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Bible Crafts and Activities Relating to Fishers of Men Matthew 4:19



In this fishing-themed lesson children learn the difference between fishermen and “fishers of men”. They discuss some of the equipment needed to become a good fisherman and learn that Jesus has provided us with the right equipment to become good “fishers of men”. This lesson is available to members on The Resource Room.


Fishing For Men Activity Sheet for Sunday School

Work on a Bible Verse Review Sheet

1. Before class print out the activity sheet and make copies.

2. In class have your children following the fishing line to discover the verse.

3. When they are finished ask them what they think the Bible verse means.



Bible Lesson Review Fishing Game

Fishers of Men Kid Fishers
Fish Kids Bible Review Game

1. Write the following questions on the back of the "fish kids" or just write a number corresponding to the numbers on your paper.

You should have five fish leftover. You can make these fish “reward fish”. If a child picks one of these, you can reward him with a piece of candy or any other kind of reward you think appropriate. You can also give rewards to children who answer their questions correctly.

2. Punch a hole in the top of each “fish kid” and tie a string to it.

Place all the “fish kids” in a box or bucket so that the strings are hanging out. Do not overlap them because they may get stuck to each other when the string is pulled. Place the bucket or box up high so that the children cannot see into the bucket or box.

3. Have the children take turns “fishing” by pulling on a string and answering questions that corresponds to the number on their fish.


1. Jesus asked Peter to be a _________ ___ ________. Fisher of men

2. If we want to be a fisher of men, we must _________ ________. Follow Jesus

3. To be a fisher of men means that _________________________. We are bringing people to Jesus.

4. Name one piece of special “fishing” gear that Jesus has given us: His Word, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and prayer.

5. Name one way we can be ready to go fishing for men. Be ready with our testimony; be ready to act (both talking to people and helping people by meeting a need).

6. True or False. Peter and his friends thought Jesus didn’t know what He was talking about when He told them to put down their nets. True

7. True or False. Peter and his friends had already tried hard all night to catch fish. True.

8. True or False. Peter and his friends weren’t even impressed with the fish they caught after Jesus told them where to put their nets. False

9. Name one of the two friends who were with Peter on the boat. John or James.

10. True or False. Peter and his friends wanted to follow Jesus. True

11. How do most people feel after they’ve caught a fish? Excited.


Play a Fishing Equipment Memory Game

1. Bring in a bunch of different things used for fishing:  poles, sinkers, worms, lures (make sure you remove any sharp parts) nets, fishing hat, license, wading boots, tackle box, etc.  If you don’t have fishing equipment, you can use the fishing picture below.

2. Show the children each object one by one and see if they know what it is and what it is used for. (Do not tell the children that you are going to play a memory game at this point. The children who have been paying attention will be rewarded later.)


3. Put each object away so that it can’t be seen after you have discussed what it is. Hand out a piece of paper and tell the children that you are going to play a memory game and that on the word “go”, they are to write on their papers as many things that they can remember that you just showed them. Tell them if they can’t spell the object or can’t remember what it is called, they can make a quick sketch of the object. See who can remember the most objects.

4. When you have finished this game see if the children can write down the “equipment” God gives us to become fishers of men.


Put on a Puppet Skit

Fishers of Kids web site has a cute puppet skit that goes along nicely with this lesson.