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"God Created the Heavens and Earth" Coloring and Doodle Sheet

God Created the Heavens and Earth" Coloring and Doodle Sheets

This Bible verse coloring sheet goes along with lesson The Creation Lesson available on The Resource Room.

Member's God Created the Heavens And Earth Doodle Sheets for members

These sheets are great for both younger children and older children. Younger children will enjoy coloring the sheets, while older children can add doodles of their own.



Days of Creation Posters - Coloring Activity for Older Children

Days of Creation Coloring Activity


Member's Days of Creation Coloring Sheets - Doodles - Also available in Spanish

Instant Digital Download - $2.00 Purchase 7 Days of Creation Doodle Coloring Sheet - 7 Pages

Spanish - Instant Digital Download - $2.00 Purchase 7 Days of Creation Doodle Coloring Sheet - 7 Pages


Coloring sheets are a great way to keep children busy while you are waiting for all the children to show up or to keep children busy during church services. They can also be used as a aid to help children remember their Bible verses.



Identify Pictures

Before class tear animal, tree, plant, and flower pictures out of nature magazines and glue them onto pieces of construction paper. Show the pictures to the children one by one and ask them if they can identify each picture. After they identified the picture ask them if God created whatever is in the picture. Emphasize all the wonderful and different things God created. You can also have the children sort the pictures according categories; plants, animals, sea creature, etc.


Just finished doing two weeks of the creation story with my class aged 3-6 years of age. It is so wonderful for teachers of mixed aged classes to be able to just take your materials and use them. There are ideas for all ages and they are right there at our finger tips ready to use! Thank you for you wonderful materials and ideas especially from a very busy person who loves to teach the little ones - and has for so many years but I needed help to get fresh ideas. God bless you all. Carol Roberts



Make a Creation Quilt

Creation Quilt Craft Pic

What you will need:

Colored Paper

White Paper

Crayons or Markers




What to do:

Have each child draw a picture of one of God's creations; sun, moon, stars, animals, people, etc. Then staple their pictures together to make a creation quilt.

I did the Creation Lesson with my 2 - 5 year old class. We actually used the basic idea of the creation quilt except that we used fabric markers and white fabric. Each Sunday for seven weeks, we did the next day. After the lesson, the children would draw what God made that day. For the center piece of the quilt I had someone embroider the earth with children holding hands around it. After all of the pieces were made, I sewed them together and made a wall hanging for our class. The class was so excited about what they made that we presented it to the church so everyone would know how hard they had worked on it. Now, every Sunday the children look at the quilt and can remember how God made everything just for us. Annie Greer



Make a Creation Mural

Tape a large sheet of butcher paper up on the wall as long as you can make it. Write in big letters on the top something about God creating the world. Have the whole class help draw a mural with everything that God created. You might have to assign things so they don't all end up drawing the same thing.


Play a Creation Game with a Die

Have the children take turns rolling a die. Whatever number a child rolls, he has to tell something that God made on that day of creation. For example, if a child rolled a five, he could say God created man.



Following is a Lesson Plan for All the Days of Creation Sent in by Donna Andrews:

Each week had a coloring page and also a Bible Verse Card with a verse for that day of creation. These were all saved until the end of the 7th day and the pages were put into a Creation Booklet for each child and the Bible Verse cards were laminated and tied together. The children took these home on the 7th day.

Day 1 - God separated the dark from the light. We learned the colors black and white. We made a game out of finding different objects in the room that were black and white. We talked about the different "things" we do in the light and the "things" we do in the dark. That was the end of the 1st day.

Day 2 - God made the sky and the water. The color we learned was blue. Our room has an aquarium theme so that was great to have the blue water on the walls. We looked up to the sky to see the heavens. We played in pans of water and added blue food coloring. The snack was blue Jell-O. We walked in a circle holding hands and sang ring around the rosy. When we all fell down we repeated what God made on the first day and what he made on the second day. That was the end of the 2nd day.

Day 3 - God made dry land and plants. The colors we learned were brown and green. We brought a 10 gallon fish tank in and made a terrarium out of it. The kids each took turns filling the tank with dirt, by scooping a plastic cup full at a time. Each child got to do this several times. We then took 6 plants and made holes in the dirt and put the plants in them and tapped them down. We then added handfuls of aquarium rock to the top of the dirt and watered the plants. The terrarium is now a decoration in our Sunday School class. I went to a second hand store and bought used coffee cups for planters for each child and they got to fill them with dirt and a pansy to take home. They loved that Sunday. Oh, I also made Dirt cake for the snack that day. The kids thought it was real dirt there for a while:) That was the end of the third day.

Day 4 - God made the stars, moon, and sun. I had printed out a very colorful and basic landscape scene that was child oriented from my computer. It had the ground, mountains, the sky and the sun in one corner and a moon in the other. We took wooden stars and painted them in Sunday School class and then each child put glitter on their stars. We then glued three stars to each child's paper. The colors we learned that day were yellow and orange. Again, we played a game going over each day of creation so far. That was the end of the 4th day.

Day 5 - God made the fish and the birds. They colors were purple and red. We talked about what lives in the water and the children loved talking about octopuses, sea horses and some of the more unusual sea creatures. We also talked about birds, flies, and butterflies that fly in the air. We pretended we were fish and swam in the ocean . We pretended we were birds and tried to fly in the air. We played the game again going over each day. That was the end of day 5.

Day 6 - God made the beasts and man. We didn't have a color for this day. We thought of different types of animals that God made. I had the kids act out a certain animal and the other children would guess which animal it was. We talked about how God made SO many different animals. Then we talked about how God made man. That he made each of us special and he loves each of us. We again played a game that reinforced the days of creation. That was the end of day 6.

Day 7 - God rested. I sent home a note the week before telling the parents to send a pillow and a blanket the next Sunday because we were going to have a day of rest. We had a TV and watch a movie on creation and then watched veggie tales. We ate pop corn and Jell-O squares. The children took home their creation books and laminated Bible Verse Cards. That was the end of the 7th day. Whew!!!!! It was a great series to do with the kids. I enjoyed knowing that the children were building on something each week and for the age group I have, it was much better breaking it down in this manner, than trying to fit all of the days into one or two Sunday.



Creation Book - Sent in by Natalie

To make the books use 8 1/2" x 11" card stock for all pages. Punch holes in the sides of the pages with a three-hole punch. Tie the pages together with yarn. On the cover write, "Child's name, book about Creation". The inside cover had the bible verse, In the Beginning God... with the days of creation listed.

Creation Story Book Craft using Saran Wrap for Water

Day 1 - The First Day we used just a sheet of white card stock. The kids cut a sheet of black construction paper in half and glued it to the page.

Day 2 -On the second day the kids took blue Saran Wrap and glued it to the bottom for the waters below and glued; cotton balls on the top half of the page for waters and clouds above.

Day 3 - Cut out various pictures of trees, plants, and flowers from magazines or use clipart.

The kids cut them out and glued them to the page. They also glued sand to the bottom of the page for the dry land.

Day 4 - Glue sun, moon, and star shapes to the page.

Day 5 - Children glue pictures of birds and fish to the page. They also glued some more of the blue saran wrap to the bottom so it looked like the fish were in water.

Day 6 - I used my digital camera to take pictures of each of the kids and printed them out on white card stock. They cut out animals and glued them around their pictures. This makes it more personal and helps them to realize that God created them too!

Day 7 - For the last page I printed out the earth with the verse 'And God saw that what he had created was good, so... God Rested.' The kids had a lot of fun doing this book, especially the sand and saran wrap parts. They were surprised when we got to the last day, and they had a picture of themselves too. I find that the kids prefer cutting and pasting to coloring, so I try to tailor their crafts to that. Thanks for all of the great ideas and lessons.


My Sunday School staff and I have been using your lessons since we joined as a church group the resource room and I was using the free lessons before. I want to thank you for all the lessons you have created they are marvelous and we are enjoying using them so much. I am teaching the preschool class and they just can't wait to come to class to find out what we are going to talk about and what craft they will be making. I know the other teachers are so excited too. Thank you again for your dedication to making God come to life for so many young people. Sincerely, Nancy



Creation Visual

Gluing a sheet of black and white construction paper together and turning it over can also illustrate the creation of light. Gluing a wavy strip of dark blue paper on to the bottom of a sheet of light blue paper and then added a few spread out cotton balls can show the creation of air. Adding a brown island coming out of the wavy blue water and then topping it partly with green can illustrate the creation of land and then plants. Making small copies (about 6 per sheet of construction paper) for your students to hold and take home helps to reinforce the concepts. I only did 2 days of creation per week with my nursery class and these visuals that they could hold helped them. Sent in by Loretta Wright



Yummy Creation Project

Here is a creation project that can be used for young or older kids. We gave each child a small clear plastic container with a lid (they sell those small throw away containers). We then put several small bowls on the table filled with different foods to represent each part to the story of creation. Example on the bottom of the container we put 1/2 vanilla pudding (light) and 1/2 chocolate pudding (dark). Then cubes of blue Jello jigglers (for the water) and spoons cool whip (for the sky). Crushed Oreos to look like dirt (for the land), candied stars, like you use for cake decorating, Swedish fish, animal crackers etc...... You can let your imagination go and think of all kinds of things. The best part was the kids couldn't wait to go home and eat them! Sent in by Sheila



Creation Room

Sometimes kids get too familiar with something, and they tune it out. As with all of our lessons, we really wanted to make it stand out. Here are a few things that might be of interest to some of your subscribers. We wanted our kids to get to experience what the beginning of time was like. So we made our lessons very interactive.

First, we chose a small room in our church building and completely covered the walls, the windows, and any other source of light, including the ceiling with black Visqueen (For those who may not know what this is, it looks like a giant black trash bag, only it comes on huge rolls. Generally can be purchased at Menards or a place such as that.) We wanted the kids to experience a place that was "formless and void, and where darkness was over the face of the deep..." We told part of this portion of the story, in our story area, and then took the kids on a field trip right in our own building. We went into this formless and void room. We had made sure to cut a slit in our Visqueen, right where our light fixture was, so that when God said, "Let there be light..." we could flip on the switch and there was light. (We made sure to prepare the kids for the total darkness they would experience for a few moments upon entering.) Each week, we added the new part of creation to this room. We added glow-in-the-dark planets (with our black light of course!), plants, stuffed animals, etc. It was really great!

When we did God created the animals, we planned a field trip to our local zoo and had our lesson there.



More Room Decoration Ideas

Each week the item that was created would be added to the room. I started out with a black room. I used lots of black material I found at the Goodwill. The next week I added white Christmas lights for the light. Kay

Song about the Days of Creation

On the first day of creation the good Lord gave to us light to light the earth.
On the second day of creation the good Lord gave to us clouds in the sky, and light to light the earth.
On the third day of creation the good Lord gave to us dry land and plants, clouds in the sky, and light to light the earth.
On the fourth day of creation the good Lord gave to us sun, moon and stars, dry land and plants, clouds in the sky, and light to light the earth.
On the fifth day of creation the good Lord gave to us fish and birds, sun, moon and stars, dry land and plants, clouds in the sky, and light to light the earth.
On the sixth day of creation the good Lord gave to us animals and man, fish and birds, sun, moon and stars, dry land and plants, clouds in the sky, and light to light the earth.
On the seventh day of creation the good Lord rested from His work, animals and man, fish and birds, sun, moon and stars, dry land and plants, clouds in the sky, and light to light the earth.



The Seven Days of Creation - Outreach Activities

Set up six stations (one for each day of creation) and have the kids rotate between them. Each station should have a sign stating which day it is and what was created.



Day #1: Light and Darkness

1. Make Sun Prints

Use blueprint paper from the educational supply store, the type of paper that exposes in light. Sent in by Cheri

2. Play a Memory Game

Make cards out of black construction paper. On one side write a different word "Night" or "Day" with a white crayon making equal number of "day" and "night" cards. I told the kids God Created night and day and so they had to match one "night" and one "day" card for fun. This was on a card table so they could all gather around it. Sent in by Diana Romberg



Day #2: Sky and Water

1. Play a Water Game

Have the children run a relay race with a water-balloon balanced on a large plastic glass. If the balloon falls, the child is allowed to pick it up, but if it brakes, the child has to go back for another balloon. Sent in by Cheri

2. Relay Race

We filled a bowl outside and had the kids fill up their spoons and run it to the other end of the yard trying to fill up their respective teams cups. Sent in by Diana Romberg



Day #3: Dry Land and Plants

1. Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Layer 4 sheets of tissue, folding like fan, tying in the middle, and shaping. Sent in by Cheri

2. Play "Pin the Fruit on the Tree"

For this game I made a tree out of poster board and had the kids "Pin the Fruit on the Tree" like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", but with double sticky tape on the fruit. (There is removable double sticky tape now, so if you want to recycle the game for later use, you can use that without ruining the tree. Sent in by Diana Romberg



Day #4: Sun and Moon

1. Face Painting

Paint suns and moons on the children’s faces. Sent in by Cheri

2. Toss Game

I took a sun and moon that I made out of construction paper and glued them to a box lid. I had the kids toss those glow in the dark plastic stars, to see if they could get their stars closer to the moon. (Much like the game boule: which
you try and get your ball as near to the jack (the small red one) as you can.) The lip of the box lid kept the stars from flying all over the place. Sent in by Diana Romberg



Day #5: Animals

1. Create Animals from Balloons

Get a book on how to make balloon animals. Or you can use pink balloons and use a permanent marker to make pigs. They're easy to create. They have pointy ears (two sides of a triangle), two dots for eyes, a circle with two dots for a snout, and a curly tail. Sent in by Cheri

2. Flip Game

We played game I found at the dollar store where you flip a lever and get these plastic fish into a preformed net. I included a picture because I couldn't describe it any better. Sent in by Diana Romberg



Day #6: Man

1. Human Obstacle Course

The race course can consist of jumping over legs, running around a human pole, playing leap frog, etc. Sent in by Cheri



Day #7: Rest

1. Snack Time

Get back together and pass out snacks and lemonade. Sent in by Cheri



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Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I love your site. It has help me many times for last minute lessons or when I have more time to really plan. The kids love the lessons and I have used your site more in the last year than any book I have purchased for my classes. Thank You so much. Shelly

Just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated the wonderful resource you provide. Not only has it given me an often much needed activity and lesson, but has prompted and challenged my own creative processes as well as being able to look for the principle within God's Word rather than just knowing the "story". Cindy

Thanks for the GREAT ideas..I just became a member of your site a few weeks ago. Believe it or not, I was DESPARATE for some NEW and FRESH ideas to stimulate the little children I teach. I typed an inquiry into ASK JEEVES, a question "guy" on AOL.... and your site popped up. I typed in your screen name..and was THRILLED with what I found there!I have taught Sunday School for over 20 years. Your new ideas and story personations are wonderful! I will look forward to using the new alphabet/bible verse theme. I will let you know how it's "received" by the students and parents. Keep up the wonderful job of lighting up the world with God's word and love!