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Friends Honor Each Other Sunday School Lesson

In this lesson children learn what it means to honor someone. They learn how to honor their friends; and that Jesus showed honor to us by giving us the most priceless gift of all, his life.

The following crafts and activities come from the lesson "Sunday School Lesson Friends Honor Each Other". A complete lessons with more crafts and activities is available on The Resource Room, a subscription site.



Have a Quilting Bee

Honor Your Friends Paper Quilt Craft


At the turn of the century friends honored each other by spending time with each other and helping them make quilts.

Tell your children that they are going to have a quilting bee. Children glue triangle shapes to a template to make quilt squares.

Staple the completed squares in rows touching each other to make a large paper quilt.

You can use scrap material, wall paper samples or scrapbooking paper.

This pattern comes in both KJV and NIV.

Member's Honor Paper Quilt Craft Pattern



Honor Paper Quilts - Coloring Sheets

Honor Quilt Craft includes five different patterns.


If you don't have material scraps for the above activity, you can have your children make paper quilts.

This quilt includes five different designs including: Love, obedience, honesty, trust and forgiveness.

1. Before class print out the paper patterns onto white paper and make copies.

Member's Quilt Craft Patterns for members

2. Have your children pick one of the five patterns to color with markers or colored pencils.

3. When they are done staple the squares to your bulletin board to make a large quilt.

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Wash Each Other's Feet

Explain to the children that back in Jesus' time most people had to walk to wherever they wanted to go. They wore sandals so their feet got very dirty. When visitors arrived at someone's house the servants would wash their feet. If someone wanted to show honor to someone, like Mary did in our story, they would take the job of the servant and wash the visitor's feet. Tell the children that we don't do this today, but there are many other ways we can honor each other. Pass out towels and split the children up into twos. Have them wash each other's feet in a bowl of water.

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"Serve One Another in Love" Relay Race

Serve One Another Relay Race

Divide your children up into two or more teams.

Give each child a Styrofoam tray. Place a plastic cup, bowl, spoon, and fork on the trays of the children that are first in line.

The children must carry the trays with all the things on them to one end of the room and back with out dropping anything. If they drop something, they must go back and pick it up. Then they place all the items from their tray onto the next child's tray.

Keep playing this way until one team wins.

If you have older children, you can have them say the verse while they are "serving" the next child in line. If any of the children get pushy or mad because another team member isn't fast enough or makes a mistake, remind the children that the verse says, "Serve one another in LOVE.

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Serving in Love at Snack Time

Bring in about five different types of snacks. Make sure they are small such as: Mini chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cookies, Teddy Grahams, bit size candy bars, etc. Place them all in a separate bowl on a table. Tell your children that they are going to practice "serving each other in love". Have the children take turns serving the child to his or her right. Each child will ask the child to his right what he would like to have. (Tell the children that they can have any combination of the five things on the table.) The child will then go and get the order for the child and bring it back to him. The child that has just been served will then ask the child on his right what he would like. Keep going until all the children have been served. Remind your children to say, "thank you" and to ask politely what each child would like to have.

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