Pig Crafts and Learning Activities
for Children

How to Make Crafts and Learning Activities Relating to Pigs


Paper Pig Holding a Note Craft Writing Activity

Paper Pig Holding a Note Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.comUse this simple craft as a writing activity for books about pigs. Assign your children books to read that are about pigs. Have them write summaries of the stories on a piece of paper and tape them to the pigs' mouth.

What you will need:

Pink Construction Paper (Optional)

White Paper and Pink Crayons (Optional)

Wiggle Eyes





How to Make the Paper Pig Craft:

1. Print out the pig pattern onto pink paper or use white paper and have your children color the patterns pink.

Member's card pattern

Instant Download Pattern $2.00 -  purchase  view cart  

2. Have your children write a story about a pig or a summary of a story about pigs, fold up the paper and tape it to the pigs mouth.

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Muddy Pig Coloring and Activity SheetMuddy Pig Picture

Make lots of copies of this craft. Your children will probably want to do more than one. You can also use them for your bulletin board display.

What you will need: Paper, crayons, brown kid's paint, pieces of sponge.

What to do:

1. Print out the pattern and make copies onto heavy paper. (Printable Pattern available to members.)

2. In class have the children color their pictures and then use brown paint and paint mud onto the picture using pieces of sponge.

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Muddy Pig Paper Cup and Craft Stick Craft Kids Can Make

Pig Paper Cup Craft from www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need:

Pink 9-oz. paper cups

Regular-sized craft sticks

White glue

Brown paint




How to Make the Muddy Pig Cup Craft:

1. Print out the Cup Pig Pattern onto card stock and cut it out.

2. Cut the rim off the cup.

4. Tape the pattern around the cup so the edge of the pattern lines up with the bottom edge of the cup. Trace around the pattern and then remove it.

5. Cut on the lines you traced. Fold down the ears and legs.

6. In class have your children glue the craft sticks on the fence pattern page to make the pig pen, and then glue the paper cup pig on top of the pig pen. (Fence Pattern available to members.)

7. To finish have them use brown paint on the picture to make the pig and pig pen muddy.

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Piggy Bank Made from Recycled Plastic Container

Piggy Bank Craft Made from Recycled Plastic ContainerWhat you will need:

Large Plastic Container

Acrylic Paint

Craft Foam

Googly Eyes

Low Temp. Glue Gun

Scissors and knife

Foam Marshmallows

Small Cups


How to Make a Piggy Bank From a Plastic Container:

1. Clean and dry your container and then cut a slit in the one side of the container big enough to insert coins with a knife.

2. Paint the container and legs the color you would like your pig except for where you will glue on the legs. The paint will pull away from the container if you glue the legs onto it.

3. When the paint is dry glue on the legs.

4. Cut ear shapes from fun foam and glue them onto the pig.

5. To finish add a pretty design and glue on eyes.

Created by Corrin Burner

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Resting Pig Paper Plate Craft

Resting Pig Paper Plate Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need:

Two dinner sized paper plates (heavy duty is best, but the cheap ones will work)

One paper bowl

Four 5-ounce Dixie Cups

Construction Paper or Card Sstock

Pink and Black Paint

Low Temperature Glue Gun or Stapler

Pink Pipe Cleaner


How to make:

1. Make the four legs first. Cut the side seams (the part of the cup that has been glue together) out of the cup and then squeeze the sides together rolling the sides over each other. Glue or staple the sides together. You want to make the top part of the cup much smaller. Do this for all four legs. Make a crease on both sides of the legs at the top so that the seams are on the bottom. Cut about one inch down on each side at the creases and slide them onto a dinner sized paper plate that is Paper Cup Craftset upright so that the seams of the legs are facing down. Glue or staple them to the plate.

2. Make a tail for the pig out of the pipe cleaner and staple it onto the same paper plate.

3. Turn another dinner sized paper plate upside down and glue it on top of the plate with the feet.

4. For the head, cut two slits down the side of a paper bowl. Bring the sides of slits together and glue or staple them making two darts at Paper Cup craftabout where the sides of the mouth will end.

5. Cut out two ears from construction paper or card stock and glue them to the back of the bowl.

6. Glue the bowl to the top of the paper plate as shown.

7. Paint the pig pink and the bottoms of the feet black.

8. Draw eyes on a piece of card stock, cut them out, and glue them to the head. Draw in the nose and mouth.

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Three Little Cajun Pigs by Mike Artell

Three Little Cajun Pigs by Mike Artell

Your children will love this classical Three Little Pig story told from the Cajun perspective. Children are introduced to French words and Cajun cuisine and dialect in this humorous lyrical story. The delightful illustrations depict the style and rhythm beautifully.

Read this story several times before you attempt to read it to your child. The pronunciation and Cajun dialect takes some getting used to. But you will find it is fun to read once you catch on.


amazonPigericks from "The Book of Pigericksamazon " by Arnold Lobel

Pigericks from "The Book of Pigericksamazon " by Arnold Lobelpigericks

Read Pigericks from "The Book of Pigericks" and have your children write their own limericks. They may even want to illustrate them. To find out more about how to write limericks go to www.gigglepoetry.com.




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