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Taste and See Jesus is the Bread of Life


Cupcake Recipe Card Holder

This craft goes with the Bible Lesson Bread of Life from The Resource Room.

Cupcake Card Holder Craft

What you will need:

Plaster of Paris (About 3/4 cup for each cupcake. Plaster from home improvement stores such as Home Depot or even Wal-mart, not in the craft section, is usually much cheaper than plaster from craft stores.)

Cup Cake Wrappers

Plastic Forks



Tiny Pom Poms or other Decorative Items

Brightly Colored Paper

Paper Punch

How to Make the Cupcake Recipe Card Holder Craft:

This project can be done in several different ways.

Younger Children

1. If you have younger children make the cupcakes that are painted (below). Place cupcake wrappers in cupcake tins. Mix plaster of Paris in a plastic cup with a plastic spoon. Mix just enough plaster for one cupcake. Place a heaping cup of plaster of Paris in the plastic cup and add just enough water to make a thick paste. Spoon the mixture into the cupcake wrapper. The plaster should be like stiff egg whites. Pile it up over the top of the wrapper. If it gets sticky just wet a spoon or your fingers to smooth it out. Let the plaster dry for just a minute and then stick a fork in the middle. (Note: Throw away the plastic cup and spoon when you are finished. Never try to rinse the plaster down the sink.)

2. When the plaster has set remove it from the tins. Press on the bottom of the tins to pop them out.

3. In class have your children paint the top of the cupcakes and then sprinkle confetti on top of the wet paint.

To make confetti punch bright colored paper with a hole punch.

4. Print out the "Bread of Life" Verse Cards onto white card stock and cut them apart. Print out the Bread Recipe Cards onto bright colored card stock and cut them out.

Member's Bible Verse and recipe patterns

5. Glue the cards back-to-back and stick them in the tines of the fork. Tell your children that they can use the card holder to holder their recipe cards and the Bible verse they are learning that week so the can feed their souls.

Older Children

Cupcake Card Holder Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

1. This method is a little more difficult because the children are working with fiberfil and glue. They have to be very careful because it can get kind of messy. Provide wet paper towels so they can wipe the glue off their hands.

2. Prepare the same as above, but use only about 3/4 cup of plaster for each cup cake, and only fill them up to about 1/2" from the top of the wrapper. Let the plaster dry for just a minute and then stick a

fork in the middle. If the fork won't stand up, you can use clothespins to hold them in place until the plaster hardens.

3. In class have your children glue fiber fill to the top of the cupcakes and then glue tiny pompoms or other decorative items to the top.



Decorate a Napkin to Place in a Breadbasket

This craft goes with the Bible Lesson Bread of Life from The Resource Room.

Bread of Life Craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Member's Bread of Life Pattern

What you will need:

White Paper Towel or White Material

Breadbaskets (You can find these at second-hand stores for 25 to 50 cents apiece)


Pinking Shears


How to Make the Breadbasket Craft:

Have the children decorate their paper towels with markers and cut the edges with pinking shears. Tell them they can write the memory verse on the napkin and use other Christian symbols. Have them place their napkins in their baskets. Tell them they can place a piece of plastic wrap over the napkin and place bread in the basket. Instead of the paper towels you could use white material cut into squares and permanent markers so that they can be washed and used again. Tell them that when they or anyone else eats bread from the special basket this week they should share something about Jesus with others in their families.



Paper Plate Recipe Card Holder

Paper Plate Recipe Card Holder Craft


This craft goes with the Bible Lesson Bread of Life from The Resource Room.

Member's Recipe Card Holder paper Plate pattern

What you will need:

Paper Plates, Markers, Glue, Scissors and Card Stock


How to Make the Paper Plate Recipe Card Holder:

1. Before class print out the Bible Verse Pattern and the Recipe Cards, and write out a recipe card for each child. Print out extra black cards.

2. Fold the paper plates in half but try not to crease the plates too much and cut a small curve at the bottom fold of each plate to make the half-circle cutout as shown in the picture. This will hold the recipe card.

3. In class have your children glue the Bible verse on the top the center of the plate and decorate the paper plate with markers.

4. When your children are finished make a stand for the recipe card holders. Fold another paper plate in half and then fold one side in half again bringing the edge of the paper plate to the middle of the plate. Glue the edge of the paper plate to the paper plate at the fold.

5. Give your children the recipe cards you wrote and some blank cards. Encourage them to write some recipes for their friends.

Paper Plate Recipe Card Holder Craft Diagram


Bread of Life Relay

Bread of Life Bible Verse review Game

1. Before class place print out two sets of bread shapes and cut them out. Place each set in a breadbasket.

2. In class line two teams up at the end of one room and place the breadbaskets with the bread shapes in the front of the room.

3. Write the Bible verse on the board so that both teams can see the verse.

4. On the word "Go" one member of each team should run up to the baskets at the other end of the room, find the first word of the Bible verse and place it on at table to stick it to the wall and then run back to tag the next person in line. That person should then run up and find the next word of the verse and do the same thing as the first person. The team that gets the whole verse in order first wins.


Bread of Life Sunday School Lesson and Crafts on The Resource Room



Soul Food Bible Lesson

Bread of Life - Soul Food Bible Lesson for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

Member's Soul Food Bible Lesson

Preschool children learn that feeding their souls with God’s words is much more important than feeding their bodies and that they need a daily filling of God’s words to grow strong in their faith. They visit the "Soul Food Market" and shop for Bible verses to feed their souls.

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Go On a Spiritual Picnic

Tell the children to raise their hands if they like picnics. Picnics are a lot of fun. People get together and share their favorite foods and enjoy each other's company. Tell the children that today they are going on a picnic -- a spiritual picnic. We are going to get together and share God's words. Each child is going to bring their favorite "soul food" to the picnic. You will read it to the class and share why it is your favorite or one of your favorite verses.

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Make a "Bowl of Soul Food"

sunday school Bowl of Soul Food bible craft from www.daniellesplace.com

Wrap candy with Bible verses written on long sheets of paper. Then wrap with pretty colors of Handi-wrap.

Member's Bowl of Soul Food

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Sandwich Party

Begin class with a sandwich party. Let your children choose what they would like on their bread. While your kids are enjoying this yummy treat, discuss how often we eat bread. Ask them what kind of things they like to put on their bread. Show them different kinds of bread: Brown bread, flat bread, long bread, etc. Tell your children that their is another kind of bread, but we don't eat it. Let them guess what it could be. When everyone gives up guessing announce that Jesus is bread too. Explain how the Bible is food for our souls and we need it daily. Just as we need to have bread to fill our tummy's, we have to have Jesus so our hearts don't get hungry. After clean up have your children color a picture of a Bible and a picture of bread. The memory verse should appear on their picture of the Bible "I am that bread of life." John 6:48

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Allow kids to reenact what they just learned with their colored pictures. Holding up the Bible picture say, "This bread is for my belly." holding up the picture of the colored bread say, "This bread is for my heart." Sent in by Kelly Hamilton