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How to Make Armadillo Crafts and Learning Activities to Reinforce your Armadillo Unit Studies Great Homeschool Resources for Teachers!



Armadillo Arm Band Craft for Kids

Use this craft with your armadillo homeschool unit study to reinforce your lessons.

Armadillo Arm Band Craft and Learning Activity


3D Armadillo Arm Band Craft - Member's Armadillo Arm Band Craft

Armadillo Arm Band Craft (Flat) - Member's Member's Pattern - Armadillo Arm Band Craft (Flat)

Instand Digital Download Armadillo Arm Band Pattern - Purchase - Includes the Armadillo 9-Banded Toy Craft below.

This craft comes in two different styles and three different sizes. The first style consists of two parts; the head and body. The ears and head are folded and glued to the body to make it standout from the arm. The second pattern has only one part and sits flat on the arm.

The armadillo pattern is attached to a band that is fastened around the arm. You can also glue the pattern to a paper towel or TP tube to make an armadillo toy.


What you will need:

Card Stock (Heavy Paper), Markers, Glue, Tape


How to Make the Armadillo Arm Bands:

1. Print out the patterns onto card stock by clicking on the links below the pictures.

2. Cut out the patterns. To make the 3D armadillo cut out the head and fold the ears up. Fold the sides of the head down. Glue the neck to the armadillo body.

3. Cut long strips of paper for the band and glue the armadillo to the band. Tape the band to the child's hand.

4. To make the band removable punch holes in the band and secure with a string, or use Velcro tabs.

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Nine-Banded Paper Armadillo Craft and Toy

Standing Armadillo Paper Craft


This is a great craft to use with your homeschool unit studies about armadillos. Read books about armadillos and then make the armadillo to reinforce what your children have learned.

What you will need:

Four-Inch TP Roll or Paper Towel Tube, Card Stock (Heavy Paper), Glue, and Colored Pencils or Markers

Member's Nine-Banded Paper Armadillo Craft and Toy

Instand Digital Download Armadillo Arm Band Pattern - Purchase - Includes Armadillo Arm Band Craft

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Use this craft to learn about armadillos. Have your children draw nine bands in the center of the armadillo to make a nine-banded armadillo famous in Texas and other US states. Read Armadillo Rodeo by Jan Brett about an armadillo named Bo and his great adventure in the Texas countryside and at the rodeo.

Have your children study the pictures and discuss how the landscape differs from their own.

Visit the author's web site, to see a great Armadillo Made from a Milk Carton.



Three-banded Armadillo Paper Craft

Three-banded Armadillo Paper Craft

Did you know that not all armadillos can roll into balls? The three-banded armadillo is the only armadillo that can do this.

Your children will love learning about armadillos using this moving armadillo craft. The head, tail, and legs tuck in to form a ball just like real armadillos.

What you will need:

Card Stock, Colored Pencils or Markers, Scissors, Seven Short Brass Paper Fasteners, Fiskars 1/4 Inch Hand Circle Punch

Member's Moveable Armadillo Paper Craft

Instant Digital Download Purchase Armadillo Craft

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Free Plastic Bottle Armadillo Craft for Kids

Read books about armadillos (See below) and then make this craft to reinforce your homeschool lesson about Armadillos.

Free Plastic Bottle Armadillo Craft for Kids

What you will need:

Tan, Brown, or Gray Craft Foam, Hot Melt Glue Gun and Glue, Markers, 20 oz. Plastic Bottle, Scissors


How to Make the Plastic Bottle Armadillo Craft:

1. Print out the shell, head, leg and ear patterns. (If you have a smaller bottle print the patterns using a percentage less than 100%.)

Member's Armadillo Plastic Bottle Pattern

Free Instant Download Nine-Banded Paper Armadillo Craft and Toy

2. Cut out all the patterns. Place the shell, head, and ear pattern on craft foam. Trace the patterns onto the craft foam and cut them out. Place the leg pattern on a piece of paper that has been folded in half. Trace the pattern onto the folded piece of paper and cut it out. Unfold the paper and place it on a piece of craft foam. Trace it and cut it out.

3. Glue the leg pattern around a 20 oz. plastic bottle so that the legs are hanging down on the sides of the bottle (See the picture.).

4. Cut the four slits on the shell pattern. Make four darts in the shell by placing glue along the underside edge of each slit. Bring the edge of the slit over the meet the dotted lines. Press until the glue sticks.

5. Glue the shell over the legs so that just the legs show. (See picture.) The front of the shell, the part that has the curve that goes inward, should be glued to the top of the bottle where the head will be attached.

6. Glue the head pattern together to make a cone shape. Cut the slits by the nose. Push the craft foam under the nose in towards the center of the cone and bring the nose down over the craft foam that you pushed in. Glue it down. Glue the head to the top shell. 

7. Place a tiny bit of hot melt glue in the bottom center of each ear. Fold the ears in half and hold the fold down until the glue holds. Glue the ears to the head where marked.

8. Glue the tail to the bottom of the bottle under the shell.

9. Use a marker to draw on the mouth and eyes. To finish, draw stripes and circles on the shell and head.

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