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Abraham Lincoln Unit Study Crafts and Activities for Kids

How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to Abraham Lincoln Including: Unit Study Activities for Homeschool, Lincoln's Stovepipe Hat, a Bulletin Board Display, and a Writing Activities.


Abraham Lincoln Crafts and Learning Activities for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com


Abraham Lincoln Paper Bag and Paper Plate Craft Writing Unit Study Activity

Abraham Lincoln Paper Bag and Paper Plate Craft and Writing Activity from www.daniellesplace.com


Abe's head is made from a paper plate and his stovepipe hat from a rolled up paper lunch bag. Black construction paper is used to make the suit. Abe's shirt is a writing sheet on which children can write facts about Abraham Lincoln. The stovepipe hat can be made out of a paper lunch bag (as shown). To make the craft even easier you can use the pattern for a construction paper hat. The finished product stands twenty-one inches high and makes a great bulletin board display.

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What you will need:

Two lunch-sized paper plates for the head

One paper lunch bag

Black and brown construction paper

Flesh-colored and black paint

White card stock (Heavy Paper)


How to Make the Abraham Lincoln Craft with Printable Activity Sheet:

1. To make the paper bag stovepipe hat fold down the top edge of the paper bag about one inch and then fold it down again. Don't worry about creases in the paper. You want the bag to be indented a little around the band. Stuff the hat with crinkled up newspaper or paper scraps. Paint the bag black and let it dry. When the bag is dry glue a 1 1/2" wide band cut from brown construction paper around the bottom of the hat.

2. Draw ears and hand shapes on the card stock, color them flesh color, and cut them out. Cut arm shapes from black construction paper. The ones shown are about 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. A Printable Pattern for the hands are available to members.

3. To make the torso cut a piece of white card stock 8 1/2" by 10". Cut out the top to make the neck and shoulders. A Printable Pattern for the torso is available to members. You can draw lines on the torso to make the writing sheet or just glue lined paper to the torso.

4. To make the jacket, cut a piece of black construction paper in half the short way. Fold back one edge on each piece of construction paper 1 1/2". Glue the folded 1 1/2" edges to the back of the torso piece. Cut out the neck and shoulders to match the torso. And then fold back the corners to make the lapels. (A pattern for Abe's jacket is available to members.)

5. Glue the arms to the back of the jacket.

6. To finish cut out beard shapes and bow shapes and glue them to the head and neck. (A Printable Bow Pattern is available to members.)



Free "Following in Abraham Lincoln's Footsteps" Classroom Writing Activity

"Walking in his Shoes" Abraham Lincolm Activity from www.daniellesplace.com

Abraham Lincoln was the United States' tallest president. He was 6'4" and wore a size 14 shoes, but what was most impressive about him was his character. It would be hard to fill his shoes, both physically and spiritually. He was honest, hard working, respected everyone, and fought against slavery and women's rights.

To begin this activity introduce your children to idioms and discuss the meaning of "following in someone's shoes" and "filling someone's shoes".

Read about Abraham Lincoln and discuss his attributes. Then have your children write on the large shoe shape how they would like to be like Abraham Lincoln or "follow in his steps".

Lincoln Bulletin Board Picture from www.daniellesplace.com

1. Print out the shoe print worksheets onto different colors of legal-sized paper. Use light colors of paper so the children's writing will show up well.

2. "Abraham Lincoln, Following in His Footsteps" on the middle of the bulletin board.

3. Staple the finished shoe prints in a path around the title.

Free Free Abraham Lincoln Bulletin Board Lesson Pattern

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Hats Off to Abraham Lincoln! - Classroom Writing Unit Study Activity and Bulletin Board Display


Hat's off the Abraham Lincoln! Bulletin Board Display and Writing Activity from www.daniellesplace.com


Children write about Abraham Lincoln on lined, hat-shaped paper. Display the hats on a bulletin board with the words "Hats off to Abraham Lincoln!"

The patterns for the bulletin board words and the hat-shaped paper are available free:

Free Free Pattern

Activity for Younger Children

Use the "Hats Off to Abraham Lincoln" Hat Printable to cut hat-shaped pages from blank paper. Give each child four pages and one cover page. Have them draw one picture on each page of things they admire about Abraham Lincoln. Staple the pages together to make a book.

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How to Make an Abraham Lincoln Stovepipe Hat Craft

What you will need:

Black Poster Board, Scissors, Pencil, Stapler, Glue, and String


How to Make the Stovepipe Hat:

How to Make Abraham Lincoln's Stovepipe Hat Craft

What you will need:

Black Poster Board

Stapler and Tape



Tack and String


How to Make Abraham Lincoln's Hat:

1. To make the top of Lincoln's hat cut a long strip of poster board to fit around your head with about a one-inch overlap and about seven inches tall. 

2. Staple the piece into a tube shape. Put it on your head to make sure it is big enough.

3 Place the tube in the middle of a piece of poster board so that one of the open ends is resting on the poster board. Trace around the outside edge. You should have drawn a circle.  Don't worry about it being perfect.  Actually it would be better if it is a little oblong since your head is a little oblong.

4. Draw a bigger circle around that circle to make a brim. (To make a rounder circle tie a knot at the end of a piece of string. Place the tack through the knot at the center of the circle. Tie a pencil to the other end of the string. Move the pencil around the tack keeping the string tight and the pencil at a right angle to the working surface.)

5. Poke a hole in the middle of both circles with a pair of scissors. Cut wedge shapes starting from the center out to the first circle line.  (See picture above.) Do not cut the wedges off. It should look like you are cutting a pie except that the pieces are still attached to the inside circle. Now fold up all the wedges and place the tube part of the hat in the center of the rim so that the wedges are sticking up in the inside of the tube.

5. Glue the wedges to the inside of the tube.

6. To finish glue a strip of paper black paper around the edge where the brim and top of the hat meet.

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Abraham Lincoln's Stovepipe Hat Table Decorations

sunday school abraham lincolns Stovepipe Hat craft decorations from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

16 oz. or 8.5 oz Styrofoam cups

Black Acrylic Paint

Felt Squares


How to Make The Decorations:

1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. 

2. Place one or two Styrofoam cups open-side down on an old cookie sheet. Turn on the light to your oven so you can see inside the oven as the cups melt.

3. As soon as you see the cups start to melt, in about 15 to 30 seconds or maybe a little longer, open the oven door and pick up one of the cups. Gently pull out the rim of the cup.  You may have to put your hand in the cup and press the center of the cup out if it collapsed a little. Do the same for the other cup. Keep doing this until you have the shape you want. You can only shape the cups a little at a time.  The cups are not hot, but be very careful not to touch the sides of the oven. 

4. Once you start to get a rim shape for the hat you can press down on the rim (press it into the cookie sheet) to make it stick out more.  This seems like it is hard but it really is pretty easy. Make sure you put the vent on for your oven and you have your windows open because the fumes from the melting cups probably aren't good to breath in. I used an 8.5 oz. cup for the smaller hat pictured and a 16 oz. cup for the larger hat.  If your cups are melting too fast to work with them, turn down the heat in your oven.

5. Paint the hats black with acrylic paint. Make sure you paint the inside of the rim because it will show somewhat.

6. Use felt to make the buckle and trim around the rim of the hat.

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