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Recycled Water Bottle Crafts

How to Make Recycled Crafts from Water Bottles Including: Flower Patio Lights, Crushed Water Bottle Panda Bears, and a Water Bottle Octopus


Walrus with Toothpick Whiskers Cup and Water Bottle Craft for Kids

Walrus cup and water bottle craft for kids www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Plastic Soda Bottle

8.5-oz. Styrofoam Cup

Styrofoam Plate

Brown and Black Acrylic Paint


Googly Eyes

Low Temp. Glue Gun

How to make this bottle polar bear craft:

1. Cut the rim off the Styrofoam cup and glue it to the bottom of the soda bottle at an angle so that the cup fits snuggly onto the bottle.

2. Cut flippers from the edge of a Styrofoam plate. Cut one and then turn it over and trace it onto the plate so that it is the opposite of the first one. Glue the flippers to the Walrus' body and paint them.

3. Cut tusks and a muzzle from the Styrofoam plate. Paint the muzzle and glue it and the tusks to the bottom of the cup as shown in the picture.

4. Break toothpicks in half and poke them into the Styrofoam muzzle to look like whiskers.

5. To finish glue on googly eyes. I glued them on so that they stick out from the cup, but you can glue them flat if you would like.

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DIY Recycled Water Bottle Flower Patio Lights

DIY Recycled water bottle flower patio lights www.daniellesplace.com
DIY-recycled water bottle flower patio lights www.daniellesplace.com


recycled water bottle flower patio lights www.daniellesplace.com
recycled water bottle flower patio lights

What you will need:

1. Clean, dry water bottles with lids (The lightest ones you can find, the thinner the better.)

2. Christmas tree lights

3. Sharp scissors and/or a knife

4. Krylon Stained Glass Color - Translucent paint for glass, metal, and wood. (It also worked great on the plastic bottles.)

Blue Stained Glass Paint

Red Stained Glass Paint

5. Spray paint for plastic in contrasting colors (Optional)

Watch a "View it and Do it" Video about how to make this craft:


How to Make the Water Bottle Flowers:

water bottle cutting diagram

1. Using a sharp pair of scissors cut off the top of the water bottles anywhere from 2" to 4" from the top of the bottles depending on how big you want your flowers. Cut more if you aren't sure. You can always make them smaller.

2. Cut slits from the cut edge up to the bottom of the lid. To make sure they are evenly spaced cut a slit in the front and directly in back. Then cut slits in between those two slits and then in between all the slits. You can round off the edges, leave them straight, or cut them at slants. Some of the water bottles I used had an S-shaped design at the top so I followed the design with the scissors giving the flowers petals a wavy look.

3. Once you have all the slits cut bend back the petals so that they stick straight out.

water bottle cap cutting diagram

4. Take the caps off the cut flowers and place the flowers on newspaper outside and spray them with the stained glass color spray paint. You can experiment by painting the outside edges of the petals one color and the insides another, or just paint them all one color. You can spray both sides if you would like, but it isn't really necessary. Spray two light coats of paint letting them dry in between coats.

5. If you don't like the colors of the caps, you can also spray paint them with spray paint made for plastic.

water bottle cap for flower

6. While the flowers are drying punch holes in the center of the water bottle caps using sharp scissors or a knife making an X shape in the top of the bottle.

7. Press the caps onto the Christmas lights so that the lights are in the inside of the cap. Press the cap all the way down past the light holder to the wire.

8. When the flowers are dry screw them on to the caps on the Christmas lights!

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Recycled Water Bottle Octopus DIY Craft

See Octopus Crafts for Kids Water Bottle Octopus Craft



Crushed Can and Water Bottle Panda Bear Craft

These cute little critters cost only pennies to make and each one is unique!

Panda Bear Craft  Made From Water Bottle and Soda Cans www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Empty soda cans and plastic water bottles

black, white, and pink craft foam

white spray paint


animal eyes

black and brown acrylic paint

black Sharpie marker


and a magnet (optional)


How to make crushed cans and bottles Panda Bears:

1. Collect empty bottle and cans, wash them in warm soapy water, and let them dry. Crush the cans with your feet. Try to get the opening of the can in the place you would like as you crush. To crush the bottles fold over the top half of the bottle while pushing in on the sides or slightly twisting the sides. Press down with your feet until the crushed bottle stays in place. If you want the bottom of the bottle to be rounder and fatter for the body of the bear, do not crush it flat.

2. Spray paint the bottles and cans with white, flat spray paint and them let dry at least an hour.

3. Cut ears, feet, arms, nose, and eye patch shapes from black craft foam and glue them to the bottle or can. Cut a muzzle shape from white craft foam and glue it over the opening of the bottle or can so that only half of the opening is showing. (See pictures above.)

4. Cut a tongue from pink craft foam and glue it the inside of the mouth.

5. Use a Sharpie marker to draw the dots on the muzzle.

6. Glue on googly eyes, or eyes used to make stuffed animals. Cut the backs off the animal eyes with pliers before gluing them on. You can also use animal noses instead of fun foam shapes.

7. Paint paws with brown acrylic paint.

8. Glue a magnet to the back of the bear if you want to display your bear on your refrigerator.

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Bottle Polar Bear Craft for Kids

Polar Bear Bottle Craft for Kids from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Plastic Soda Bottle

3-oz. paper Dixie Cup

White Craft Foam

White, Pink, and Black Patio Paint

Low Temp Mini Glue Gun

How to make this bottle polar bear craft:

1. Cut the rim off the 3-oz Dixie cup and the top 3" of the soda bottle so that the cup fits snuggly onto the bottle. Glue it to the top of your soda bottle as shown in the picture. Paint the cup and bottle white with acrylic paint. You will have to use at least two coats of paint. Let dry.

2. Roll up pieces of fun foam and glue closed to make the legs and arms. Cut the ends to fit on the bottle. Glue them onto the bottle with a hot melt glue. Cut the paw end rounded and glue closed. Draw on toes, eyes, and nose with a black Sharpie marker.

3. Cut ear shapes from white fun foam and glue to the head as shown. Paint the insides of the ears pink.

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