Turtle and Tortoise Crafts
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How to Make Turtle or Tortoise Crafts for Kids


Egg Carton Tortoise Craft

Egg Carton Tortoise CraftWhat you will need:

Paper Egg Cartons




scissorsscissors Scissors - Use small scissors with very short blades that are good for snipping if you have them. This will make it much easier to cut the egg carton. Fiskars Kids Classic Pointed Tip Scissorsscissors work great.

Tiny 3mm Wiggle Eyes - (Optional)


Paper Plate Snapping Turtle Craft with Moving Mouth

Turtle Craft - Snapping Turtle Paper Plate Craft for Kids www.daniellesplace.comWhat you will need:

Two 9-inch Paper Plates

Two 6-inch Paper Plates

Card Stock (Heavy Paper)

Brass Fasteners

Googly Eyes

Paint, Scissors, and Hole Punch

How to Make the Paper Plate Snapping Turtle Craft:

1. Print out the snapping turtle patterns, cut them out, and use them as templates to cut pieces from the paper plates. Turtle's Body Pattern, Turtle's Head Patterns, and Turtle's Legs, Tail, and Scales Pattern

2. To make the body place two 9-inch paper plates together top-to-top and use the pattern to trace the pattern onto the plates. Cut them out.

3. Cut out the scales, legs, and tail patterns and glue them to the body paper plates.

4. Place the two 6-inch paper plates together top to top and use the turtle head patterns to cut out the head parts. Glue the parts together around the paper plate edge. Punch holes where indicated. Place the bottom mouth part inside the top mouth part matching up the holes.

5. Match up the turtle's body paper plates and punch a hole in the turtle's body where indicated. Place the head between the two paper plates matching up the holes. Attach the pieces with a brass fastener. Glue the body pieces together around the paper plate edge.

6. To finish paint the turtle, glue on googly eyes.

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