 2

3. Cut the cylinder oatmeal canister so that it is only 5 1/2" tall. Glue the lid onto the shortened canister. Print out the wheel patterns, color them, and cut them out. Glue them to the ends of the canister.

4. Paint the oatmeal canister black and then glue it to the cut out part of the plastic jug. Use a low temperature glue gun and place glue on all the little tabs you folded in. Set the oatmeal canister on the tabs making sure it is centered over the jug.

5. Cut the bottoms off of two party cups so that they are only 1/2" wide. Paint the cups black on the outside and red on the bottom of the cup.

6. Glue the cups to the water jug.

7.To make the steering wheel cut a circle from another water jug and draw the steering wheel on with a black Sharpie marker. Glue the steering wheel to what is left of the bottom part of the handle.

8. Cut a seat shape from the same jug, paint it, and glue it to what is left of the handle.

9. To finish paint on details with black and silver paint.

10. Cut fender shapes from the extra water jug, paint them, and glue them to the sides of the wheels.

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