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Beatitudes Bible Crafts - Righteousness

Beatitudes Crafts and Games for Blessed are They that Hunger and Thrist After Righteousness


Beatitudes Bible Lesson for Children - Blessed Are They that Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness

The following crafts and activities come from the Bible lesson "Blessed Are they Who Try to Do Right". In this lesson children learn that they can be happy when they try to do what is right even when it is hard. Jesus is our perfect example of how to resist temptation. It is impossible to do the right thing all the time no matter how hard we try. That is why God sent his only son who was the only truly righteous person. Jesus gave his life for us so that we can become righteousness through him, and if we keep the faith we will earn a crown of righteousness.

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Color or Paint a Flower and Bee Color Sheet

Beatitudes Coloring Sheet - Cactus for Matthew 5:6

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness . . ." Matt. 5:6

God created cacti to be able to survive months or longer without water, unlike humans who can only go without water for a few days. We not only need daily nourishment for our bodies, but also our souls. We will only be satisfied when we seek God daily for his guidance.

Member's Poor in Spirit Beatitudes lesson for Members - Available in both KJV and NIV



Crown of Righteousness Craft - KJV and NIV

Crown of Righteousness Bible Craft for Beatitudes Bible Lesson for Children

In class, have your children tape or glue the triangle shapes inside the folded band. Remind them that the words should be on the front of the crown.

When they have finished adding triangles to the band, have them glue on gems or draw them on with magic markers.

Member's Poor in Spirit Beatitudes lesson for Members - Available in both KJV and NIV



Bible Verse Review Spinner Game

Bible Verse Review Spinner Game for Beatitudes Bible Lesson Righteousness


Cut out the bee spinner from the bottom of the game board and place a small paper clip at the end so that it hangs over the edge slightly.

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Glue the game board to a cardboard box or foam core board. Place a thumbtack through the paper clip where it hangs over the edge of the spinner and push it into the center of the game board. Make sure the spinner spins.

In class give each child a game sheet and some crayons. Have your children take turns spinning the spinner. The children should color the petal on their game sheet corresponding to the petal on the game board that the bee spinner landed on. If the child already has the corresponding petal colored in, he does nothing for his turn and the next child spins the spinner. The child who colors all his petals first wins the game.



Bible Verse Review Card Game

Bsible Verse Review Printable Cards for Beatitudes Bible Lesson


Match Game - Younger Children

1. Before class hide the card around the room.

2. After the lesson write the Bible verse on the board and go over each word. Tell your children that there are bee cards hidden around the room and have them see if they can find the cards.

3. When all the cards have been found have your children sit down. Point to the first word of the Bible verse and ask the children if someone is holding the card with the first word written on it. The child with the card should bring the card up to the front of the class and tape it to the board under the matching word. Keep playing until all the cards are taped to the board. Each time a child has taped a word to the board, ask that child to say the verse.

Bible Verse Review Relay Game (Younger Children)

1. Before Class print out the cards onto card stock. Make a least two sets of cards. Write the Bible verse on the board so your children can see it.

2. In class break up your students into teams.

3. Place sets of cards at one end of the room and the teams at the other. Spread the cards out so that they are all visible and not in order.

4. On the word go children take turns running to the cards, finding the card that is next in sequence to spell out the verse, and placing it in order. Each child can only move one card on his or her turn. The team that gets all the cards in place first wins. For example, the first child will look for the first word of the Bible verse and place it on the far left. The second child will look for the second word and place it to the right of the first word.

Match Game - Older Children

Print out two sets of cards.

1. Place the cards face down on the table in the middle of all the children. Let the children take turns turning over two cards at a time trying to match the cards. If a child finds a match, he gets to keep the cards. The child with the most cards at the end of the game wins. You can make the game harder by having the children find the matches in order of the verse. If there is a blank card, they can find the match at any time during the game.

Match Game 2 - Older Children

Groups play with only one set of cards.

1. Break the students up into groups of 3 or 4. Give a set of cards to each group. Have each group spread all their cards out in front of them.

2. The object of the game is to be the student who picks up the most cards. The students take turns looking for the words to the verse by turning over a card they think might contain the next word in the verse. If the card a child turns over doesn't match the word, he turns it back over and the next player takes a turn. The students must find the words in order. For instance, to start the game everyone is looking for the first word of the verse, "Blessed." The student who finds the word "Blessed" gets to keep that card. After the word "Therefore" is found, the students take turns turning over cards to look for the word "are". They keep going in this manner until all the words are found in order.

3. As the students find a word from the verse they can cross off the word on the sheet they were given so they can keep track of the next word to be found.


Little Bee Tries to be Righteous - Puppet Skit

Little Bee Tries to be Righteous Puppet Skit for Beatitudes Bible Lesson


1. Print out the bee's list and crown pattern.

2. Cut out the crown pattern and tape it together. Save it for the end of the lesson. Cut out the list and wrinkle it up. Tape it to Little Bee's hand.


The Skit 

Teacher: Good morning class. I hope you had a great week. Well, Little Bee said she was coming this morning. I wonder where she is. (Looking around for Little Bee) Little Bee, where are you?

Little Bee appears with a crumpled-up piece of paper in her hand.

Teacher: Little Bee, what do you have in your hand?

Little Bee: Oh, this. It's a list. I've been trying really hard to be perfect for just one day, but no matter how hard I try my list just keeps getting longer. I feel like such a failure.

Teacher: (Feeling Little Bee) You feel like a soft little bee to me.

Little Bee: But inside I feel like a failure.

Teacher: Can I see your list? (Teacher takes a look at the list and reads it.)

Monday - ate honey candy. What does that mean?

Little Bee: Well, Mommy told me I couldn't have a second piece of honey candy, but it was so good that I couldn't resist so I ate another one.

Teacher: Tuesday - stayed outside after the sun went down?

Little Bee: Daddy said I had to be home before sunset, but I wasn't paying attention and it got dark before I realized it.

Teacher: Wednesday - lied about homework.

Little Bee: I forgot to do my homework so I told my teacher that I was sick.

Teacher: Thursday - took candy.

Little Bee: My friend had lots of candy and wouldn't share with me, so I took one.

Teacher: Friday - jealous of my brother.

Little Bee: My brother had a birthday and got lots of nice toys, and I really, really wanted them.

Teacher: Saturday - flew to the orchard.

Little Bee: I'm not allowed to fly all the way to the orchard, but I did it anyway because my friend said I was a chicken and I wanted to prove to him that I wasn't.

Teacher: Little Bee, you don't have to feel like a failure. The Bible says in Romans 3:23 (Open your Bible), "For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God." That means that every person has sinned. It is impossible for us not to sin, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to do right. Jesus said, "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." (Matthew 5:6, KJV) That means that when we want to do what is right, and really try to do right, God will help us. He will forgive us when we do wrong and make us righteous. Trusting God to forgive us fills us with peace and happiness.

The conplete lesson is on The Resource Room and available as an instant digital download.

Member's Poor in Spirit Beatitudes lesson for Members - Available in both KJV and NIV


This Lesson Includes:

1. Puppet skit and lesson that uses a bee puppet.

2. A coloring sheet available in KJV and NIV. It is also available already colored to be used as an illustration for the Bible lesson.

3. Crown of Righteousness paper craft.

4. Printable Bible verse cards in both KJV and NIV.

5. Bee Bible verse review cards that can be used to play many different games for different age levels such as a match game, relay race, or ordering game.

6. Bible verse review spinner game.