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Letters and Words Interactive Marble Game for Children

Review letters, spelling words, and vocabulary words with this fun, easy-to-prepare, inteactive marble game from www.daniellesplace.comChildren review letters, spelling words, or vocabulary words using this fun interactive game. This is a great activity for home schools because children improve their manual dexterity while learning important key concepts. Visual and kinesthetic learners will love this game. They won't even know they are learning!

What you will need:

Card board Box - Pizza Boxes Work Well

Card Stock (Heavy Paper) or Magnetic Letters or Other 3D Letters

Poster Board for the Bottom of the Box

Low Temperature Glue Gun with Glue Sticks



How to Make the Marble Game:

1. Cut the lid off of a pizza box or shipping box. Cut the sides down so they are about two inches high.

2. Cut a piece of poster board to cover the bottom of the box and glue it in place.

3. Glue magnetic letters or other 3D letters to the bottom of the box. Leave spaces between the letters so a marble can fit between them.

If you don't have letters, you can make them from card stock. Cut strips of card stock two inches wide. Use the strips to form the letters. The paper letters in the picture where made with six-inch strips. (Letting your children help you form the letters with the paper is another great learning exercise.)

Make two or more boxes and have competitions.

How to Use The Letter Marble Game to Teach Children:

1. ABC Review - Give each child a box or time each child using one box. Children should place the marble in the box and move the box to make the marble roll around in the box guiding it with their movements to each letter in alphabetical order. The child who finishes first or completes the game first wins.

2. Spelling Words Review - Give your child the box with a marble in it. Tell him a spelling word and then tell him to spell out the word by moving the box so that the marble rolls from each letter to the next letter until he touches all the letters of the word in order to spell out the word.

3. Roll a Vocabulary Word Review - Show your child a new vocabulary word and have him tell you what the word is, then have him spell out the word by placing the marble in the box and moving the box so that the marble rolls from one letter to the next until he spells out the entire word. When he is finished ask him the read the word again.

4. Roll the Word Reward Game - This is similar to "Roll a Vocabulary Word Review Game" except the child only gets to use the marble game if he can read the word. Write all your child's vocabulary words on cards and place them in a stack. If your child can read the word, he gets to roll the word using the marble. Remove that word from the stack of words. If he doesn't know the word, tell him the word and have him repeat it. Place the word in the back of the stack and show him another word. Keep playing until you have no more words in the stack.

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Goldfish Reading Craft

Fish Cracker Reading Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.comWith this activity children learn: numbers, left and right, up and down, and big and small. They glue gold fish crackers onto the fish outlines. If you don't want to use real crackers, or you can just have your children color in the fish and eat the crackers for a snack.

One fish, two fish,
One that's been chewed fish.
Left fish, right fish,
One with a bite fish,
Up fish, down fish, there are no brown fish.
Three fish, four fish, more, and more fish.
Big fish, small fish,
I'll eat the all fish. (Or "God made them all fish.)
©2003, www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Rainbow Fish Crackers

Giant Fish Crackers

Printer Paper

Crayons or Colored Pencils (Optional)


What to do:

1. Print out the pattern or make up your own sheet (Please include ©2003, www.daniellesplace.com if you make the sheet yourself.) (Patterns available to members.)

2. Have your children glue or set the fish crackers onto appropriate fish outlines.

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Cheez-it Word and Letter Review Games for Home School

Cheez-it Crackers Word and Letter Review Games for Home School from www.daniellesplace. Great preparation for back to school!

What you will need:

Cheez-it Letter Crackers

Paper Towels




1. Boogle Cheez-it Game

1. Give each child a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

2. Select 16 Cheez-it Crackers and place them next to each other in rows of four.

3. On the word "go" children should try to find as many words as they can using the Cheez-it grid. The letters that spell out the words must be touching each other either at the sides of at the corners. Children may not reuse a letter in the same word. They can add "s" to words to make new words if there is an "s".

4. Give the children one - two minutes to find as many words as they can.

5. To score one-letter words are one point, two-letter words are worth 2 points, three-letter words are 3 points, etc.

6. The child who has the most points get to keep all the crackers from that game.

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2. Ten Letter Word Find Game

1. Give each child ten letters and a paper towel.

2. Give your children two minutes to use as many crackers as they can to spell out words. After two minutes have your children read the words they have created. They should set aside the letters they used to make the words. For the second round give them as many letters as they used to make the words so that they have ten letters to play the second round.

You can also let your children place letters like they would on a scrabble board connecting the words together.

3. The child who has the most crackers at the end of the game wins.

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3. Cheez-it Scrabble

You will find a Scrabble grid on the back to the box of Cheez-its to play a Scrabble-like game, but here is a Printable Grid that will work much better. Play the game as described on the back of the box of Cheez-its.


4. ABC Cheez-it Review Game

1. Randomly pick ten letters from the box of Cheez-its and place them in a row on a paper towel. Point to each letter, one at a time, and ask your children to read the letter. If your child can read the letter, he gets to keep it. If he can't read it, tell him what the letter is, and then place it at the end of the row. Point to the next letter and do the same thing. Keep playing in this manner until all the letters are gone.

2. Place a bunch of letters on a paper towel or cookie tray. Randomly call out a letter and see who can find the letter on the paper towel or cookie tray first. The child who finds it first gets to keep the letter.

3. Pour out the letters on to a cookie tray and spread them out. Help your child find the letters in alphbetical order and place them on a paper towel. When you are done have a snack.

4. Have your child pick a Cheez-it from the box, read it, and then tell you something that starts with that letter. If he can think of something, he gets to eat the cracker.




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