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Creation Crafts for Sunday School

Creation Crafts for Day 1 of Creation



The following ideas come from "Let There Be Light" Bible Lesson on The Resource Room

"Let There Be Light" Postcards

sunday school Creation Postcard bible craft

Print out the postcard and send them to children who could not attend that week, or use them as Bible verse cards. (Pattern available to members of The Resouce Room.)

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Make Creatures

Have your children make things with play dough or bread clay. Tell them you want them to "create" a creature that isn't like any creature they have ever seen. Provide pipe cleaners, googly eyes, beads, and other small objects they can use to make their creatures. When they are all finished have them share what kind of creature they made.

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"Let There be Light" Scratch Art Picture


Let There be Light Stained-glass Scratch Art Craft for Creation Lesson Day 1 from  www.daniellesplace.com

No preparation needed!

Give each child a piece of Scratch Light, Stained Glass and have him or her scratch off the black coating to reveal the beautiful colors hidden below.

Encourage your children to write "Let There be Light" somewhere on the sheet.

To save money cut the larger sheets in half. This will still give your children plenty to work on. Tape the finished paper to a window.

(This activity is recommended for children kindergarten and older.)

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Hey!!! Im a teen age girl who teaches the young kids at my church. It is enjoyable but sometimes difficult to find interesting stuff to do. I want to commend you on your sight VERY much!!!!!!! It's AWESOME!!!!! It has the cutest ideas and everything! It is completely amazing. No joke...you have the BEST site for this that I've ever seen! Thanks VERY much for having it out there! It's great and keep up the great work! Thanks again and I LOVE your site!
Sincerely, Beth



"Let There Be Light" Sun Catcher

sunday school Sun Catcher bible craft

Before class glue 9" pieces of strings to the print side of old CDs. Glue CDs to the backs.

Print out the "Let there be light" patterns (Available to members on The Resource Room ) onto brightly colored paper and cut them out.

You will need two for every sun catcher.

In class have your children glue the "Let there be light" patterns onto the back and front of their sun catchers and then glue sequins onto the sides to finish.

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Paper Plate Light Catcher

Paper plate craft

What you will need:

Regular, Dinner-sized Paper Plates

Bright Paper



Oil (baby oil, vegetable oil, etc.)

Paper towels

Paint Brushes


What to do:

1. Before class print out the "Let There be Light" Patterns onto white paper and then make copies onto bright paper. If you are using a laser jet printer you can print them directly to the paper. If you are using an ink jet, use a copier because the ink will smear when using the oil. (Patterns available to members on The Resource Room.)

Note: If you don't have a pattern, you can just let your children use black Sharpie markers or crayons to write "Let There Be Light!" on the bright paper.

2. Cut out the center part of the paper plates.

3. In class have your children color the picture and then paint a thin layer of oil over the pictures. Place the picture between layers of paper towel to soak up any excess oil.

4. After about ten minutes glue the pictures to the back of the the paper plate.

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Play "Let There be Light"

Have your children sit on the floor facing the front of the room. Pick one child to be "it". "It" goes to the very front of the room, facing the wall with his eyes closed. Point to one child who is sitting on the floor to get up and move to a new position. Then every one says, "Let there be light". The child at the front of the room opens his eyes and turns around and tries to guess which child has moved from his place. If he guesses correctly, he switches places with that child. If this is too hard for your children, pick a child to sneak up and tap the child in the front of the room on the back and then sneak back to his place. Then say, "Let there be light", and have the child guess who tapped him.

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Draw a Creature Game

(Second Grade and older) - Give each child a sheet of paper and a pencil. Tell them that they are going to draw a creature like none they have ever seen. Tell them to draw on feature on their paper such as a head, eye, arm, etc. When every one is finished drawing the one feature, they should pass their papers to the person on their right. Everyone them draws one feature of the creature on that paper and then passes it to the right. When the papers make it all the way around the table and back to the original artist, give the children time to finish the drawings. Let your children name the creature and share their finished picture to the class.

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Hi. I am a new member, and just wanted to tell you that I think your website is wonderful. It has so many good ideas, I am just amazed. In October, I was asked to be in charge of craft projects for the "Kids Club" bible class on Thursday nights at my church. I know your site will be very valuable to me in this endeavor. Donna



God Made Light Children's Books



Glow in the Dark

Give each child a glow-in-the-dark bracelet, necklace, or other object. Tell the that you will be turning off the lights. Turn off the lights and sing some songs.

A complete lesson is available on The Resource Room

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