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New Year's Calendar of Scriptures Printable Activity


New Year's 2023 Calendar of Scriptures - KJV and Niv

calendar of Scriptures Bible Verse Activity for New Years


Before class print out the calendar patterns and make copies. To save paper print on the back and front.

In class have your children color the pictures and write their birthday on all the other student's calendasrs.

This craft is available to members on The Resource Room or as an instant download.

Members New Years Calendar Patterns

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Comments About this Craft from Subscribers:

I used the calendar for a class project. Since I have preschoolers the picture was a little hard for them to color but it still worked out well. The kids placed birthday stickers on the birthdays of each class member and after the calendar was completed they took it home. I really like mine too! Helps me keep up with their birthdays. Pat Vines

My 4-6th graders loved the Scripture Calendar. In fact, we have one hanging in the classroom, as well as the ones the kids took home. This was a great craft idea for starting off the new year. Sandy Wilson

The kids had a great time coloring them and putting them together. They each decided to include there own birthdays on the calendars (to make it a bit more personal). They also got to decorate them anyway they wanted to. Some fancy and some just plain. It was there calendar that they could do whatever they wanted with it. Afterwards we made a cover for our calendars. I really enjoy homemade calendars and I was so glad to see I wasn't the only one. Even my youngest daughter begged me to make her very own just for her room. At first I thought of letting them do a page a month but decided to have them do them all at once and make it into a book. We had great fun making them. I put two holes on top of the page and they tied a string on them to keep them together. They turned out great. Each one created just for them. Love Always, Jeanie

I work with children from ages 2 to 5th Grade. I have used several of the crafts in all of my classes. One project that we have used several times now was the Lion and Lamb 2003 Poster and the 2003 Calendar of Scripture and Wise Sayings. I took a 12 x 18 sheet of construction paper and stapled the calendars on the right side of the paper and then I made the numbers smaller and the Lion and the Lamb and glued them on the left side beside the calendar. In my second grade class we had the children write down everyone's birthday on their own calendar. The children have really loved the crafts that I have gotten from your web site and they are so so so much better then what they write in books. Thank you to you and your daughter for all the hard work you have done. This has been the best money I have sent. Thank You Peggy

Thank you for the 2005 Scripture Calendar. I used it for my Sunday School class the first Sunday of 2005. The kids loved having their own calendar. I gave each of them the foam cutouts of different religious shapes, seasonal shapes, etc. to decorate each month’s page. We went through the entire year and filled in each classmates birthday as well as other important events at our church.  That was a craft that they can enjoy all year long.  I love your page!  It is great!