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Bible Craft for Miracles - Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus Walks on Water or Jesus Calms the Storm Bible Crafts for Children's Ministry


"Jesus Walks on the Water" Noodle Craft Display

Students will love making and playing with this interactive "Jesus Walks on Water" display. The figure are inserted in the noodle. The Peter figure can be moved up and down to imitate Peter walking on and sinking into the water.

Children cut and glue the waves onto the front and back of the pool noodle and then place the figure in pre-cut slits on the top of the noodle.

Both black and white and colored patterns are available to members and as a instant digital download.

Member's Jesus walks on water bible pattern for members

Instant Digital Download Purchase "Jesus Walks on Water" Bible Craft Patterns

What you will need: Blue Pool Noodles, Cardstock (heavy paper), Blue paper, small fish stickers, scissors and glue.


What to do:

1. Before class print and cut out the patterns onto cardstock (Heavy Paper). Print the wave pattern onto blue paper.

2. Cut pool noodles into to six-inch sections and then cut them in half lengthwise.

3. Cut slits in the pool noodle where the figures and boat should be inserted.

4. In class have your children glue the wave pictures in front and back of the pool noodle.

5. Have them color the pictures and insert them in the noodle.

6. Children can draw cloud shapes and glue them to sticks, and then insert them in the pool noodle.

7. To finish have your children stick tiny fish stickers on the noodle.

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"Jesus Walks on the Water" Envelope Boat Craft

Jesus Walks on Water Envelope Boat Craft


What you will need:

Invitation Envelope (4 3/8" x 5 3/4") or a Letter-sized Envelope, Pipe Cleaners or Drinking Straws, Scissors,Colored Pencil or Crayons and Clear Tape

Made from one invitation-sized envelope this little boat takes only minutes to cut and assemble. Children will love acting out Bible stories with the Bible Paper Dolls. (Available to members on The Resource Room) If you aren't a member you can use craft sticks or clothes pins to make the Bible characters.

Member's Jesus walks on water bible pattern


How to Make the Envelope Boat:

1. To make the boat print out the Envelope Cutting Diagram onto card stock or heavy paper and cut it out.

Envelope Boat Diagram for Jesus Walked on the Water from www.daniellesplace.com

2. Place the patterns on the envelope and trace them onto the envelope. Cut the sail and the boat from the envelope. (Invitation-sized envelopes work best because they allow for a larger sail, but the letter-sized envelopes will also work.)

3. Use a sharp object such as a letter opener to score the fold lines on both sides of the boat shape. If you don't have a sharp object, you can just trace the line using a pen and heavy hand. (This is an important step because it will make it easier to fold the envelope.

4. Fold up the bottom of the boat shape 1/2" where indicated on the pattern. Turn the envelope over and fold it up again on the same line. Do the same thing for the other fold lines, folding them up and back.

5. Have your children color the boat shape before assembling the boat. You may also want them to write the Bible verse or short saying on the sail.

Envelope Boat Diagram 1 from www.daniellesplace.com
6. To assemble the boat open the boat shape with your thumbs pulling out the sides so that two triangle shapes appear at the corners.
Envelope Boat Diagram 2 from www.daniellesplace.com
7. Press down on the tips of the envelope to form smaller triangles (pre-folded lines) at the corners.
Envelope Boat Diagram 3 from www.daniellesplace.com
8. Fold back the corners towards to bottom of the boat.
Envelope Boat Diagram 4 from www.daniellesplace.com
9. Tape the corners down to the bottom of the boat.

10. To finish tape the sail onto a pipe cleaner or straw and then tape it to the inside of the boat.

11. You can also have your children make a lake scene by cutting wave shapes from paper, make a net from vegetable bags, cut fish shapes from paper or use fish crackers.

12. Make Bible people out of craft sticks or clothes pins and place them in the boat. (A printable patterns for Jesus, Peter, the disciples, and the waves are available to members on The Resource Room.)

*Note - if you don't have envelopes there is a boat pattern available to members that you can just print out onto card stock and cut out.

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"Keep Your Eyes on Jesus" Wheel Craft

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus wheel Craft for Sunday School from www.daniellesplace.com

This craft will remind your children to keep their eyes on Jesus when they face difficult or scary situations. Turn the wheel and different thoughts appear in the window such as: It's too dark!, It might hurt!, etc. The eyes on the little boy also move with each situation. When the words "Keep your eyes on Jesus!" show through the window, the little boy is looking straight ahead.

This craft goes along with the Sunday School Lesson "Keep Your Eyes on Jesus" on The Resource Room.

Member's Keep Your Eyes On Jesus Wheel Craft Pattern



Play "Keep Your Eyes on Jesus" Water Strider Game

Keep your eyes on Jesus Water Strider Game from www.daniellesplace.com

Children spin the water strider wheel to see in which direction the water strider is looking. The child or teacher reads the thought and then the child gives an example of when someone might take their eyes off of Jesus when they are thinking that thought. For example, if the water strider is looking at "It might hurt." The child may say, "A person may say this when he is going to get a shot." The teacher can comment that if this person remembers that Jesus will be with them, they won't be so afraid.

If they "keep their eyes on Jesus", he will help them get through it. If the water strider is looking at the word "Jesus", you can give the child a treat or make up some other reward.

This craft goes along with the Sunday School Lesson "Keep Your Eyes on Jesus" on The Resource Room.

Member's Water Strider Game Pattern



Jesus Walks on Water Craft Stick Craft

Jesus Walks on Water Boat Craft www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need:

Card Stock (Heavy Paper)

Mini Jumbo Craft Sticks

Block of Styrofoam or Clay


Drinking Straws

How to make:

1. Before class print out the boat pattern, cut it out, and use it as a template to cut out boats from card stock.

Member's Jesus walks on water craft pattern

2. To make the boat, fold on the dotted lines. At each end of the boat bring the pointed ends together and glue or tape them together.

3. Cut pieces of Styrofoam to fit inside the boat and glue them to the bottom of the boats. Instead you can place clay or play dough on the bottom of the boat.

4. Cut the ends off of the craft sticks to make the sticks different lengths, some shorter and taller than the others.

5. In class have the children count out twelve sticks plus one for Jesus. Have them draw faces on each stick and color the bottom of the sticks for the clothes.

6. Cut out triangle shapes for the boat's sail. Tape the sail to a straw.

7. Show the children how to press all the craft sticks and the straw into the styrofoam or clay.



Shaving Cream Fun

Squirt shaving cream on a table and sprinkle blue glitter to resemble water. Before hand have your children decorate wooden craft spoons as Jesus and Peter. Let the children play in the shaving cream with the spoons acting out the story. Use play boats if desired. Shaving cream seems messy but it will dissolve and not stain clothes.



"Keep Your Eyes on the Verse" Bible Verse Review

Print out the Bible verse to make a large poster.

Pick about five students to stand in the back of the room against a wall. Stand at the front of the room with the poster in your hands. Point to one of the words on the poster and see if any of the children can read the word from the back of the room. (If one of the children can see the word, try using a smaller poster.) If no one can read the word, take a step forward. Ask your children again if anyone can read the word. Keep playing until a child can read the word you are pointing to. Have the children say the whole verse and then pick another group of children.

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This Activity goes along with the Sunday School Lesson "Keep Your Eyes on Jesus" on The Resource Room.



Jesus Walks on Water Wave Streamers

Cut light blue, dark blue, and white crepe strips into three feet lengths. In class have the children gather about five strips together and staple them together at one end. Tape the strips to a jumbo-sized craft stick. Show the children how they can move their hands up and down and make the streamers look like waves. Use the streamers later during music time.

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My husband is a pastor of a small church. I teach Jr. Church ages from 5-11. I am so thankful that I found your web site!! Most of my lessons come from your web site. The class really enjoyed making the boat with the disciples in it. Kathy Aurandt.

I am so thrilled that I have joined Danielle's Place. Wow!!! I have also recommended your site to others. You are sooooo organized, and the ideas and crafts are awesome! The patterns are easy to use, and the pictures are so helpful. The children love everything that I have used from your creative site. Thank you, Thank you!! Pam, KCC