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Bible Crafts and Activities Relating to Fishers of Men Matthew 4:19



In this fishing-themed lesson children learn the difference between fishermen and “fishers of men”. They discuss some of the equipment needed to become a good fisherman and learn that Jesus has provided us with the right equipment to become good “fishers of men”. This lesson is available to members on The Resource Room.


Fishing For Men Activity Sheet for Sunday School

Work on a Bible Verse Review Sheet

1. Before class print out the activity sheet and make copies.

2. In class have your children following the fishing line to discover the verse.

3. When they are finished ask them what they think the Bible verse means.




Bible Lesson Review Fishing Game

Fishing For Men Bible Lesson Review Game

1. Write the following questions on the back of the "fish kids" or just write a number corresponding to the numbers on your paper.

You should have five fish leftover. You can make these fish “reward fish”. If a child picks one of these, you can reward him with a piece of candy or any other kind of reward you think appropriate. You can also give rewards to children who answer their questions correctly.

2. Punch a hole in the top of each “fish kid” and tie a string to it.

Place all the “fish kids” in a box or bucket so that the strings are hanging out. Do not overlap them because they may get stuck to each other when the string is pulled. Place the bucket or box up high so that the children cannot see into the bucket or box.

3. Have the children take turns “fishing” by pulling on a string and answering questions that corresponds to the number on their fish.


1. Jesus asked Peter to be a _________ ___ ________. Fisher of men

2. If we want to be a fisher of men, we must _________ ________. Follow Jesus

3. To be a fisher of men means that _________________________. We are bringing people to Jesus.

4. Name one piece of special “fishing” gear that Jesus has given us: His Word, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and prayer.

5. Name one way we can be ready to go fishing for men. Be ready with our testimony; be ready to act (both talking to people and helping people by meeting a need).

6. True or False. Peter and his friends thought Jesus didn’t know what He was talking about when He told them to put down their nets. True

7. True or False. Peter and his friends had already tried hard all night to catch fish. True.

8. True or False. Peter and his friends weren’t even impressed with the fish they caught after Jesus told them where to put their nets. False

9. Name one of the two friends who were with Peter on the boat. John or James.

10. True or False. Peter and his friends wanted to follow Jesus. True

11. How do most people feel after they’ve caught a fish? Excited.


Play a Fishing Equipment Memory Game

Fishing for Men Fishing Equipment Memory Game

1. Bring in a bunch of different things used for fishing:  poles, sinkers, worms, lures (make sure you remove any sharp parts) nets, fishing hat, license, wading boots, tackle box, etc.  If you don’t have fishing equipment, you can use the fishing picture below.

2. Show the children each object one by one and see if they know what it is and what it is used for. (Do not tell the children that you are going to play a memory game at this point. The children who have been paying attention will be rewarded later.)

3. Put each object away so that it can’t be seen after you have discussed what it is. Hand out a piece of paper and tell the children that you are going to play a memory game and that on the word “go”, they are to write on their papers as many things that they can remember that you just showed them. Tell them if they can’t spell the object or can’t remember what it is called, they can make a quick sketch of the object. See who can remember the most objects.

4. When you have finished this game see if the children can write down the “equipment” God gives us to become fishers of men.



Miraculous Catch of Fish Boat Craft

Fishers of Men Envelope Boat Craft for Children's Ministry

What you will need:

Invitation Envelope (4 3/8" x 5 3/4") or a Letter-sized Envelope

Pipe Cleaners or Drinking Straws


Colored Pencil or Crayons

Clear Tape or Glue

Netting from Vegetable Bags

Paper to Make Fish


How to Make the Envelope Boat:

1. To make the boat print out the Envelope Cutting Diagram onto card stock or heavy paper and cut it out.

Envelope Boat Diagram for Jesus Walked on the Water from www.daniellesplace.com

2. Place the patterns on the envelope and trace them onto the envelope. Cut the sail and the boat from the envelope. (Invitation-sized envelopes work best because they allow for a larger sail, but the letter-sized envelopes will also work.)

3. Use a sharp object such as a letter opener to score the fold lines on both sides of the boat shape. If you don't have a sharp object, you can just trace the line using a pen and heavy hand. (This is an important step because it will make it easier to fold the envelope.

4. Fold up the bottom of the boat shape 1/2" where indicated on the pattern. Turn the envelope over and fold it up again on the same line. Do the same thing for the other fold lines, folding them up and back.

5. Have your children color the boat shape before assembling the boat. You may also want them to write the Bible verse or short saying on the sail.

Envelope Boat Diagram 1 from www.daniellesplace.com
6. To assemble the boat open the boat shape with your thumbs pulling out the sides so that two triangle shapes appear at the corners.
Envelope Boat Diagram 2 from www.daniellesplace.com
7. Press down on the tips of the envelope to form smaller triangles (pre-folded lines) at the corners.
Envelope Boat Diagram 3 from www.daniellesplace.com
8. Fold back the corners towards to bottom of the boat.
Envelope Boat Diagram 4 from www.daniellesplace.com
9. Tape the corners down to the bottom of the boat.

10. To finish tape the sail onto a pipe cleaner or straw and then tape it to the inside of the boat.

11. You can also have your children make a lake scene by cutting wave shapes from paper, make a net from vegetable bags, cut fish shapes from paper or use fish crackers.

12. Make Bible people out of craft sticks or clothes pins and place them in the boat. (A printable patterns for Jesus, Peter, the disciples, and the waves are available to members on The Resource Room.)

Member's Miraculous Catch of Fish Boat Craft Pattern

13. Make nets out of vegetable nets and cut fish from paper.



Play "Go Fish" Game

1. Before class print out the net pattern and the fish patterns onto computer paper.

Member's fishing net and fish pattern

2. Write the memory verse on the fish patterns, one word per fish.

3. Tape the fish pictures onto the back of the net patterns. Leave some papers blank.

4. Spread out the papers on the floor with the net side up.

5. Before the game, go over the memory verse. Write it on the board if you have children that can't read.

6. Before starting remind the children that the fishermen in the story didn't have much luck fishing until Jesus told them where to find the fish. Say, "Let's see if you can catch some fish today."

7. Have the children stand in a circle around the papers (nets) on the floor, and take turns picking up the nets and to see if they can "catch" fish.

8. If a child turns over a paper with a fish taped to the back, ask him if he knows what the word is on the fish. Encourage him to find the matching word on the board. Give him a piece of tape to hang up the paper underneath the matching word.

9. Instead you can hang a string or net up in the room and have the children clip the fish to the net with clothes pins in the correct order.



"Gone Fishing" Bible Verse Review and Bible Verse Card Holder Craft

"Gone Fishing" Bible Verse Review Craft and Bible Verse Holder from www.daniellesplace.com


What you will need:

Scratch Mini Notes, Wooden Stylus, Pool Noodles, Serrated Knife, Fish Stickers, Mini Craft Sticks, Paper, Scissors and Glue or Tape


How to Make the Bible Verse Holder:

1. Before class cut pool noodles in 5-inch lengths. Cut the 5-inch lengths in half lengthwise.

2. Place the halves on a table so that the flat side is touching the table. Cut a slit lengthwise across the top being sure not to cut all the way through.

3. Print out the "Gone Fishing" sign pattern and cut them out.

Member's Bible verse patterns

4. In class have your children write the Bible verse on the scratch art note paper or on pieces of card stock and place them in the top slit.

5. Fold the "Gone Fishing" sign in half and glue or tape it to a mini craft stick. Place the sign in the slit as shown in the picture above.

6. To finish have your children decorate the Bible verse card holder with fish stickers.

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Worm Bible Verse Review Game

Worm Bible Verse Review Game for Fishers of Men Bible Lesson for Children's Ministry

1. Before class print out the worm Patterns and cut them out.

Member's earthworm patterns

2. Bend the worms so that they stick up a little.

3. In class place the worms on the table in front of the children.

4. Ask the children if they can find the first word of the Bible verse on one of the worms. Have the child

who found the second worm pick it up using the first worm. Tell him he can't touch the second worm with his hands.

5. Then pick another child to find the next word and have the first child hand him the chain or worms. The second child should pick up the third word without touching the second and third worm. Keep playing until all the worms have been picked up.