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Paul and Silas Bible Lesson for Children with Crafts and Activities

The following crafts and activities go with the Bible lesson "Paul and Silas Rejoice". This lesson is available to members on The Resource Room and as an instant digital download.

Member's Paul and Silas Coloring and Activity Sheet Pattern6

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Work on the Coloring Sheet "Paul and Silas"

Paul and Silas Coloring and Activity Sheet from www.daniellesplace.com


Children color both pages and then glue the black strips of paper to the back of the jail pattern. Staple the jail pattern over the Paul an Silas pattern on the left hand side.

1. Before class print out the Paul and Silas Pattern and make copies.

2. Print out the Jail Pattern and make copies.

3. Cut out the center of the pattern, and cut up thin strips of black construction paper.

Instant Digital Download Puchase Paul and Silas Rejoice Bible Lesson



Make Paper Chains and Act Out The Story

Paul and Silas Bible Story Reenactment

1. Cut up black construction paper into 3/4" x 4 1/2" pieces.

2. Cut up pieces of construction paper 7" x 1 1/2" for the wristbands.

3. In class have the children glue the smaller pieces together to make a chain. When they are finished, tape the larger pieces of construction paper to the chain at both ends by placing pieces of tape through the end loops of the chain and taping them to the middle of the larger pieces. You will be taping the wristbands (end pieces) to the child's wrist at the end of the lesson.

Act out the Bible Story

1. Before class, make a jail out of a large appliance box. Open up the box so that it lays flat.

2. Cut out some windows with bars and paint the box to look like it is made of stone.

3. Stand the box up so that it is in an arch with the bottom flaps of the box in towards the unpainted side of the jail.

4. Place heavy books on the flaps or tape them to the floor with duct tape to keep the jail from falling over. Fold the top flaps down towards the inside and tape them together with duct tape. If you don't want to make a jail, you can just put a bunch of chairs in a circle with an opening at one side. You may also want to bring in Bible dress-up clothes and a play sword.

5. In class, divide the children into two groupsf. From one group, pick a child to be the jailer, one to be Paul, and one to be Silas (Children who like to sing). Have the rest of the children be prisoners. The second half of the children will be the audience and sound effects people.

6. Tape the paper chains around the prisoner's wrists and tell them to get in the jail. Have the jailer lie on the floor off to the side and pretend to be asleep.

7. Tell the children that Paul and Silas will start to sing (If the children don't want to sing, just tell them they can pretend to pray) and when they hear a banging noise they should stomp their feet and pound on the table to make it sound like an earthquake. The prisoners in the jail should pull apart their chains and act very surprised. When the earthquake has stopped tell the jailer to wake up and look frightened and to draw his sword. At this point Paul should yell, "Don't hurt yourself! We are all here!" The jailer then goes up to Paul and asks, "What must I do to be saved?" Paul answers, "Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved."



Play "Go to Jail" Review Game

1. Before class make a set of Key Cards with questions about the lesson.

2. Make a spinner board and glue it to a thick piece of cardboard. Cut a spinner and attach it to the middle of the spinner board with a paper fastener.

3. Designate one part of your room as the jail. You can set up chairs in a square with an opening or make a jail out of cardboard boxes.

Have your children take turns spinning the spinner. If the spinner stops on the jail side, the child has to go to jail. If it stops on the key side, he gets to answer a question. If he answers it right, he frees everyone who is in jail.

Member's Go to Jail Review Game Pattern7

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Philippians 4:4 Bible Verse Review Sheet

Phlippians 4:4 Bible Verse Review Sheet

Children match up the shapes to discover the Bible verse.

Member's Paul and Silas Coloring and Activity Sheet Pattern6

Instant Digital Download Puchase Paul and Silas Rejoice Bible Lesson



I teach a Sunday school class, for ages 2 to 6 years old. Our lesson this week was “Paul and Silas Rejoice”. My kids really loved the lesson. For my craft, I used your jail pattern, printed onto construction paper. The children glued the bars on the pre-cut jails and then glued the sides and the top to another sheet of construction paper, leaving the bottom open. We then made Paul and Silas puppets and glued them onto popsicle sticks. The children really enjoyed using the puppets to act out the Bible story. I didn’t have time to make the jail from the appliance box, but I’m sure my children would have loved that too!! Theresa

I taught about “Singing in Jail” to 3-5-year-olds and I picked two volunteers to be Paul & Silas. I used the paper chains for their hands. I cut the ends off of a box and hinged it on one end with tape. I cut 2 circles at each end (four total) on both sides to make stocks. Then we sang a song and stomped our feet to make an earthquake. The kids loved it! Debbie

Hello, I used the “Paul and Silas” in jail lesson for two different classes this past week and they loved it!

First I used it in my 3-year-old Sunday school class and we did the “Joy” Fruitloop necklace from the Fruit of the Spirit lesson. We had so much fun putting our necklaces together and snacking at the same time!

Secondly, I used the craft page of Paul in Silas in jail in my 2-year-old class on Wednesday night. I copied the back color page onto white card stock and let them color it. I then copied the front page (with the cut-out) onto gray construction paper so it looked like real stone. Then let them glue the “black construction paper” bars on! They really liked helping get Paul and Silas out of jail by raising the front page open. We also made the chains and put them on at the end of class and they couldn’t wait to tell their parents what we talked about in Bible class that night. Thanks for making such wonderful resources available! Sandy

I adapted the “Go to Jail” game for my young preschool students. They love board games, and this game is particularly good at helping them recall the important information from the story in a repetition mode which is a favorite way young children learn. Instead of making the spinner (which is somewhat hard for many of the young ones to do), I duplicated five sets of the game board. I cut the jail picture and the key picture sides apart and pasted them on ten cards. These were mixed up so that when the kids drew a card the chances were even that they would either answer a question or go to jail. Thanks for this great game idea. Jean

I did the Paul and Silas Lesson this week with my kids and they loved it! They really enjoyed putting the black pieces of construction paper on for the jail bars. It turned out great! I wanted to thank you again for taking your time to prepare lessons for these kids, I know God will bless you for it. God Bless! Katherine

I recently taught the lesson, “Paul & Silas Rejoice” to my preschool Sunday school class. We made the Paul and Silas in jail craft from your website. The children loved making this craft. They especially loved “freeing” Paul and Silas from jail when they lifted the top paper up. When reviewing the lesson with the children I asked them what the jailers put on Paul and Silas’ feet to keep them from moving. One child answered, “stockings”. Hmm. Ella

I recently did the Paul and Silas Rejoice lesson in my Sunday school class (ages up to 6). To set the mood, I covered the walls of my classroom with gray paper and drew blocks on the walls. I made chains to hang on the walls and even stocks (out of a brown rectangular-shaped box). I used black crepe paper, pulled tightly and taped to the ceiling and floor, for bars. The kids thought that this was great and they listened very closely to the lesson. Later the next week, I received a card in the mail from one of the parents, who had just happened into the classroom after church on Sunday. She had many wonderful things to say about the decorations, as well as the crafts that we do, most of which I get from your website. Thank you for all the effort that you put into your site. God will bless you in it. Theresa

Last Sunday we did the Paul & Silas rejoice lesson. A few more ideas we added were: For the craft, we had the children trace both hands (or have a friend trace them) on a piece of white construction paper, then glue 2 black strips of construction paper across their wrists for handcuffs. The children then made a black, mini paper chain and taped it to the white paper connecting the hands. We had a label pre-printed that said, “Our lesson today is from Acts 16:16-34.” You can substitute any verse though. Also, for the snack, we used the Paul & Silas rejoice pattern and gave the children pretzel sticks to make the bars, and fruit snacks and raisins for the stones. The kids loved to finish the picture, then eat the snack. Jamie Goodgame, Stonegate Fellowship