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Abraham and Sarah Laugh Bible Lesson

The following crafts and activities come from the Bible lesson "Abraham and Sarah Laugh". A complete lesson is available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant digital download below.

Member's Abraham and Sarah Laugh Bible Lesson for Children

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Teaching Concept:

When we think of God we most often think of him as a serious, all-powerful, awesome creator, healer of the broken hearted, kind and gentle. He can also deal harshly with people who are deceitful or disobedient. There is also another side to God that we don't often see. God has a sense of humor. He has created us in his image and given us a sense of humor. The story of Abraham and Sarah is a good example of his sense of humor. Through this lesson children learn that laughter and humor are important ways of dealing with our feelings and fears.


Sarah Rocks Isaac Bible Craft

Sarah Rocking Baby Isaac Bible Craft for Abraham and Sarah Bible Lesson


Children color the pictures and then attach the baby in Sarah's arms to the pattern page with a brass brad. They make Sarah "rock the baby" by moving the tab at the top of the page. This activity sheet is available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's Abraham and Sarah Laugh Bible Lesson for Children

Instant Digital Download Purchase Abraham and Sarah Bible Lesson

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Abraham and Sarah Bible Lesson Figures for Acting Out the Story

The teacher uses the following Bible figures to act out the story, and students can use them to review the lesson by adding their own take on the story.

Abraham sitting in front of his tent when three men appear. These printable Bible characters are available to members on The Resource Room.

Abraham running to fetch a calf to prepare food for the three men. These printable Bible characters are available to members on The Resource Room.


Three men eating and Sarah laughing when they said she was going to have a baby. These printable Bible characters are available to members on The Resource Room.

Member's Abraham and Sarah Laugh Bible Lesson for Children

Instant Digital Download Purchase Abraham and Sarah Bible Lesson


Figures Include:

Abraham Sitting, Abraham Running and Abraham Talking

Sarah Talking and Sarah Laughing

Three Men Talking and Three Men Eating

Tent, Tree, Calf, Food on Plate

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Early Arrivers Activities

1. What Makes You Laugh?

As your children arrive ask them what makes them laugh. Ask them if they know a funny joke or story and let them share their jokes and stories with the class.  Some examples of things that might make you laugh: a good joke, hearing someone else laugh, being around friends, something that is absurd or impossible to believe, feeling uncomfortable, tickling  or receiving a gift.


2. Share Facts About Laughter with Your Students

1. We can't control our laughter, it is an unconscious response to circumstances.

2. There are different types of laughter, and different words to describe laughter. We laugh at things that are absurd, uncomfortable,  things that are funny, when we are happy, when we are nervous, or to make fun of someone.

3. Laughter is contagious.  We laugh when other people laugh even it we don't know what they are laughing about.

4. Babies start laughing at about three and a half to four months of age before they can even speak.

5. Most laughter is not caused by something funny, but by the relationships we keep. We laugh when we are around people we enjoy being with.

6. There is a difference between "laughing with" and "laughing at".  Laughter is mostly good, but there is also bad laughter.  Sometimes people laugh at people who they believe don't belong to their group, people who are different, or don't seem to fit in.

Inform your children that in the Bible lesson today the main characters laugh because they find their situation absurd, illogical,  and unbelievable.


3. Share Jokes

Find some jokes for children online and read them some jokes.  Ask them if they thought that joke was funny and why.


4. Different Names for Laughter

Ask your children to think of different names that describe laughter.  Write them on the board:  chuckle, cackle,  giggle, roar, snicker, snigger, snort, howling, rejoicing, chortling, tittering. Ask your children if they can think of times they might have laughed in these ways.


Review Questions

1. Why do you think God told Abraham that he would name his son Isaac or "He laughs"?

2. Have your children look up Hebrews 11:12 and read it.

"Abraham was so old he was almost dead. But from that one man came as many descendants as there are stars in the sky. So many people came from him that they are like grains of sand on the seashore." ERV

"Therefore sprang there even of one, and him as good as dead, so many as the stars of the sky in multitude, and as the sand which is by the sea shore innumerable." KJV

Why do you think God made Abraham and Sarah wait so long to have a baby? - Maybe to prove that he can do anything, to show how powerful he is.  Or maybe because he has a sense of humor, and he wanted to see how Abraham and Sarah would react when they learned they were going to have a baby at their age.

3. There is another person in the Bible who was told he would have a son when he was very old; however, when he showed disbelief the consequence for his disbelief was very different.  Read Luke 1:8-20.  Why do you think the angel made it so Zacharias was not able to speak after he questioned the fact that he would have a child and Abraham and Sarah were not punished when they laughed?  The reason may be that Zacharias would have known the story of Abraham and Sarah, so he should have learned from them that God could also give him a son.  It shouldn't have been a surprise to him.

Have your students compare the two stories and state the differences and similarities between the two stories. Write them on the board.

3.  Read Romans 1:20 - "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:"  "For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen . . ." 

A mammal that lays eggs like a bird, and has a beak like a bird is comical.  In fact it was so strange to scientists back in the 18th century that they thought someone was playing a joke on them.  Do you know what mammal is being described?  Platypus.  We can experience God's sense of humor when we see the platypus. Can you think of other things in nature that make you laugh?

4.  Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”  What's the difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone?  Why might you think that someone is laughing at you when they may really be laughing with you?

Sometimes we laugh at things someone does because we think it is funny, but the other person may be embarrassed by it. In this situation the person laughing may not have any control because it was funny, even if the other person feels stupid for what he or she did. For example, a friend my trip over something and land in a funny way. This may make you laugh even if your friend gets hurt. In this situation you don't really have control of your laughter. The only thing you can do is to show your concern and try to help the person. If the person is embarrassed, you can share with your friend a time you did something that everyone laughed at to make them feel more accepted. Also, if you are the person being laughed at and feel embarrassed, try to accept the fact that you are human and you will make mistakes. Try to laugh at yourself and then people won't be laughing at you, but will be laughing with you.

Laughter helps us to deal with our feelings, reveals our emotions and helps us build relationships. We laugh when we are embarrassed, shocked, surprised and happy. Think about when you laugh this week. Praise God when he gives you something good to laugh about.

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I used this lesson last Sunday. I handed one child the three Sarah puppets, another the three Abraham puppets, another the tent, bread and calf and the last had the three strangers. They all listened attentively. After church, the congregation packed Samaritan’s purse shoe boxes and had a lunch. I had packed digestive cookies in the box along with a can of frosting and snack packages that had wild animals and a castle and king, princess and warrior. I had them save out the king and the princess to put on top of the frosting to represent Sarah and Abraham. She was a very young Sarah, but no one seemed to mind. The kids loved the fruit snacks and frosting that they got to lick off their fingers after all the cookies were decorated.
Thank you so much for your inspiration. Mary Elizabeth