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Bug Buddies Study 2 - Goliath Beetle - Armor

Study 2 - The Best Kind of Armor


Bug Buddies Study Lesson 2 - Goliath Beetle


The following crafts and activities go along with the Bible lesson "The Best Kind of Armor" from the Bug Buddies Study Home School Series of Lessons. This lesson is available on The Resource Room and as an instant digial download.

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3D Goliath Beetle Paper Craft

3D Goliath Beetle Paper Craft for Kids

This craft includes four pages of patterns and directions. Children cut out and color the patterns and then glue them together to make this 3D Ggoliath beetle.

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Instant Digital Download - $2.00 Purchase Goliath Beetle - Best Kind of Armor Bible Lesson Just this craft pattern.



Label the Goliath Beetle and Add Wings Learning Activity

3D Label the  Goliath Beetle Learning Activity

What you will need:

Paper, Brass Paper Fasteners, Colored Pencils, and Hole Punch


How to make:

1. Print out the goliath beetle picture and the wings and elytra patterns. Printable patterns are available to members on The Resource Room.

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Instant Digital Download - $2.00 Purchase Goliath Beetle - Best Kind of Armor Bible Lesson Just this craft pattern.


2. Find pictures of goliath beetles online and then have your child color the patterns, and label the parts of the beetle.

3. Cut out the wings and elytra and punch holes at the tips over the small black dots.

4. Fasten the wings and elytra to the beetle picture with brass fasteners.

5. Glue the whole picture to the inside of the file folder. 



Armor of God Coloring Sheet and Learning Activity

Armor of God Coloring Sheet and Learning Activity for Children's Ministry

Children color a picture of a soldier to remind them of the armor of God. Older children can label the parts to the armor of God and then color the picture.

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Search for Beetle Bugs Activity

Search For Beetles Activity

Send the children out in teams with their bug containers, tweezers, and the "Bugs I've Found" sheet to look for beetles.

Beetles are insects that have two sets of wings. They have a pair of hard forewings that form a protective covering over the hind wings and abdomen. There are over 300,00 different species of beetles. Before they leave remind them of the Bug Seekers Code.

Give the teams about twenty minutes and then call them back in to share what they have found with the other campers.


2. Protect the Beetle Game

Protect the Beetle Game

What you will need:

Soccer Ball or Other Soft Ball

One Gallon Milk Jug or a Plastic Bowling Pin

Painter's Tape

Permanent Marker

Chenille Stems (Pipecleaners)


What to do:

1. Draw a bug face on the milk jug and tape some pipe cleaners on the lid for antennae. (You can use the love bug milk jug craft.)

2. Mark off a very large circle with the painter's tape. Place the "bug" in the middle of the circle.

3. Pick one child to be the "bug's armor". The "armor" will stand in the middle with the "bug" and protect the bug. All the other players stand behind the circle. They try to kick the ball and hit the "bug".

4. The "armor" protects the "bug" by kicking the ball away from it. The ball must stay on the ground at all times. If the "bug" gets hit or knocked over, the person who kicked the ball becomes the new "armor". If the "armor" accidentally touches the "bug" or knocks it over, he has to choose someone who hasn't been the "armor" yet to be the new "armor".


Goliath Beetle Bible Verse Review Game

Goliath Beetle Bible Verse Review Game


Bible Verse Review Game

What you will need:

Card Stock




How to make:

1. Print out two goliath beetle card patterns onto card stock, and cut them apart.

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2. Print one word of the Bible verse on the back of each card. "Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Eph. 6:11 Hide the cards around the room or in a designated area outside. Before you start going over the Bible verse several times. Tell your children to go and find the beetle pictures. When they find one they should bring it back immediately and place it in a designated place in order to spell out the Bible verse. Keep playing until all the words are found and the Bible verse is correct.


Make an Armor Game

What you will need:

Aluminum Foil




Pipe Cleaners (Chenille Stems)


How to Play:

1. Break the children up into teams, two to three to a team. Tell them that they have five minutes to decide which person in their team will put on a suit of armor. The other children in the team will make a suit of armor for the volunteer out of the aluminum foil. The team that has the best suit of armor wins. To make the game a little more challenging, or if you have a large group of kids, bring in pieces of cardboard, scissors, tape, markers, etc. that can be used to make armor.