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Joseph's Talents Bible Crafts

Bible Crafts and Learning Activities for Joseph's Dream Bible Lesson


Joseph's Special Ability Bible Lesson - Your children will learn about Joseph and the special abilities God gave him to help people. They will also learn that God has given each of them special abilities that he wants them to use to help others.


Work on a Coloring Sheet or Activity Sheet

king's dream
activity sheet



Talk About Dreams

Pass out the "King's Dream" Coloring Sheet. As your children color tell them that today's story is about a king who had a very strange dream. Ask them if they have strange or scary dreams.

Member's Member's Pattern Kings Dream



"Find the Skinny Cows" Activity Sheet

Print out the Cow Activity Sheet and make copies. In class tell your children to try and find the seven skinny cows and circle them.

Member's Skinny Cows Pattern



Joseph Bible Crafts


Healthy Cow and Skinny Cow Paper Plate Craft

Heathy cow
skinny cow

What you will need:

Three Dinner-Sized Paper Plates, Card Stock, Crayons or Markers, Glue and Scissors

What to do:

1. Before class print out the head, feet, and tail pattern onto card stock.

Member's Skinny Cows Pattern

2. In class have your children cut out the patterns and color them.

3. To make the skinny cow, fold a paper plate in half. Glue the legs, head and tail onto the paper plate as shown.

4. To make the healthy cow, fold the edge down on two paper plates about 2 1/2". Place the two plates together, top-to-top, and glue them together around the rim of the plate.



Play "Find the Cow" Card Game

1. Before class print out the animal cards and cut them apart. You only need one set of cards for this game.

Member's Skinny Cows Pattern

2. Turn all the card face down and have the children take turns turning over one card at a time to see if they can find the cow card. If a child turns over a card that is not the cow card, he turns it back over and the next child takes a turn. The child that finds the cow card wins. You can reward this child by letting him help hand out the snacks or be the first to start the next game.



Make a Cow Paper Bag Puppet

Cow puppet

What you will need:

White Paper Lunch Bags

White Typing Paper


Glue Sticks

Black Crayons

How to make:

1. Before class print out the cow head pattern and the cow leg patterns and make copies.

Member's Skinny Cows Pattern

2. Cut out the patterns.

3. In class show the children how to fold down the corners of the bottom of the bag and tape them down. Glue the cows head onto the bottom of the bag. Color the tongue and glue it under the folded bottom of the bag. Glue the legs to the back of the bag and color spots on the cow.



Joseph Bible Activities


Work on "God Gave Me Special Abilities" Worksheet

Talents Worksheet

What you will need:


Colored Pencils

Tape or Glue


Different Colors of Construction Paper

White Printer Paper

How to Make:

1. Before class print out the Activity Sheet and Talents Cards. Cut the cards apart.

Member's Skinny Cows Pattern

2. In class give each child an activity sheet and have them color it. Have older children write the Bible verse on the bottom of the sheet.

3. When your children are done coloring place the talent cards in the middle of the table. Ask your children to look at the cards and decide which talents written on the cards God might have given them. Ask them how they can use that particular talent to work for the Lord.

Talents and How They Can Be Use for the Lord:



Play "Seven and Seven" Board Game

bible game

What you will need:

20" x 30" Poster Board or Foam Core Board

Computer Paper

Elmer's Paper Glue

Pencils or Crayons

A Die

Game Pieces Such as Buttons

What to do:

1. Before class print out the Cow Spaces (Make two sets.), Talent Spaces.

Member's Skinny Cows Pattern

Cut the cow spaces, and talent spaces apart and glue them around the edge of the poster board with cow spaces between every two or three talent spaces as shown in the picture.

2. Glue the "Seven and Seven" title page to the center of the board.

3. In class give each child a game piece such as a button. Have them place their game pieces on the board where ever they would like to start.

score card

4. Pass out the score sheets. Have your children take turns throwing a die and moving that many spaces to the right. If a child lands on a skinny cow, he colors one space under the skinny cow on his score sheet. If he lands on a healthy cow space, he colors one space under the healthy cow. If he lands on a talent space, he looks at the picture and tries to figure out what the child's talent might be in the picture and how he or she might use it to help others.

5. The child who colors in all fourteen spaces on his or her score sheet first wins. To make the game go faster you can write different numbers on the cow pictures and have the children color in that many spaces on their score sheet.



Talents Match Game

talents match game

What you will need:

Card Stock (Heavy Paper)



1. Print out the Talent Cards and the Cow Cards (Print two sets) onto card stock.

Member's Skinny Cows Pattern

To Play:

2. Turn them all over so your children can't see the pictures. Have them take turns turning over two cards at a time trying to match the pictures. When a child gets a match, ask him what talent he thinks is represented on the picture cards and how that child might use his talent to help others. If they find matching cow cards, they say the Bible verse. There will be more than one match for the cow cards, but that is okay. It will make the game a little easier. Note: Use fewer cards if you have younger children.

If you have very young children, make only one set of cards. Turn over all the cards and have your children take turns picking a card. If they pick a cow card, they say the Bible verse. If they pick a picture card, they say what the talent might be and how we can use it to help others.