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Printable Crafts and Bible Games for Hannah and Baby Samuel for Children's Ministry



Hannah - God Answers Prayer Bible Lesson

God Answers Prayers Bible Lesson about Hannah Praying for a Baby - Digital Download including Bible Crafts, Bible Games and A Song for Preschool through Second Grade

The following Bible crafts and games are from the Sunday School lesson "God Hears Our Prayers" available to members on The Resource Room or as an instant download.

Member's Lesson Hannah Sunday School Lesson for Members

Instant Download Bible Hannah Bible Lesson Instant Download - 22 pages



Hannah and Samuel Paper Dolls

Hannah holding Baby Samuel Paper Doll Craft for Children's Ministry. Baby Samuel can be inserted and removed from Hananh's arms.


What you will need: Card Stock, Scissors, Tape, and Colored Pencils or Crayons

Children will enjoy placing Baby Samuel in Hannah's arms and play-acting the Bible story. (Printable patterns available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant download above.)



Color or Make a Picture of Baby Samuel with Blocks

Baby Samuel Coloring and Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com

Children color a picture of Baby Samuel, cut out the blocks and arrange them to spell "Samuel" and then glue them to another sheet of paper. This is also available in a color sheet as pictured above. (Printable Patterns are available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant download above.)



Play a Baby Things Memory Game

Baby Things Memory Game


Bring in about eight or nine different baby items or use clip art and place them in a bag. (If you have very young children use only four or five items.)

Pull out each item one at a time and tell the children what it is, what it is used for, and place it on the table or a tray.

When all the items are displayed tell the children to close their eyes.

Remove one of the items and mix up the other ones so that they are not in the same place. Tell the children to open their eyes. Ask if anyone knows which item is missing.

Play several times removing different items each time. (Printable patterns to members on The Resource Room and as an Instant Download above.)



Matching Hands Bible Lesson Introduction

Matching Hands bible Lesson Introduction - What did Hannah pray for?


Preparation: Before class cut out different sizes and colors of praying hand shapes making only two of them the same size. Make the matching hand a different color than all the rest so that you will know it is the matching hand. Cut out pictures from magazines of different things like animals, houses, cars, computers, etc. (or use the printable patterns.) Also cut out a baby boy picture and glue it onto the praying hand that is the matching hand shape of a different color than all the rest of the hand shapes. Hide the hands around your room, but keep the matching hand shape aside to use during the lesson. (Printable patterns available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant download above.)

Lesson Introduction

What do you do when you want something really bad? Maybe you saw something on TV that you really wanted. What did you do to try and get that thing? Did you ask your parents to buy it for you? What did you do if they said no? Did you beg or plead for them to buy it for you? Did you say, "Please, please, please"? Did you cry if they said no? What might your parents say when you ask them for something? They might say yes, or they might say no, or they might say wait.

Our story today is found in 1 Samuel. It is about a woman named Hannah who wanted something really bad. She wanted it so bad that it made her very sad because she didn't have it. Let's see if we can find out what it was she wanted. I have in my hand a shape of a hand. There is another hand hidden in this room that matches this hand. And on that hand is a picture of what Hannah wanted. When I say go, I want you to get up and go look for one hand shape. When you find one hand shape, bring it back and sit down with your hand shape in your lap.

When all the children are sitting again call each child up one at a time. (Call on the child who has the matching hand last.) Have the child show the class the picture that is glued to the hand. Ask the child holding the hand, "Do you think that this is what Hannah might have wanted?" Say, "Let's see if this hand matches the hand shape I am holding." Have the child place the hand next to yours. If it doesn't match, say, "No, this isn't what Hannah wanted so bad that it made her sad because she didn't have it."

When you get to the last child who has the matching hand go through the same routine. Put the hands together and say. Yes! This is what Hannah wanted. Do you know what Hannah did to get what she wanted? She couldn't go ask her mom or dad for it. She went to God and asked him for a baby. She put her hands together and she prayed for a baby. (Put the hand shapes together and show the children them together. Have the children put their hands together like the hand shape.) (This is the introduction to the "Hannah Prays" Bible lesson. You can find the complete lesson on The Resource Room and as an Instant Download above.



"What Did Hannah Pray For?", Easy-to-Read Printable Book

"What did Hannah Pray For?" Easy-to-read Book for Hannah Sunday school lesson from www.daniellesplace.com

The repetitive words and pictures in this book make a great book for beginner readers.

Every page asks if Hannah prayed for a different thing, the following page answers the question, until, finally, the last page reveals what Hannah actually prayed for.

Children will enjoy reading this book on their own and coloring the pictures that go along with the story.

(Printable Patterns for this book are available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant download above.)



How "God Answers Prayers" Snack Game

God Answers Prayer Bible Game


1. Before class print out the "God Answers Prayer" labels and glue them to a paper bag.

(Printable labels available to members on The Resource Room above.)

2. Cut out the yes, no, and wait, squares and place them

in the bag.

How to Play:

2. In class tell the children that God hears our prayers but he doesn't always answer them the way we want him to answer them. Sometimes he says yes, sometimes he says no, and sometimes he says wait. Explain that each of them will get a snack, but they may have to ask several times in order to receive one.

3. Give each child a chance to ask, "May I have a snack?" The child then picks one of the folded pieces of paper out of the bowl and reads it.

If it says yes, the child picks a snack.

If the paper says no, the child has to wait to try again after every one has had a chance to take a turn. Ask the children why God might say no when we ask him for something. Explain that sometimes God may have something else in mind for them. God may say no because he knows what we are asking for isn't good for us. We may not know why God says no, but we can trust him that he knows what is best for us.

If the paper says wait, the child has to wait until the next child gets a snack and then he can get his. Keep playing until all the children pick either a yes or wait paper and everyone has a snack.



Play "Find Samuel"

Have the children sit in a circle and close their eyes and chant the following poem:

Pray Hannah pray
Will there be a baby Maybe?
Cry, baby, cry.

The teacher gently taps a child's shoulder while the rest of the children have their eyes closed. That child goes and hides in the room. The hidden child gently cries after the children have looked for a couple of minutes. After the child is found, start all over.

If your classroom is too small to play this game have the child hide a baby doll or picture of a baby and then go back to the group and pretend to cry so the children know to go look for the baby.



Play a Duck, Duck, Goose-Like Game

Have the children sit in a circle and chant the same poem as above. Pick one child to walk around the circle holding a baby. The child then places the baby behind one of the children in the circle and runs. The child who has the baby behind him jumps up, grabs the baby, and chases the running child around the circle and back to her place. The child who placed the doll behind the child tries to make it all the way around the circle and back to the empty place where the child chasing her sat. If she makes it back without being tagged, the chaser then walks around the circle and places the baby behind someone else's back. Keep playing until all the children have had a turn.




"A Special Baby for Hannah"
Written by Carolyn Warvel
© 2004, Digital by Design, Inc.

Hannah wanted a baby.
She thought that just maybe
if she would pray and pray and pray
she would get one right away.

She begged and pleaded and cried
but no matter what she tried
there was no baby by her side.
She just wanted to run and hide.
Hannah had to wait and wait and wait
because God answers prayers at his own rate.
God had a very special baby
in mind for this very special lady.
This baby would be someone great
So Hannah had to wait and wait and wait.

©2004, Digital by Design, Inc. -*See Copyright Information


I am very impressed!!! I am the daughter of a preacher of a small Baptist church. I have been in church all my life. I have never been a teacher, I'm just not the type to stand in front of a class and teach. I can play the piano and sing, but I am no teacher. However, to give a young lady a break from children's church several of us have signed up, by the month. A friend of mine at church found your website and emailed it to me. I have found it to be a true "lifesaver". The Lord knew I needed help. Your lessons are easy for small children to understand (and old non-teachers to teach). Keep up the great blessing you are doing. It's just wonderful. I can't express enough how impressed I am. May God bless you and your ministry. Love in Christ, Jerita Cambell