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John 3:16 Fanfold Paper Bible Craft for Children

John 3:16 Fanfold Paper Bible Craft for children's Ministry

What you will need:

Printer Paper

Colored Paper


Straight-edge Ruler

Scoring Tool

What to do:

1. Before class, print out the pattern sheet and make copies.

Member's Member's Pattern for John 3:16 Bible Craft for Kids

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2. Cut out around the edge of the patterns.

3. Use a scoring tool and a straight-edge ruler to score each of the dashed lines to make it easier for children to fold the patterns.

4. Make a sample craft.

5. Have your children color the pictures and then fan-fold the pattern. Start folding by folding forward the first dashed line on either side of the pattern. If you start by folding backward, the pictures will appear upside-down.