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"Your Word is a Lamp" Bulletin Board Display

Pslam 119:105, Bulletin Board Display and Group Art Activity for Children's Ministry


Students will enjoy helping to create the stone path using a crayon rubbing technique, crinkling and ripping and tearing paper.

What you will need:

White Printer Paper

Black Bulletin Board Paper

Red One-inch Ribbon or Red Paper

Yellow, Beige, Tan, Grey, and Brown Colored Paper

Beige, Tan, White, Black and Brown Crayons with the Paper Labels Removed

Objects with Rock Texture such as Flat Rocks, Bricks, or Sandpaper. (If you don't want to bring in rocks, you can take your children outside and have them use sidewalks, brick walls, and other textured surfaces at your church to make the rubbings.)



What to do:

1. Before class, prepare your bulletin board by covering it with black paper.

2. Print out the Bible and boy walking patterns and cut them out leaving a little white around the edges so that the patterns stand out against the black background. (Available to members or as an instant download.)

Member's Member's Bulletin board patterns

Instant Digital Download Purchase Bulletin Board Patterns - NIV only (Coming Soon!)

3. Print out the Bible verse patterns onto yellow paper, glue the pages together to make the complete Bible verse, and then cut a jagged edge around the verse and staple it to the top of your board.

4. Draw a path that goes from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of the bulletin board so that the path tapers off at the end.

5. Cut a piece of ribbon about seven inches long and glue one end to the back of the Bible pattern. Bring the rest of the ribbon to the front and staple the Bible pattern to the bulletin board. Cut long strips of yellow paper and glue them to the board around the Bible to look like rays are coming from the Bible.

Paper Rocks made from crinkled paper and crayon rubbings

6. In class, give each child a rock colored piece of paper and some crayons. Show them how to place their papers on a rock-textured surface and then rub the sides of crayons over the papers to transfer the texture to their papers.

7. When they have texturized their papers, have them crinkle up the papers and then flatten them out several times.

8. Show them how to rip the paper into rock shapes and glue or staple them to the bulletin board on the path you have drawn. Tell them to glue the larger shapes to the bottom of the board and the smaller one to the top. They can then fill in spaces with smaller pieces.

9. To finish, staple the boy walking pattern on the path.



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