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Blessed are they that Mourn Bible Lesson for Children

The following crafts and activities are from the Bible lesson "Blessed are They That Mourn". This Bible lesson is available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant digital download.

Member's Blessed are they that Mourn Bible lesson

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Teaching Concept:

You can only be happy when you put God first in your life. When you do wrong, realize that you did wrong, and ask God for forgiveness. If you are truly sorry, he will forgive you. You can be happy knowing that you are doing God's will.

Children make a bee puppet holding a morning glory flower to remind them that God will lift us up when we humble ourselves before him.



Paper Bag Bee Puppet Craft for Kids

Bee Paper Bag Craft - Blessed those who mourn Bee holding a Mourning Glory craft for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

Children can use this puppet to retell the Bible story. They draw stripes on the bees body, glue on wings, eyes, arms and legs, and antennas.

Member's Blessed are they that Mourn Bible lesson

The teacher can use this puppet to introduce the lesson with a puppet skit:

The Skit

While the teacher welcomes the class Little Bee slowly appears. He is sniffling and has a big tear on his cheek, his antennae drooping, and he is carrying a drooping mourning glory flower (or another flower).

Teacher: (Looking at Little Bee concerned): "Well, there you are Little Bee! I was wondering where you were this morning. Do you have a cold? You sound a little congested."

(Little Bee Grumbles.)

Teacher: "What’s the matter? You look very sad. Have you been crying, Little Bee?"

Little Bee: (Shaking her head yes and mumbling) “My flower is dying. My mommy told me not to pick the flower, but it was so beautiful and I just wanted it so bad, and it was right there in front of me, and I knew I shouldn't do it, but I did, and now it's dying, and Mommy is going to be so mad at me when she sees that I picked it.”

Bee Sock Puppet from www.daniellesplace.com

Teacher: "Little Bee, you did a bad thing. You didn't obey your mommy. Your mommy knew that that flower would give you and everyone else much more pleasure if it stayed on the vine. Your parents give you rules and tell you to do things to protect you, keep you safe, and teach you. Your parents aren't always right, but they know much more than you do, and you should obey them.

You thought that flower would make you happy if you picked it, and it probably did for just a little while, but now you feel guilty and bad because you know you did the wrong thing and your mommy will be mad and may punish you. That is what sin does to us - we feel good for a little while, but eventually those feelings fade, and guilt takes over.

James understood what sin does to us. He wrote a letter that we can find in the book of James, Chapter 4. Here is a paraphrased version. (Open your Bible to James, Chapter 4:1-10) . . .

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Printable Flower and Bee Color Sheet

Morning Glory Beatitude coloring sheet

Children color a sheet with a Morning Glory Flower and Matthew 5:4 Bible verse. On the bottom of the coloring sheet it explains how we can use the Morning Glory Flower to remind us of Matthew 5:4 - "Blessed are those who mourn." "The Mourning Glory flower blooms and then dies the same day, but new flowers bloom the next morning bringing renewed beauty. God promises that he will comfort us when we are sad. He renews us daily."

Member's Blessed are they that Mourn Bible lesson




Color or Paint a Picture of a Crying Bee

Bee Crying Coloring Sheet for Beatitude Bible Lesson from www.daniellesplace.com

Children color a picture of a mourning bee and Morning Glory Flowers with a Matthew 5:4, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." This color sheet is available in both KJV and NIV.



Review the Bible Verse Games

Identify the Flower Bible Verse Review Game for Sunday School Beatitude Lesson from www.daniellesplace.com


Game 1

Use these flower cards to review the Bible verse. In class display the pictures in front of the class. Ask your children if they can identify the flower that has the first word of the Bible verse on it. For example, if you wrote "blessed" on the clover flower, ask your children if they know which flower is the clover. If a child picks the correct flower, unfold the bottom of the flower card to reveal the word. Ask your children if they can read the word, and place the card above the other cards to the far right.

Ask your children if they can identify the flower with the second word of the verse on it. If a child can identify the flower, place the card to the right of the first-word card, and unfold the bottom of the card to reveal the second word of the verse. Ask your children to read the words on both cards. Keep playing until all the words are revealed.

Game 2

In class write the verse on the board so the whole class can see it. Tape the flower cards face down on the board in random order.

The object of the game is to turn over the cards in order to spell out the verse. Tell your children that they are looking for the first word of the verse which is on one of the cards. Pick one child to turn over a card to see if it contains the first word of the verse. If the card does contain the first word, let the child tape the card below the matching word on the board. If the child did not pick the correct card, let the next child pick a card, and turn it over to see if it contains the matching word. Once the first word has been found start having your children look for the second word. Keep playing until all the words have been found in order. Each time a child finds a matching word and tapes it to the board, have your children read the words to the verse that are already turned over.

Game 3

Place the cards around the room, under tables, on the bulletin board, tape to the back of chairs, etc.

Make bee headbands for your students. Print out the headband patterns, cut them apart, fold them in the center and then fold the two ends in. FInd the Flower4 Bee-atitude Bible Verse Review Game from www.daniellesplace.comTape two pieces together to make one headband. Fold a Chenille stem in half and tape it inside the folded headband. Glue pompoms on the ends of the Chenille stems.Tell your children that they are going to pretend to be bees. Tell them to put their bee antennae headbands on. Show them the flower picture with the first word of the verse written on it. Tell them that they should walk around the room looking for that flower and only that flower. If a child finds it, he should pick it up and bring it back to the teacher. Ask the child if he can read the word on the card. Place the card on the bulletin board. Keep playing until all the cards have been found. Each time a new word is placed on the bulletin board have your children read the cards that are already on the board.


This Lesson Includes:

1. Puppet skit and lesson that uses a bee puppet.

2. Two coloring sheets "Bee Crying" and "Morning Glory Flower Sheet" available in KJV and NIV. These coloring sheets are also available already colored to be used as illustrations for the Bible lesson.

3. Paper bag bee puppet craft and bee antennae head band.

4. Printable Bible verse cards in both KJV and NIV.

5. "Identify the fower" Bible verse review games - Younger children wear bee antennae (Printable pattern with Bible verse) and race to find the correct flower card. Older children play flower matching games.

Member's Blessed are they that Mourn Bible lesson

I cannot begin to thank you for the treasure trove of information here. I am the Children’s Minister at our small church, and I teach every week on Wednesdays and Sundays. Without your website, I know I would be struggling to find material because of our limited budget at the church. Thank you, thank you, thank you for what you have done for so many of us teachers out there!! The children love the lessons, crafts, games and activities we do each week from this website. We have been doing the fruits of the spirit series, and it has amazed me what they remember when we review each week. May God bless you immensely!! Lori, Maryville, TN 10/20/2011