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Balaam and His Talking Donkey

How to Make Crafts and Activities Relating to Balaam and His Talking Donkey Including: Activity Sheets, Talking Donkey Craft, Donkey Crafts, Paper Bag Donkey Puppet


"God Talks to Us" Activity Sheet

sunday school bible craft god talks to us activity sheetChildren circle the pictures that show how God talks to us today. Go over each picture and talk about whether or not it shows God talking to someone in Bible times or today.

1 - Bible times - scroll,
2 - Bible times - man praying,
3 - Bible times - burning bush,
4 - Today and Bible times - Holy Spirit,
5 - Today - modern man praying,
6 - Today and Bible times - His creation,
7- Today - conscience or Holy Spirit,
8 - Bible times - Ten Commandments,
9 - Today - boy talking to minister,
10 - Today - Boy talking to father,
11 - Bible times - Angel at the door,
12 - Today - music,
13 - Today - reading the Bible,
14 - Bible times - miracle, Moses.

You can also point out that God talk to us today in the same way he talked to people in Bible times if he chooses. (This Activity Sheet is available to members only on The Resource Room.)



"All Scripture is God-breathed" Bible Activity Sheet

Sunday School Bible Activity Sheet Bible craftBefore class print out the picture for 2 Tim. 3:16 and make copies. Have your children color the picture, and then glue a ribbon on the Bible to make it look like a bookmark.
(Available to Members Only.)




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Review the Bible Story

Sunday School Balaam and his Donkey Bible StoryBefore class print out the Bible story pictures. In class ask your children to look at the pictures and decide which part of the story the picture represents. (Available to Members Only.)





Make a Talking Donkey Craft

Sunday School talking donkey Bible activity sheet(Younger Children) Before class print out the activity sheets and make copies. In class have your children color the picture. Cut out the lower mouth piece and connect it to the jaw with a brad. The children will be able to open and close the donkey's mouth. Have them move the mouth and say what the donkey said in the story. (Available to Members Only.)





"What Did the Donkey Say?" Activity Sheet

Sunday School Talking Donkey Bible activity sheet(Older Children) - Have older children write what the donkey said in the story in the bubble and color the picture if they would like. (Available to Members Only.)





List Other Ways God Talked to People in the Bible

(Older Children) Have your children try to remember other ways in which God communicated with people in the Bible.


Other Donkey Crafts:

Paper Bag Stick Donkey Craft
Paper Bag Stick Donkey Paper Plate Donkey Milk Jug Donkey
Paper Stick Donkey Wooden Donkey Paper Bag Donkey Craft


Paper Bag Donkey Puppet

Go to Crafts Page 6 for patterns and directions.

A complete lesson with crafts and activities for this theme is available on The Resource Room. In the lesson children learn that in Bible times God talked to people in extraordinary ways. God still talks to us today through the Bible, our conscience, nature, ministers, music, friends and family.

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