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Gideon - Brave and Mighty Bible Lesson

Good Guy Gideon hides from the Mean Men of Midian. Gideon learns he doesn't have to be afraid of the Mean Men of Midian. God is with him.

Go to the Gideon Bible Lessons, Crafts, and Activities Page for a lesson, crafts, and activity ideas.



Gideon Fights the Mean Men of Midian

Gideon learns you don't have to be big and strong to serve the Lord. God will give you the strength and power you need to serve him. Go to the Gideon Bible Lessons, Crafts, and Activities Page for a lesson, crafts, and activity ideas.



Gifts of the Spirit Activities


Unwrap a Gift

1. Write the words "the greatest of these is love" on the outside of an envelope.

2. Place inside the envelope pieces of paper with the words that describe what love is in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Write one word on each piece of paper: patient, kind, does not envy, does not boast, is not proud, is not rude, it is not self-seeking, is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrong, etc.

3. Place the pieces of paper inside the envelope. Place the envelope inside the box. Seal it and wrap up the box using ten layers of wrapping paper. On each layer write one gift of the Spirit.

4. Write the words wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, prophecy, distinguish between spirits, speaking in tongues, interpretation, helping others, and administration.

5. Play a game like musical chairs except have the children pass around the gift while playing some music. When the music stops let the child who is holding the gift unwrap one layer and read the word that shows after taking off the layer. Keep playing until someone gets to open the box. The child that gets to open the box should read the outside of the envelope and pass out the pieces of paper inside. When everyone has a piece of paper, have each child give an example of the words written on his piece of paper.

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Giving - God Loves a Cheerful Giver


Are You a Sheep or a Goat? Sunday School Lesson with Giving Crafts

In this lesson children learn that we all have different personality types. Some of us are more like sheep, and would rather follow than lead, and some of us are more independent like goats and would rather be leaders, but when it comes to our relationship with God, we should be more like sheep. Many people say they love God, but their lives don't show it. They don't really follow Jesus. Jesus compares these people to goats. When Jesus returns he will separate the goats from the sheep (the people who truly love him), and only the sheep will inherit his kingdom. In this lesson children learn practical ways in which they can live their faith by following Jesus' example. This Lesson is available to members only.

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Sheep Sweet Treat Gift Box

sunday school sheep sweet treat gift box bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Have your children color and decorate small boxes and place candy inside them to give to someone who they think might enjoy a sweet treat.

Patterns for the Box and Labels to go on pre made boxes are available to members. The back of the box says, "A sweet treat just for you to let you know that God cares for you, and I do too!"

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"What Can I Give?" Box Craft

Sheep Giving Matchbox Craft www.daniellesplace.com

Have your children decorate small boxes. Have your children think of things that they can give during the week, and write them on small pieces of paper that will fit inside the boxes. Tell them to bring the boxes back next week so they can share what they have done during the week.

Patterns for the Box and Labels to go on pre made boxes are available to members. Matthew 25:40 is printed on the back of this box craft. Available in the KJV or NIV.

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God Loves a Cheerful Giver, Giving to the Poor

Talk about things we can give: Money, clothes that we have out grown, old toys, our time, and our talents. Tell the children that they probably don't have money they can give because they are too young to have jobs. They probably don't even get an allowance yet. But there are other things they can give. They can give their time by helping others, and use their talents like drawing, singing, and making things for fund raisers.

They can keep their toys nice and when they out grow them or they are tired of them, they can give them to the poor or sell them and use the money to send to the poor.

They can help decorate a big barrel in which they can bring in things they can't use anymore or would like to give. You can make it a class project. Make sure the children know that they have to ask their parents first before they give something away. Save up the items and then have a garage sale. Let the children know how much they made and where the money was sent.

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God - God is always with Us


Snowflake Poem

Sunday School Snowflake Poem Bible Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Here's a great little poem to teach children about God's love. This poem was written by Carolyn White who is a member of the Children's Ministries Onelist. A place to exchange ideas dealing with children's ministries: bible crafts, play ideas, party plans, games, ways to involve children in the worship service AND exchange vacation bible school ideas. Anything to do with Christian kids is welcome! Thank you, Carolyn, for letting us post your poem.

"This is my snowflake, I made it myself.
If it were real, it would quickly melt.
It won't be around forever and ever,
But there is one thing that won't leave us, no, never.
It is God's Love for each of us all.
He will never leave us, He's there when we call.
So if I feel sad or just need a friend,
I can always turn to God, on Him I can depend."
by Carolyn White

What you will need: Paper and scissors.

How to make:

1. Print out a copy of the Snowflake and copy it onto different colors of paper. (Printing Problems?)

2. Cut out circles from white paper and have the children fold the paper in half and then in half again and show them how to cut snowflakes. If you don't remember how to make snowflakes you can go to the Winter Crafts Page for directions. If you don't want to make snowflakes you can use snowflake stickers or fun foam shapes.

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"God is Always with Us"

Sunday School God is Always with us tortiose bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com
Sunday School God is always with us turtle bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Children learn that God is always with us. He made us and knew us before we were born. This lesson uses a turtle to help the children remember that God is always with them no matter where they go just like the turtle's shell is always with him. The children make turtle crafts and learn a song. This Lesson is available on The Resource Room.



The Golden Rule


Make a Golden Ruler

Sunday School The Golden Rule Ruler Bible Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Printer paper, tape, yard sticks, and markers.


How to make:

1. Before class cut strips of paper 3 1/2" x 11".

2. In class have your children tape four strips of paper together to make a long paper ruler.

3. Have them use a yard stick to draw a ruler the whole length of the paper. They should also draw in lines for the inches and number the lines like a ruler. (A Pattern for this craft is available to members.) They may also want to color the ruler gold.

4. Ask your children to think about things people do that they don't like - things that bother them or make them upset. Tell your students to write the things they think of next to each number on the ruler they drew.

5. When your children are done with their rulers read Matthew 7:12 and explain The Golden Rule. Ask them to look at their rulers and ask themselves if they do any of the things they wrote on their rulers. Ask them, "How do you measure up?" Tell them to work on "measuring up" during the week.

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The Golden Rule Bulletin Board Display

Sunday School Bible Craft The Golden Rule Bulletin Board Display Chart from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Large poster board

Yellow highlighter marker


Printer paper

Elmer's Rubber Cement

How to make:

sunday School Bible craft The Golden Rule Bulletin Board Display from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Cut a large piece of poster board in half, lengthwise.

2. Print out the Bible Verse cut the words apart and glue them to the top of one piece of poster board as shown in the picture above.

3. Print out "The Golden Rule" words, cut them out, and glue them to the poster board under the Bible verse.

4. Print out the "How Do You Measure Up?" words, cut them out, and glue them under "The Golden Rule Title".

5. To make The Golden Rule Ruler Chart use a yard stick to draw a ruler on one side of the other half of the poster board. Draw little lines and numbers to indicate the inches. In class ask your children to think of things that people do that bother them - things they do not like. Write them next to each inch on your chart. (See picture above.)

6. When you have filled in all the lines, show your children the poster and ask them what they think the Bible verse means? Tell them to take another look at the chart and ask them, "How do you measure up? Do you do these things?" Tell them to work on "measuring up" during the week. Attach the finished chart and poster to your bulletin board.

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Thanks, for all the good ideas. I've been doing preschool child care for the women's Bible study group for the last 3 semesters, and your site has been the source of great craft ideas to correspond with our Bible story. The kids have had fun, it reinforces the message of our Bible story, and the mom's are pleased that their children are also having a time of learning while they study the Bible and have a time of fellowship. Thanks for a great site! Janice



Play "Do Unto Others" Card Game

sunday school do unto others bible card game from www.daniellesplace.com


Make up cards with that have different task children can perform such as, "Ask the child on your left how he is doing.", etc. Make sure you print out enough cards so that each child will have five cards and you have at least ten cards left over for you card deck. Each set of patterns contains two sets of cards and some extra cards.

Patterns for These Cards are available to members only.

How to Play:

1. Before you start have each child write the Bible verse on a sheet of paper. (You can pre-write them if you don't have a lot of time in class.)

2. Have the children sit in a circle around the deck of cards with their Bible verse paper and a pencil.

3. Deal out the cards so that each child has five cards. Place the leftover cards in the middle of the circle face down.

4. The object of the game is to circle all the words on your Bible verse paper first by completing the tasks on the cards.

5. To play the children take turns picking one card from the pile and placing it in their hands. Each player picks one card from his hand and does what the card says to do. If the child does it successfully, he gets to circle the matching word on his Bible verse sheet that is written on the card he just read. When he is done, he discards the card in a discard pile.

6. If the child doesn't want to do any of the things written on his cards, or he does not have a card he needs (A card with a word that he needs to circle on his Bible verse sheet), he will have to wait for his next turn to discard one card and pick up another card.

7. If you run out of cards in your deck, mix up the discard pile and turn it over for the deck.

8. Keep playing until one child has circled all the words on his Bible verse sheet.

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"Do Unto Others" Bible Verse Activity Sheet

sunday school bible craft do unto ohters bible verse activity sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Colored paper, circle reinforcement labels (found at an office supply store), or Cheerios, or Fruit Loop Cereal.

How to make:

Print the Bible verse on the paper leaving out the "Os". Have your children stick labels, or glue cereal to the paper where the "O's" belong. (A Pattern for This Craft is Available to Members.)



The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule (Berenstain Bears)

berenstain bears and the golden rule

The Berenstain bears are great at teaching children 4 - 7 biblical concepts. Don't miss The Berenstain Bears faith-based series including: The Berenstain Bears and the Truth, The Berenstain Bears Say Their Prayers, The Berenstain Bears and the Golden Rule, and The Berenstain Bears: God Loves You!

Your children will loves these books.



The Good Shepherd


The following crafts are available on The Resource Room a subscription site.

"The Good Shepherd" - Your children will learn that God is like a good shepherd: He knows us, leads us, protects us, and keeps us from harm.



Shepherd Boy and Sheep Craft Stick Craft for Sunday School

Shepherd and Sheep Bible Craft for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

This craft is made out of jumbo craft sticks and mini jumbo craft sticks.

You can use these craft stick figures to act out the story of The Good Shepherd, David, the Lost Sheep, Psalms 23, and other Bible stories with sheep.

Use Elmer's Tac 'N Stik Reusable Adhesive so you can remove the clothers and replace them with other outfits to depict other Bible characters.

(Patterns for this craft are available to members on The Resource Room.)

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I have enjoyed being a subscriber this past year, my first. I teach 3-5 year olds in Sunday School at St John Neumann Church in Bryn Mawr, PA with three other mothers who rotate with me on a monthly basis. I have used many of your lessons and craft ideas with great success. Thanks for your fabulously helpful work. God bless you. Sincerely, Susan Stavish



Cotton Ball Sheep Picture and Noodle Sheep Picture


Children color the sheep's face and feet and then glue on cotton balls to cover the sheep's body.

(Patterns for these crafts are available to members on The Resource Room.)



Lamb of God Cup Craft

Lamb of God Cup Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

9-oz. White Party Cups

Pink Pompoms

Cotton Balls

Blue Paper (Optional)

White Colored Pencils

White Glue, Card Stock, and tape


How to Make the Lamb of God Cup Craft:

1. Before class print out the Sheep Head Pattern onto cardstock (Heavy Paper) and cut it out.

2. Tape the pattern onto the paper cup matching the edge of the pattern to the bottom edge of the paper cup.

3. Cut out around the pattern, and then fold down the ears.

4. Print out the Background Pattern onto blue paper. (Pattern available to Member Only on The Resource Room.)

5. Cut the cotton balls in half so they are thinner and go farther.

6. In class have your children glue cotton balls onto the sheep pattern, draw a face on the cup, color the legs with white crayon or colored pencil, and glue a pink pompom on for the nose. Then have them glue the cup head to the pattern page.



Good Behavior


Good Behavior Keys

sunday school good behavior keys bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Parents can use these keys to help make children aware of bad behavior in a fun way. For example, when your child is being mean you can say to your child, "Uh oh, I think we need some kindness. Where is your kindness door?

Pretend to look all over your child's body to find the key hole or use your kindness key to tickle your child until he changes his behavior or is at least is aware of it. If your child is whining, you can lock up the whining or open up the door and let it out.

Bethany Davis sent in this idea. Make a larger version of these keys and hang them up in your class. Whenever a child is misbehaving use the keys on that child.

What you will need:

Different colors of poster board, markers, scissors, and key chain (costs about thirty cents apiece)

How to make:

1. Cut out some key shapes Key Pattern in different colors and punch a hole in the tops. (Printing Problems?)

2. On each key write a certain behavior your child need to work on such as: kindness, patience, no whining, listening sharing, etc.

3. Put the keys together on a key chain ring with your child's name it.

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Good Samaritan


Make Compassion Rolls

How to make:

1. Wrap a TP tube in colored tissue paper and secure one end with ribbon. Have the children put different things inside the tube that can be used to show compassion:

1) Handful of Hershey's Hugs - we all need hugs

2) Handful of Hershey's Kisses - kisses are just as important as hugs

3) Band-Aids - for boo-boos

4) Clip Art Picture of Praying Hands - to remind us to pray for others and

5) Clip Art Picture of a Bible - to remind us to share the Word of God with others.

2. Secure the other end with ribbon.

3. Tell the children to share their "compassion roll" with someone (parents, siblings, grandparents, or a friend). The children loved discussing the different things that we can do to show compassion and could wait to see what we were going to put inside our "rolls". Sent in by Theresa Bostick

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I Can Do Good Things - Helping Lessons on The Resource Room

sunday school createc to do good things helping hands sunday school lesson from www.daniellesplace.com

Created to Do Good Things (Helping Hands) Sunday School Lesson

This is a lesson about the Good Samaritan and how he used his hands to do good things. Children learn that they were created to do good things, and they can use their amazing hands to glorify God by doing good things and praising him. Children can help make a bulletin board display or make a "Remember hand", role play, learn a new song, and much much more. Luke 10:30-37. This lesson is available on The Resource Room a subscription site.



The Great Commission and Tell the Good News


See The Great Commissions Craft Page



Growing in God's Garden Summer Bible Study Series


This series of lessons use different types of garden flowers to help explain biblical concepts. Children make garden-related crafts and play outside games to reinforce the lessons. The complete lessons with crafts, activities and songs are available on The Resource Room.

See the Bible Themes - Growingin God's Love Page


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