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"Seeds of Faith" - Bible Lessons

The following craft comes from the Sunday School Lesson "Seeds of Faith" on The Resource Room.

Teaching Concepts: God's words are like seeds. If we plant them in our hearts, they will grow into something beautiful. We will grow to be more like Jesus every day.



Seeds of Faith Craft and Bible Verse Review Game

Seeds of Faith Craft and Review Game from www.daniellesplace.com


This craft can be used as a review game or a tool to help your children stay in God's word.

Children color a seed packet in class and place the seed shapes with either words from the Bible verse written on them or Bible verses that will help them grow in their faith.

The back of the seed packet says:

"These "seeds of faith" will help you grow, through God's power, a lovely child of God who will produce abundant fruit of God's glory.

When to plant: Effective in all zones. Plant anytime of the year.

How to Plant: Start seeds indoors or outdoors anytime of the day or year. The earlier the better! Plant new seeds daily to insure a continuous crop of the Fruit of the Spirit. Fertilize with lots of love and understanding.

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"Growing in God's Love" Growing Flower Craft

grow heart

What you will need:

Construction paper

Card Stock

Razor or Exacto Knife





How to make:

1. Before class cut large heart shapes from construction paper. (A printable pattern is available to members.) Cut two slits using an Exato Knife in the heart so that the stem can be inserted into the heart as shown in the picture.

2. Cut out a stem from green card stock, 9" x 3/4" wide for each child.

3. In class show the children how to insert the stems in the cards so that the flower can be moved up and down to look like it is growing. Provide construction paper, glue, and tape so they can design their own flowers. If you have young children precut some flower shapes for the children who have a hard time cutting.

*My second graders did this craft. I thought they might think it was too babyish, but they all seemed to enjoy it. Also, to save paper I used my bag of left over paper scraps from previous craft projects.

I used the "Growing in God's Love" craft with my 3-5 year old Sunday School class this morning. I pre-made the craft, and just had flowers from which the children could choose. They glued on their flowers using glue sticks. My 7 year old daughter, Kerry, had a great idea for an addition to the craft. We made leaves to attach to the stem. One leaf was attached to the stem so that it was just above the words "Growing in God's love." On the leaf, we wrote the words, "Who is...(Growing in God's love?)." On the paper above the words, we wrote "____ is..." When the stem was pulled upwards, the words then read, "____ is growing in God's love." We also cut a little larger heart out of card stock and glued the pattern heart onto the card stock heart. It was a beautiful. I used it in conjunction with a creation lesson, "God made us and we belong to God." The children loved it, and their parents were very impressed, too! Thanks,Rita



"Plant the Seeds" Bible Verse Review Game

What you will need: Paper, brown construction paper, stapler, scissors, and marker.


What to do:

1. Patterns for this activity are available to members.

2. Prepare the seed display before class according to the directions.

3. Review the Bible verse with your students. Place all the seeds in their correct positions in your display and go over the verse several times.

4. Take all the seeds out of the display and put them in a bowl with the extra seeds face down.

5. Have the children take turns picking a seed and placing it in the appropriate place on the display if it has a word written on it. If the seed doesn't have a word, the child does nothing on his turn.

6. When a child has picked a place where he thinks the seed should go, have him lift up the flower flap to see if the word on the seed matches the word written underneath the flower. If it does, leave it there and tape up the flap so that the flower and word are displayed. If it doesn't match, have the child try another place to place the seed. When he gets it right, have him say the Bible verse.

7. Keep going until all the children have had a turn and all the words are in their correct place.



Hide Your Words in My Heart Chain

heart chain

What you will need: Different colors of construction paper or typing paper, scissors, stapler, and markers

How to make:

1. A pattern for this craft is available to members on The Resource Room.

2. Place five sheets for different colors of paper together, one on top the other, and place the heart link pattern on top. Staple the pattern on top of the sheets of paper placing the staples on four sides of the paper and in the center. This will keep the patterns from moving when you cut.

3. Cut out the shapes and then cut the Y-shaped lines in the center of the links by folding the handle of the hearts in half and cutting from the fold down to the heart. Unfold, and then cut the two top lines to make the Y shape. Cut through the paper, unfold, and finish cutting the line. Make sixteen heart links for each child.

4. In class have your children write one word of the verse on each of their links and then create a chain of hearts that spells out the verse. Slide one of the links behind and through the slit on the new link, turn it, and pull it up against the top of the link.

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The Sunflower Parable

The Sunflower Parable by Liz Curtis Higgs

Logan wants to grow sunflowers that reach all the way to heaven by the end of the summer. With the help of his wise father, Logan learns how important it is to not only plant seeds in the ground, but to plant them in them in the hearts of his friends.

Read "The Sunflower Parable: Special 10th Anniversary Edition (Parable Series) " by Liz Curtis Higgse hearts of his friends and neighbors.



I love the Resource Room. It has brought me great joy teaching the kids and having such fun doing it with all the help from your site. Bev, Christ United Methodist Church






"Beware of the Dogs" Sunday School Lesson for Children

Sunday School Lesson - Beware of the Dogs from Proverbs 26:17 on www.daniellesplace.com

Like one who grabs a stray dog by the ears is someone who rushes into a quarrel not their own. Proverbs 26:17

Teaching Concepts: Don't get involved in someone else's fight or you may be sorry. And don't get others involved in your fights.

This is another ABC Lesson (Available to Members Only) - Children learn that D stands for Dog, and that getting involved in someone else's fight is like pulling the ear of a dog--you just might get bit.

This Lesson is presented in the form of a story about a poor, foolish frog who gets involved in the fight of three dangerous dogs.

You'll find lots of doggy games, crafts, and learning activities to go along with this lesson. This lesson is not only good for Sunday school, but will work great in preschools, and home school.



Make a Picture of a Dog

Sunday School beware of the dogs ABC Lesson

This is one dog in which the children can pull his ear and not get bitten.Print out the pattern and cut around the square of the dog. Cut the ear and little note out. Use an Exacto knife to cut a slit in the mouth and where the ear should go. Make the slit only big enough to get the ear in by folding it a little. When the ear is flat it should fall out. Insert the ear from the back pointed end first. You can print whatever message you would like on the message paper. I wrote, "Don't get involved in other's fights."

(Pattern available to members only.)



Play "Doggy Doggy, Who Pulled Your Ear"

Make a headband out of wide elastic or stretchy material. Cut dog ears from felt and sew them to the band. Play just like "Doggy,Doggy, Where's Your Bone? except say,"Doggy, Doggy, Who pulled Your Ear?"



Play "Doggy Doggy, Where's Your Bone" Bible Verse Game

(Older children) Before class cut out some dog bone shapes from construction paper. Write one word of the Bible verse on each bone. Pick a child to be the doggy. Place the bones in order behind the doggy to spell out the Bible verse. Have the children say the chant. The doggy then turns around and decides which bone is missing by reading the words on the bones. He then tries to guess who stole the bone.



Play a Game with Paw Prints

Dog Pawprint Sunday School Game

Before class use the Paw Print Pattern and print out enough dog prints to have onefor each word of the Bible verse. Write one word of the verse on each print. Tape the paw prints in order of the verse around the room. Make it go around in circles, over and under chairs, around tables, and cross paths. See if the children can follow the paw prints to spell out the Bible verse. You may want to have a doggy treat at the end of the path. If you have younger children, write the verse on the board so they can look at it if they have problems.



Review the Alphabet or Numbers

Use the Paw Print Pattern and print as many dog prints as you will need. Write one letter or number on each print. Tape the paw prints around the room in order. Make your trail go around in circles, over and under chairs, around tables, and cross paths. See if the children can follow the paw prints in order. You may want to have a doggy treat at the end of the path.


Discuss Why People Call Dogs "Mans Best Friend"

Not only do they make great companions but they are also used for therapy in hospitals, in the army on dangerous missions, by the police, as search & rescue dogs, tracking, hunting, and seeing eye dogs.



Play a Variation of "Doggy Doggy, Where's Your Bone"

You Can Make this Game Correspond to Your Child's Level.

sunday school D is for Dogs bible verse and printing worksheet

Here are Some Ideas:

Write the lower case and upper case letters of the alphabet on the bones, only use 2 or 3 letters at a time. Have a child be the doggy. Show him that all the lower case letters have a corresponding upper case letter. Mix up the letters. Have the child turn around and then take one of the bones away. Say the chant and have the child turn around and match up the letters to see which one is missing. If he guesses right he gets the bone back.

You can also just use the alphabet or numbers, put the letters or numbers in order, mix them up, take one bone, and then have the child put them back in order and tell you which one is missing.

You will find the complete lesson and even more activities on The Resource Room.

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Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for making this website. I started helping out teaching our Sunday night "Kid's Club" at the church, my kids had been attending for a couple years. I decided I wanted to see what it was all about and get closer with the kids. While the head of the program gave us the outline, we needed to come up with the story. I LOVE the net and set about to find a website that would help me. While my husband grew up going to a Christian High School and attending Church almost everyday growing up, I had no clue! I knew that God is there if I need to talk and the Bible will answer any question I have, but I didn't know enough about it to teach my 1st/2nd graders. While there are numerous sites out there, I found your the easiest to follow for me. Then in November it was my turn to teach our 3 - 5 year olds during Sunday morning worship. This requires a story and a craft...EEK!!! Well, I just hoped onto Danielle's place and found a lesson about Jesus. I found so many wonderful stories that I ended up taking over the morning class so I could lead the kids up to the magical birth of Jesus! It didn't take me long before I was signed up to the Resource Room. In fact there are so many wonderful stories, that I am stayed teaching 3 Sunday's a month. The 4th Sunday is Kids in Worship.



First Aid for the Soul


God Heals Us Bible Crafts and Activities


Go to the God Heals Us Bible Crafts and Activities Page for these crafts.



Fishers of Men Sunday School Lesson
Craft and Activity Ideas



"Go Fish"Bible Lesson on The Resource Room

In this lesson children learn what it means to be a "fisher of men" and are given examples of how to "fish for men". This lesson is available to members of The Resource Room only. This lesson is also avaible as a free sample Bible Lesson.



Color and Paint a Picture of Fish Talking

sunday school Fish Talk bible craft

Have children color the fish with crayons and then use watered down blue paint to paint over top of the fish and the rest of the picture.

A pattern for this idea is available on The Resource Room. The fish in the pictures say, "Would you like to go to church with me. Sure, that sounds like fun."



"Fishers of Men" Bulletin Board Display

Draw kids in the shape of fish or use the "Fish Kids" Pattern available on The Resource Room and cut them out. Prepare your bulletin by placing blue paper for the background and drawing a net pattern on top. Or find net material and staple it onto the board. In class have the children color the "fish kids" and staple or clip them to the net. Cut out some extra fish and write the memory verse on the fish or use the ones in the game below.



"Fisher of Men" Pictures

Fishers of Men Bible Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Card stock






Small Bobbers (Optional)


How to make:

1. Before class print out the fish kids pattern (This pattern is available to Resource Room Members only.) Or draw your own and cut them out and print out the "Follow Me" background pattern.

2. In class have the children color the "fish kids", punch a hole at the top, tie a length of yarn to the hole and place a bobber onto the yarn. Give them a stick and help them tie the yarn to the string. Tape the fishing pole stick to the background paper with the Bible verse.
Caution: Do not use pointy sticks with young children. Make sure that they tape their fishing poles onto the paper. If you don't want to use sticks because you are afraid someone might get hurt. Draw a fishing pole on the paper and then tape the string to the end of the fishing pole drawing. Make sure you let the children know that the bobbers are not toys. You could also draw a paper bobber instead of using a real one. They should not play with them. They are only for looking at and reminding them of the lesson. Also let their parents know.



Make a Stuffed Fish

Cut fish shapes out of newspaper, staple or tape almost completely closed, stuff with shredded paper or newspaper, staple shut. Hang from fishing line or put in fish net.



Fish T-Shirt

This one is best suited for VBS and primary classes. Each child brings a plain white T-shirt to class. You supply the REAL FISH. You need the whole fish, not just a fillet, tail and all. Lay out newspaper or drop cloth to cover the entire work surface. Lay each T-shirt flat on the work surface. Brush a thin layer of fabric paint onto the fish, being sure to use enough paint to cover the whole thing. CAREFULLY lay fish onto shirt, paint side down, and press hard. Remove gently. Don't use too much paint or the details won't show and the paint will be too thick to dry quickly. Let dry flat for a while, then hang on clothes line or use coat hangers. The day before you make the fish print, you could have the children use a fabric pen or paint to write the words "I will make you fishers of men" on the opposite side of the shirt from the fish print. **If you don't want to use a real fish, make oak tag templates or buy fish stencils for the same effect.**



Fishing Line

One length of heavy string or twine per child, five large cardboard or card stock fish cutouts. After children decorate each fish piece, tie to twine, leaving 6 or 8 inches between each fish. Hang fish lines from bulletin board or windows.



Fish for Men

In this game children pull on a string to see if they can catch a fish. If the string has a fish at the end the children answer a question. Before class print out the "fish kids" pattern (A Pattern for this idea is available on The Resource Room.) Or make your own and cut them out. Make enough so that you have one for each child. Punch a hole at the top of each "fish kids" and tie some yarn through the hole. Cut some extra pieces of yarn. Hang the "fish kids" and the extra pieces of yarn over a box so that the ends with the "fish kids" are inside the box so that the children cannot see them. Make sure they aren't overlapping because a child may pull out more than one by mistake. Let the children take turns pulling on a string to see if they can catch a "fish kid". If they "catch one" read one of the following scenarios and have the children tell how they can be a "fisher of men".

1. Amy - Amy is new in school and is very shy. She doesn't have any friends and stands by herself most of the time. How can you be a fisher of men to Amy? You can ask Amy to join in when you are playing a game. You can talk to her and introduce her to your friends. You can ask her to come to church with you and meet more people.

2. Mike - Mike is your neighbor. His parents work on Sunday and don't take him to church. What can you do to be a "fisher of men" to Mike? You can tell Mike about Jesus. You can invite him to church and offer to pick him up and take him.

3. John - John is your neighbor. He is a big boy and picks on the little kids in your neighborhood, calling them names and hitting them. What can you do to be a "fisher of men" to John and the kids in your neighborhood? Talk to John about Jesus. Tell him that he doesn't want us to treat others that way. Everyone is special no matter how big they are or small or what they look like.

4. Rachel - Rachel loves to sing and is very good at it. You asked her to come to Sunday school with you several times but she said she didn't like school and she didn't want to get up that early. How can you be a "fisher of men" (talk to her about Jesus) to Rachel? Invite her to join your kid's choir at church, which meets on a Tuesday night, or introduce her to some good Christian music.



Play "Go Fish" Bible Verse Review Game

Before class print out the net pattern (A Pattern for this idea is available on The Resource Room.) Or make your own and the fish patterns onto computer paper. Write the memory verse on the fish patterns, one word per fish. Tape the fish onto the back of the net patterns. Leave some papers blank. Spread out the papers on the floor with the net side up. Before the game, go over the memory verse. Write it on the board if you have children that can't read.

Before starting remind the children that the fishermen in our story didn't have much luck fishing until Jesus told them where to find the fish. Let's see if you can catch some fish today. Have the children stand in a circle around the papers (nets) on the floor. Have them take turns picking up the nets and seeing if they caught any fish. If they turn over a paper with a fish taped to the back, ask them if they know what the word is on the fish and to find the matching word on the board. Give them a piece of tape to hang up the paper underneath the matching word. Or you can hang a string or net up in the room and have the children clip the fish to the net with clothespins in the correct order.



Fish Under My Chair

For children who can read, tape one fish to the bottom of each child's chair before class. Write a few words of the verse for the day on each fish. Attach a long piece of twine to the bulletin board or wall so that each end is attached to the wall horizontally. Have the children find the fish, put the verse in order and then clip the fish in that order to the fishing line using clothes pins. For a variation, have them fish from the pond for each fish, or put each fish cutout into a woven basket and have them pick one out then place in order on the fishing line.



Musical Fish

Use a stuffed fish (toy or one you make with newspaper) to pass around the circle of children seated on the floor inside the pond you have marked off. Play music (find "I will make you fishers of men" if you can) as the fish is being passed around. When the music stops, the child left holding the fish has been "caught" and moves back outside the pond area. When everyone has been "caught", move to the table for snack or craft.

(I am doing the Fishers of Men lesson and I love the paper with the bobber! But I am not able to use the bobbers so I dipped small Styrofoam balls 1/2 way into red paint and then dipped some toothpicks or you can use skewers into white paint. I cut these so they could be placed in the top of my make believe bobber and then glued it onto your memory verse sheet with the boy or girl. I let the kids dip the bobbers into the paint, but if you don't want to do that you can do this ahead of time. This was very inexpensive. Thanks, Nancy)

I did the fishers of men lesson with my Sunbeams and it went really well. I use the wall tacky a lot to stick lesson parts on the wall. I put the words across the wall for them to match. When we did the "Go Fish" Game each time a child matched a word on the wall we all said the verse together, very repetitious and they loved it. Not only did they learn their memory verse but also a week later they still knew it! With the activity we made up more scenarios so each child would have a chance to answer one. I did make the mistake of using crochet twine so they kept tangling on the edge of the box. I think Macrame or twine would be better. You could also make the fish and boys and girls out of foam sheets and decorate for a more permanent game or send one home with each child to remind them to be fisher of men. When we were done, I divided the fish evenly among the children, the class had only 5 that night and tied the strings together like a string of fish caught and wrote heir memory verse on one for them to take home. I also ran the fish off on the copier on bright wallpaper with all kinds of designs. Made them pretty, fun and cheap to make! I did find two really neat snacks to make to go with the lesson: They were on http://childfun.com/themes/fish.shtml#food that has a lot of neat 'fish' ideas someone might want to use. I used the first snack - fish crackers on a blue napkin and Jell-O aquariums.

We did the Fishers of Men lesson last night, and it was well received by the kids (preschool through 5th grade). I added a snack that was a hit ... I made berry blue Jell-O in a trifle bowl, let it partially set, and then added gummy fish, gummy octopuses (octopi?) and gummy worms and served goldfish crackers on the side. They enjoyed the link to the theme. If I'd taken more time, I might have done it as Jigglers with fish cutouts. Thanks!! Cheryl Gross

I really love your site. We use it almost every Wednesday night for our preschool children. The last lesson we did was "Go Fish". My children had a wonderful time especially making the fisher man . They really enjoyed listening to the story about the fishermen and then really enjoyed making fishers of men on there papers. The real bobbers did it for them. They were hooked. Thank you so much. Christina

I did this lesson with my preschool class. Instead of using sticks and bobbers, I just drew the fishing pole on the pre- printed follow me background paper and took a yarn needle, threaded it with a 6-inch piece of yarn and poked it through the paper at the top of the fishing pole and tied a knot in it on the back of the paper so it wouldn't go all the way through, then I let the children color their boy or girl and tied it on the end of the line. It was a lot more economical and easier and you didn't have to worry about the children getting hurt on anything. They loved it.

I used the Go Fish game, but changed it into a craft for our little ones. I enlarged the net so it covered a piece of blue stock paper, then made orange fish with the words of the memory verse on them. I had each child glue a fish onto the net (making sure I emphasized that the fishermen caught lots of fish!) then gave them some stickers of shiny fish to also put on their papers. It turned out really cute and the kids love anything with animals on it. They are so excited to show their parents something they make themselves. As a treat, I took little Ziploc snack bags and drew lines on them to resemble a "net" on either side then filled them with Goldfish, so the kids could take home their own net full of fish! The kids loved it and it was easy and cheap for me to make! Thanks for all your hard work, Rachel O'Dell

Fishing for a Snack - Place a small wading pool on the floor, or use masking tape to mark out a round pond. Place card stock fish cutouts with several paper clips taped to them on the floor inside the pond. Make a fishing pole out of a long dowel rod or other piece of wood, tie some string to the rod and attach a strong magnet to the end of the string. Let each child fish, one at a time, for their fish. If you make each cutout a different color, they can take that fish to the snack table and find the snack plate or whatever you use that matches the fish color. For older children, write a Bible verse reference on the fish, and have them look up the reference and read you the verse before they can get their snack. Have matching verse references taped to their snack cups.& (This is a great time to make fishy Jell-O cups!)



Disciples (Jesus and His Disciples)


“Jesus and His Disciples”

sunday school jesus and his disciples boat bible craft

The children learn that Jesus had twelve disciples and that they can be one too. They make a boat with the twelve disciples and Jesus in it and learn a song to help them remember the names of the twelve disciples.

sunday school bible verse cards and file box bible craftAll the preschool Bible lessons come with Bible verse cards that the children can color and store in their own file box. This lesson is available to members only on The Resource Room.

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Scripture References:

Daniel 1:3-20 - God gives us good food, making choices, Daniel made good choices and grew healthy and strong.

 Psalm 34:8,  KJV - “O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”

Psalm 119:103, KJV - “How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”


7-Eleven Candy Bible Verse Matchup Game

7-Eleven Candy Bible Verse Matchup Game from www.daniellesplace.com ©2014

Children matchup Bible verse cards to popular candy that can be found at 7-Eleven for about $8.00.

After your children have matched up all the candy to the verses, you can make a "How Sweet are Your Words" poster with the candy wrappers.

For more information see the Printable Bible Verse Games Page.

Printable Bible verses in both KJV and NIV are available to members.

©2014, Digital by Design, Inc. - *See Copyright Information



Make Scratch and Sniff Pictures

sunday school scratch and sniff fruit pictures bible craft

Add one or two tablespoons of water to a package of powdered Kool-aid. Draw pictures of fruit on a piece of paper and write at the top “God gives us good food”. Have the children paint with the appropriate Kool-aid mixture to make fruits that actually smell like the picture they are painting. When the pictures are dry, show them how to scratch them with their fingernails to smell the fruit.

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Look at Food Pictures

Bring in Food Pictures, some healthy and some not so healthy (recipe cards work well for this). Hold up two pictures at a time, one healthy and one not so healthy. Ask the children which would be a better choice to eat for dinner. Explain that we don’t want to eat too many desserts because they are not very healthy and that we should eat them after we have eaten healthier foods.



Play with Fruity Putty

Fruity Putty

What you will need:
0.3 -ounce package of sugar free fruit flavored gelatin
2 cups flour
1 cup salt
4 tablespoons cream of tartar
2 cups boiling water
2 tablespoons cooking oil

How to make:
Mix the dry ingredients in a pan. Add the boiling water and cooking oil. Stir
over medium-high heat until the mixture forms a ball. Place the ball on waxed
paper to cool. Store in an airtight container. Cut the fruit picture from the
gelatin box and paste to the lid. Use different flavors to make all different
colors and smells.

©2000, Digital by Design, Inc. - *See Copyright Information



“God Gives us Good Food” Stuffed Carrot

sunday school god gives us food carrot bible craft

What you will need:

White cotton material, pinking shears, sewing machine, black permanent marker, orange and green crayons or paint or markers, and polyester fiber fill, yarn.

How to make:

1. Before class print out the Carrot Pattern, cut it out, and place it on the white material.  Trace around the pattern and then cut out the material.

2. Fold and sew the material where indicated on the pattern.

3. Turn the fabric right side out. Using a black marker, write down the side of the carrot near the seam “God gives us good food”.

4. Have the children paint or color the bottom two-thirds of the material orange and the top 1/3 of the material green. Let them draw a face on their carrot with a black marker if they would like.

5. When a child is done coloring show him how to stuff the carrot with fiber fill about 2/3s full.

6. To finish tie the carrot closed with a piece of yarn by gathering up the material where the green and orange colors meet. *Having the children stuff the carrot first and then using markers or water color paints work best. Coloring the material is kind of hard for little children. The material moves around quite a bit, although it does work okay.

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Thank You For the Food We Eat

Cut out carrot shapes from card board and give your children cut-up orange pieces of tissue paper and green pieces of tissue paper to glue onto the shape. Cut out banana shapes from card board and give your children yellow pieces of tissue paper to glue onto the shape. Sent in by Jeannette



Thank You for the Food We Eat - Dinner

Photocopy an outline of a plate, knife, and fork and give your children ideas for different types of food they can glue to their plates. Use long cream-colored rectangles for chips, a white oval and orange circle to make fried eggs, a long brown oval to make sausage, etc. Sent in by Jeannette




Thread Cheerios onto licorice shoelaces to create a food necklace.



Soul Food


Soul Food

Soul Food Sunday School Lesson

Your children will learn that feeding their souls with God’s words is much more important than feeding their bodies. That they need a daily filling of God’s words to grow strong in their faith.

This lesson is available to members only on The Resource Room.



Grocery Bag Full of Soul Food

sunday school Soul food Grocery Bag Sunday school bible Craft

Children decorate a Grocery Bag and go to the Soul Food Market to buy soul food.

They buy paper food with Bible verse printed on them using a grocery list with pictures. (Patterns available to members only.)



Soul Food Candy

sunday school Soul food Sunday Schoool bible Craft

Children wrap candy with a Biblical message so that people can eat a little “soul food” while eat

(Patterns available to members only.)ing their candy.

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Make a "Sweet Treat Plate"

sunday school sweet treat plated bible craft

What you will need:

Paper plates

Printer paper

Glue or tape

Crayons or markers




How to make:

1. Before class print out the paper plate patterns and cut them out. (A Pattern for this craft is available to members.)

2. In class have your children decorate the inside circle of the pattern with stickers or draw a picture.

3. Place a small dot of glue or rolled up tape on each circle and have the child place a piece of candy on each dot. You can also use double sided tape or glue dots to make it easier.

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Play a Bible Verse Candy Match Game

Candy Bible Verse Review Game from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Before class print out the cards with candy pictures on them onto card stock and cut them out. Write one word of the verse on each card. Color the pictures if you do not have a color printer. Color each word a different color. Make a set of cards for each child. (A pattern for this game is available to members.)

2. In class have your children sit in a circle. Place all the cards face down on the floor in the middle of the circle.

3. The object of the game is to be the first person to collect all five cards so that they spell out the Bible verse, "How sweet are your words" or "How sweet are thy words".

4. Your children should take turns turning over one card at a time. If they don't all ready have the card they turn over, they get to keep it. If they all ready have a matching card, they should turn the card back over.

5. When a child has found all five cards, give him a piece of candy.

6. Keep playing until all the children find all five cards.

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Cookie Jar Reminders

Soul Food Cookie Reminder Activity for Soul Food Sunday School lesson on danielesplace.com

What you will need:

Card stock (heavy paper)

Clear vinyl (You can buy this at Wal-Mart. It comes in long rolls and is used to cover tables and furniture.)



How to make:

1. Before class draw a picture of a jar and cut out the middle of the jar shape.

(A pattern for the jar and cookies is available to members.)

2. Cut the clear vinyl to fit behind the cut out part of the jar and tape it in place.

3. Print out pictures of cookies and cut them out.

4. Give each child about ten paper cookies in a separate envelope. Tell your children that every time they remember to eat some "soul food" they should write on the back (Have their parents write on the back) what they did, and place the cookie in the jar. If they bring the jar back the next week with all ten cookies, tell them they will receive a prize or get to do something special.

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Taste and See that the Lord is Good


Taste and See that the Lord is Good - Recipe for Happiness

sunday school Gingerbread man Christian Bible craft for Sunday school

In this lesson, "Taste and See that the Lord is Good", children learn that the happiness the world offers doesn't last very long, but true happiness comes from God and obeying his words.

See Bible Lessons Themes A - C Page and Recipe for Happiness for craft and activity ideas for this lesson.



Make a Craft Stick Recipe File Box

This craft comes goes with the Bible lesson "Taste and See that the Lord is Good" on The Resource Room.

sunday school Recipe File box bible craft

What you will need:

10 jumbo craft sticks and 9 regular-sized craft sticks for each project

Tacky glue

Colored computer paper

Acrylic paint

Craft Foam Shapes


How to make:

1. Before class cut 7 regular-sized craft sticks in half for each project.

2. Print out the "Recipes for Life" labels and recipe cards onto different colors of paper and cut them out. (Pattern available to members only.)

3. If you don't have a lot of time in class you can make the boxes ahead of time and have your children paint and decorate them in class. To make the back of the box lay six jumbo craft sticks out on a piece of newspaper side-by-side so that they form a square. Glue a regular-sized craft stick to the right and left side about 3/4" in from the sides of the square so that the jumbo sticks stick together. (Diagram 1)

4. When it is dry enough to stick together, turn the back of the box over.

5. Glue seven of the half-craft sticks on top of each other to form the sides of the box. Lay them on the back piece so that the straight, cut edges of the sticks are even with the bottom of the piece and the sides are as close to the sides of the back piece as possible. (Diagram 2)

6. To make the front of the box glue three jumbo crafts sticks across the front from side to side.

7. Glue a jumbo craft stick to the bottom to finish.

7. Have your children paint the boxes with acrylic paint, and then glue the "Recipes for Life" title on the box, and decorate them with stickers or fun foam shapes. I bought mine at Wal-mart. The letters are about 3/4".

8. Place the recipe cards in the file box. You can also add magnets to the back so they can be hung on a refrigerator.

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Paper Recipe File Box for Younger Children

Christian Sunday school recipe file box bible verse craft

What you will need: Different colors of card stock (Heavy Paper), tacky glue, markers, and decorative items such as fun foam shapes.

How to make:

1. Print out the file box pattern with the Bible verse card onto different colors of card stock and cut them out. Glue the sides together. (Pattern available to members only.)

2. In class have your children decorate them with markers, stickers, and/or fun foam shapes.

3. Have them place the Bible verse card in the box.

4. You can glue some magnets to the back of the box so your children can stick them to their refrigerators at home.

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Make a Paper Plate Recipe Card Holder

Paper Plate Recipe Card Holder from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Paper Plates




Card stock


What to do:

1. Before class write out a recipe card for each child. Print out extra black cards. (Patterns for the Bible verse and recipe cards are available to members.)

2. Fold the paper plates in half but try not to crease the plates too much and cut a small curve at the bottom fold of each plate to make the half-circle cutout as shown in the picture. This will hold the recipe card.

3. In class have your children write the Bible verse on the top the center of the plate (Or use the pattern) and decorate the paper plate with markers.

4. When your children are finished make a stand for the recipe card holders. Fold another paper plate in half and then fold one side in half again bringing the edge of the paper plate to the middle of the plate. Glue the edge of the paper plate to the paper plate at the fold.

Paper Plate Recipe Card Holder Craft Diagram

5. Give your children the recipe cards you wrote and some blank cards. Encourage them to write some recipes for their friends.



Jesus Makes a Big Picnic

Jesus Feeds the 5,000

Ant Craft

In this Lesson Children learn that God blesses and multiplies our giving. That anything is possible with God, even things that seen impossible. They will learn of God’s deep love and compassion for us, that he cares about us and provides for us.

Arnie the Ant carries a message that Jesus loves you.

(Pattern available to members only.)





Ladybug Friends

sunday school ladybug friends bible craft

"Ladybug Friends" - Children learn about helpful ladybugs and that Jesus wants us to be helpful and to be a good friend. Gal. 5:13Help one another.

Free Sunday School Lesson for Children - For a complete lesson, activities and crafts go to the Resource Room Sample Lesson Page for "Ladybug Friends".



God Gives us Friends

Concepts: God gives us friends

The following 2 suggestions come from Elizabeth off of our bulletin board

1. Share Food

We have used a sharing activity in the past. We bring in large bowls and dump in fruit loops, miniature colored marshmallows, Cheerios, raisins, (chocolate chips is also a possibility). The children all have a turn stirring the mixture. We put a plastic bag inside a small Styrofoam cup. The children scoop some of the mixture into the bag inside the cup. Tie the bag and place a circle of material over the cup and tie a piece of wool around to the secure the material in place. We attach a card to the wool with a "TO" and "FROM" and an appropriate verse from the lesson on the back. The children color and decorate the card and also put stickers on the cup. They get to fill another sandwich bag for themselves and so leave Sunday school with one for a friend and one for themselves.

2. Make Paper Dolls

We have also cut a string of paper dolls for each child. We use a large size piece of construction paper (I think it is about 11 X 17") and fan-fold it wide enough to cut out 'gingerbread men' shapes where because of the folds, they are attached at the arms and legs. We can usually get 3 - 5 dolls in a string. Give each child one or two strings of dolls to color and decorate (they can glue scraps of material, wool, ribbon) anyway they choose. At the end of the activity time we cut the string apart and encourage the children to give all but one of the dolls to other children. (You need to explain ahead of time that you will be doing this, it does sometimes create upsets). We then tape the new set of dolls together for each child to take home. I guess this could also be used as an activity for God creating us all different since we usually start with a few different colors of construction paper. No two chains are the same at the end of the class.

3. Vedalia, The Helpful Ladybug - Printable Book

Vedalia, The Helpful Ladybug

In the early 1890's California farmers discovered a serious problem with their citrus trees. Tiny little creatures called cottony cushion scale were destroying their trees. The cottony cushion scale had inadvertently been imported from Australia. Australian farmers didn't have a problem with the insects because they had a natural enemy, the Vedalia ladybug beetles. Australia sent hundreds of ladybugs to California to help the farmers control the cottony cushion scale. Within two years the ladybugs had eaten enough cottony cushion scale to save the farmers' trees.

"Vedalia, The Helpful Ladybug" is a children's story based on this real life event. Vedalia, a clumsy little ladybug, wants more than anything to follow God's teaching and to be helpful, but she never seems to get things right no matter how hard she tries. One day she discovers a newspaper article that tells about the problem in California. She realizes that she can help the farmers. She and her family become one of the over 500 ladybugs that are sent to California to help save the farmers' trees.

The printable pages to this book are available to members on The Resource Room.

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4. "I Can Help" Itty Bitty Book for Preschoolers

Ladybug Itty Bitty Book for Preschool

This 3" x 3" book was designed to go along with "Vedalia, The Helpful Ladybug" Book - Each page has a picture of a ladybug doing something helpful with a short sentence telling what he can do to help.

Itty Bitty Book Picture

I can help take care of my pets.
I can help clean up.
I can help by making a card for someone who is sick.
I can dress myself.
I can go visit people who are lonely.
I can draw a picture for a friend.
I can give someone flowers.
I can put my toys away.
© 2007, Carolyn Warvel

This Printable Pages to this book are available to members on The Resource Room.

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Friend Ideas on The Resource Room


The following lessons are available on The Resource Room a subscription site.


Friends Honor Each Other

Friends Share

In this Lesson children learn what it means to honor someone. They learn how to honor their friends and that Jesus showed honor to us by giving us the most priceless gift of all, his life.



Good Friends Share

"Good Friends Share" Friendship Quilt


What you will need: scrap material or scrap paper (wall paper samples, wrapping paper, etc.), glue, different colors of typing paper, markers, and scissors.

How to make:

1. Before class print out the Quilt Pattern and make copies onto different colors of typing paper. Cut the edges so that you have a one-inch border around the quilt square.

2. Print out the Friends Bible Verses onto white paper. Cut the verses apart.

3. Use one of the patterns to cut triangles from different scraps of material. Make sure you have plenty of scraps that match.

4. Have the children pick out the triangles they would like to use on their quilt. Show them how to place the triangles over the pattern sheet and match up the triangles.

5. To finish have the children write their Bible verse around the outside of the quilt square or glue the verse on.

6. Staple all the finished squares onto a bulletin board to make a large quilt.

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Let the Son Shine Through

Your children will learn how they can let Jesus’ Love Shine Through them by saying helpful, kind words, and not saying mean or hurtful words.


Friend Crafts

Sunshine Puppet Bible Craft for Sunday School

Say Kind Words Sunshine Craft - Kind words come out of this cute little sunshine face.



sunday school Memory Cross bible crafat