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The Letter A - Consider the Ants

Consider the Ants Bible Lesson - ABC, I Believe Series Lesson

"Consider the Ants" - ABC, I Believe Bible Study and Children's Sermon - In this lesson children learn that we can learn from the ants and become wise. The ants do their work even when they don't have someone telling them what to do or checking up on them.

Member's ABC, I Believe Bible Lesson

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Ant Bible Lesson Game from www.daniellesplace.com

Discover what we can learn from the ants Activity

Ant List

Things I Can Remember to Do Without Being Todld

Ant Card Game

Print Ant Card Bible Lesson Review Game

Ant hill picture

Ant Art Activity - Working with Texture


Paper Ant Bible Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

3D Ant Art Activity

Anthill Prentnd Play

Ant Colony Pretend Play


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ABC, Animal Stickers

These pictures can be used to make sticker sheets or magnet sheets. Use them to review the letter or as rewards.


ABC, animal stickers available to members on The Resource Room

Member's Abc Pattern


Animal Posters

Print out the patterns onto white paper and display them in your room. (Available to members only.)

Member's Abc Posters  Pattern


Itty Bitty Ant Book from www.daniellesplace.com


Just wanted to say thanks for the alphabet lessons. I started to use them for a penmanship lesson for all three of my children. (Thanks to the cursive and printing lessons.) I thought I would tell you of the added idea we did with the ant cards. We printed out a set; and we wrote additional chore ideas or helps on them and put them in a basket. The children can pick one each day for another way to pitch in around home. It seems to be helping here. God's Blessings, Dione